I had heard so much of the SingaporePhilatelicMuseum from my children. They had been there with their school excursions previously. During the long holidays of Chinese New Year, I finally got to be there myself.

When you first arrived, you would be greeted by an ancient mail box that we no longer see on the streets. It was not the size of the museum you would expect like the SingaporeMuseum, it was more like a shop house converted into a museum. The entrance fees was quite cheap, only $6 for adults so there should not be any complaint there.


After paying the entrance fees, you would get to enter all the different galleries. Each gallery was a room with different theme. The first room was the Orange Room, in this room, you would be able to find out the history of stamps and there were a few interactive items where you could see how people tried to cheat the system by changing the value of a stamp.

The next room is the Purple room. In this room, you would see all the different stages that went into the making of a new series of stamps and also be introduced to some of the artists behind our stamps.

Moving on, you would be going to level two of the museum. The first room on top was the Room of Rarities. This room showed the old items that were used by the postage service from the mail box to their mail sorting shelf.


The room that my children enjoyed most was the Heritage Room. This room was decorated to look like the old street of Singapore with a corner like the old coffee shop. My children enjoyed themselves pretending to be coffee shop helpers making coffee using the old coffee pot and coffee sock. They also enjoyed walking about on clogs. Yes, they have many pairs of the old red wooden clogs that we no longer see.

This being the snake year, the museum also created special room called the “Snake and Ladder Room”. This room was another room that my children had a lot of fun. It had some trivial facts about snakes but the main attraction was the big size snake and ladder game.

Below is a set of Chinese Zodiac design stamps. Very nice design.



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