Hobo’s Guide to Cheap Dates Part 1

Firstly let me state that this Hobo Guide is mainly targeted at guys because society has imposed this social norm that we are supposed to pay and the supposed gesture is “gentlemanly”. Gender roles are after all socially constructed and I am here to say screw gentlemanliness and YAY to feminism (aka going dutch).

With regards to dates, having a surplus of cha-ching at your disposal is never a bad thing. Without any concern for financials, freedom to spend however on whatever is granted. But for the average person who actually has budgets and limitations; the hobo king, yours truly(with a bow), is here to show you that cheap does not necessarily equate to awful. With a little planning and research, or in this case the guidance of a frugal bum, you can appease your date and your WALLET.

And just so we stick it to the platitudes, “It’s not what you do but who you do it with”. Cringe worthy but it gets my point across.

For the first installment, and hopefuly more to come, we shall go with the bread and butter of all dates: A Day at the Beach

Keyword being DAY. Before you exclaim “holy smokes! I can barely keep a simple dinner under $30 and you want me to.. to.. SPEND THE ENTIRETY OF A DAY!!??” Think about it, a whole day will be much more enjoyable and furthermore WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE BEACH. Swaying palm trees and a cool tropical breeze awaits as you wiggle the sand between your toes while lounging lazily.

Personally I hate preparing for trips to the beach as there are so many necessities to lug along it’s almost not worth the hassle. But I have found the perfect solution.

Hobo Tip: Never go under the sun between 11am-3pm as the rays are too intense 

What To Bring

  • Swimwear (Advocate Bikinis)
  • Slippers
  • Sunscreen

Step 1: Gather Supplies at Vivo City

The price of everything is quadrupled once you enter sentosa so prepare my fellow hobos! You can buy everything you need at Daiso/Giant/Cold Storage.

  • Beach Mat (Daiso) – $2
  • Water – $1 (60cents for 2x500ml in Giant/Coldstorage)
  • Food/Snacks – $7 (Choose the cheapo stuff)

Damage: $10

Step 2: Romantic Stroll to Sentosa


Sentosa Boardwalk is the first garden-themed boardwalk in Southeast Asia to feature tropical landscapes which are indigenous to Singapore. In addition to enjoying the lush greenery, witness a panoramic view of the bay as you travel on foot in the comfort of canopy-covered travellators before arriving at the Sentosa Visitor Centre. If the lack of air-conditioning gets to you just keep in mind the entrance fee will only be $1 and you’re heading to the beach after all!

Damage: $1


Step 3: Arriving at the Beach 


 There are three beaches in Sentosa namely, Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong Beach. 


Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach is synonymous with volleyball and courts are available free on a first-come-first-served basis. You can also try your hand at skim-boarding or kayaking, as well as cycling, rollerblading and other exciting beach activities. Siloso is usualy more crowded than the other beaches and it is also the largest with many events like Zoukout and Beach Countdowns being held here. WavehouseAzzura and Mambo Beach Club are definitely the main attractions along the stretch of F&B outlets with bars, beach chairs, blasting music and even swimming pools in its midst. Damages will depend on self retrain, cocktails by the beach sounds like a dream but it ain’t cheap my friend.




Mambo Beach Club


Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach is known for its tranquility and solitude, perfect if you want to avoid larger crowds. If you still want to enjoy the benefits of a Beach Club, head over to Tanjong Beach Club with beer pong, volleyball courts and good music. But if a romantic picnic by the beach is your kind of thing, just take a walk along Tanjong Beach towards Sentosa Cove; there are plenty of remote spots with beach shelters to nestle down. 

Hobo Tip: The furthest spots are very remote with no one around but the seawater is slightly dirtier with a combination or moss,algae and seaweed – the ultimate mood killer



Tanjong Beach Club

Palawan Beach has a suspension bridge linking beach goers to a overlooking tower of the Southernmost Point Of Asia and is advertised as the best family beach. However I would advise to give Palawan beach a miss as the seawater is known to have jellyfishes which cause itching and rashes. The perfect concoction to ruin a date.

Hobo tip: Take a dip in the pool and shower at any of the Beach Clubs to get wash off the sand and salt water

How To Get There: Board the Sentosa Express at Waterfront Station (Beside Universal Studios Singapore) after strolling in Via the gateway and alight at 2 stops later at Beach Station. Proceed to take the tram towards the beach of choice. Trams are very frequent with each arriving continuously every 5mins.


Damages: Dependent on Self-Control

Step 4: Dinner at Astons

Always avoid the restaurants in Resorts World Sentosa as the prices will make you bleed. Astons is definitely the most affordable restaurant as 7% GST is already included in the pricing and they do not charge 10% for service tax. And the best thing is that most morons do not know of its existence and proceed to willing allow themselves to be robbed by patronising overpriced restaurants. 

Although locating it is a little tricky, this hidden gem will provide the most bang for your buck. No queues, value for money and good food! Intrigued? Then listen up!



  1. Find the giant rotating ball which is impossible to miss and you can see the ticketing entrance to USS Singapore
  2. Walk to the left of the ticketing entrance until you see MALAYSIAN food street. Why this is located in resorts world SINGAPORE beside universal studios SINGAPORE in sentosa island SINGAPORE still baffles me
  3. Cut though the food streets untill you emerge the other side, turn right and your have reached ASTONS 



Damage: <$20

Total Damages: $31 for a whole day!!!