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Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre exhibit

Once the sun sets, many of us struggle to find a date idea that’ll impress. Clubs are closed, bars shut at 10.30PM, and let’s not even get into the KTV stitch. If you’re looking for a fresh and IG-worthy activity to bide your nights through this July, check out the Love in Many Colours pop-up exhibit.

This low-key exhibit is situated on a rooftop in Tanjong Pagar and surprisingly enough, we found that we had the whole place to ourselves when we visited on a weekday evening. Pack your cameras and visit soon as it’s only around until 25th July 2021. Entry is free, too!

Note: Masks were removed for photos only and safe distancing measures were observed during the shoot.

Luminescent bridges, “sakura trees” and swings

singapore chinese cultural centre installation

ArtScience Museum and Artbox have proven that some installations are best experienced in the dark. Organised by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC), the relatively new Love in Many Colours exhibit is no different, with plenty of installations that truly shine once the sun sets.

singapore chinese cultural centre installation - mythology bridge

Inspired by Chinese mythology, folklore and traditional festivals, the installations here feature elements you may recognise from childhood tales. 

Pay attention to the details and you may notice Chang Er references on their luminescent bridge. Enjoy the quick throwback to stories from the past, before experimenting with all the different creative shots you can take here.

tanjong pagar art exhibit - glowing swings

If photos are the main goal of this visit, we recommend planning a double date so you have some extra hands to help you and your BB capture a whole gallery’s worth of romantic shots. 

Within the area are two glowing swings, each surrounded by whimsical “Sakura” trees that’ll whisk you to spring time in Japan. You don’t even have to spend too long framing your shots since the installation is chio from almost all angles.

tanjong pagar art exhibit - glowing swings
The second swing is near located near the left corner of the rooftop

In case you’re wondering, the swings are definitely structurally sound, each supporting up to 100KG in weight so you don’t have to worry about toppling over. As BB pushes you on the swing, charm him or her with a smooth “You push me… to be a better person each day”.

tanjong pagar art exhibit - sakura trees
Low-lying “Sakura” trees

singapore chinese cultural centre installation - see-saw
Hit him with a: “You bring balance to my life babe”.

Almost providing the whole playground package, Love in Many Colours also has two pairs of see-saws to let out your inner child with your SO. These light up beautifully in the dark as well, so be sure to bring a camera that can capture those wide smiles in the dark.

singapore chinese cultural centre installation - love lock

No, we’re not at the top of South Korea’s Namsan Tower – since a romantic getaway there is now out of the picture, place your love locks here instead. Ask the staff at the information counter on level 1 for more information.

singapore chinese cultural centre installation

And before you end the night, don’t forget to take a shot under their giant red heart. Some say basic, we say romantic. 

Get your social media feed lit with Love in Many Colours

singapore chinese cultural centre installation - Love in Many Colours

Tanjong Pagar may easily be dismissed as an office worker’s zone, but there’s plenty of recreational activities to do if you dig around. One of them is visiting SCCC public rooftop garden, and with Love in Many Colours, you can say that a visit to this nook will be lit.

Even if you miss it, no worries – come back another day as this CBD garden is still a great place to chill while stargazing, or for simply enjoying the downtown night lights.

Getting there: SCCC is a 5-minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Love in Many Colours at SCCC
Venue: Roof Garden, Level 12, 1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906
Date: Until 25th July 2021
Time: 10AM-10PM, Daily

Love in Many Colours website

Cover image adapted from: TheSmartLocal

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