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I know many of you out there are tired of paying for bad home maintenance services. I know I am. 

We’ve all been fazed by the problem of finding reliable and quality services. Be it engaging decent renovation contractors or home maintenance and repair services, good help is just terribly difficult to find.

We source for information from relatives and people around us – but when we finally decide on one, we cannot even really be sure of what we’re paying for.

Fret no more! There is a fantastic new Singapore website that can absolve you of your worries of hiring the perfect home service provider! Now, you can scroll through page after page of reviews and be rewarded with reliable, honest and well-rounded information that was previously difficult to obtain.




I’m sure we all know of someone who wanted to hire a trustworthy renovation company that they could rely on to provide quality renovation services. They end up switching from one company to another, making the process really tedious and frustrating. The jobs were either badly done or the contractors were unreasonable.

If there was a website like, things would have been so much simpler, and significantly less of a hassle.

b2ap3_thumbnail_home-screen.png is essentially a website that offers reliable, first-hand information to users to facilitate the home maintenance process. If you are a service provider, this is also a new way for you to connect with a greater customer base.

It strives to make the sourcing process simple and efficient – making your home service decisions easy. At, you can look for your ideal service provider by reading through well-rounded reviews and informational, useful articles targeted at the entire range of home service maintenance. 

Another added benefit is, of course, what we’d all like to hear the most: you’ll get updated of promotions and discounts from service providers! Also, it is absolutely at zero cost. All you need to do is give honest and fair feedback of the service providers who are hired to do your job.

This way, you get the full picture of all the pros and cons before making your choice. 


How it works


The Seekers: 

Step 1: Search for the service you need.

Use the search box to find service providers. To make your search more targeted, you can select from the different categories of trades they have classified for you. The recommendations you see will be based on the ratings and reviews of past customers, so you’ll truly know what you’re going to get.


Step 2: Select your ideal service provider.

View the profile pages of different service providers and seek the best deal in town. Look at the ratings and reviews and weigh the pros and cons. If you want to find out more, provides the contact details of all service providers so you can easily call or email any of them.

Step 3: Share your experience.

After your job is done, help others find their ideal service provider as well. Give fair and constructive reviews, and rate the service!

This is truly the best way to raise the standard of the home service industry!

The Home Service Providing Companies: 

You can reply to reviews written by your customers, to make the whole searching experience even more well-rounded.

Getting listed on can be done in 3 simple steps.


Step 1: Click the Start Advertising Now! button in the Business Centre.

Step 2: Give details of you and your company and upload pictures.

Step 3: Make payment.

Right now, sgFixIt is actually giving free listing to the first 400 companies who register for 6 months! 

For more information, visit their FAQ page.


Get some tips



Reading up on the home service industry can actually go a long way when you need to engage one. Fret not, the home service industry experts at provide articles where you can obtain tips and ideas. I think this is pretty awesome!


Never pay for Bad Service again


Right now, it’s difficult to tell if service providers can deliver what they promise or if they’re simply really good at bragging. With, you don’t have to worry about putting your money and faith in the wrong hands again.

For those of you who have stayed with this article till the end, here’s a treat for you – the team will be giving away $10 Cold Storage Vouchers for every genuine review you write about any business listed on 

What are you waiting for – start reviewing away!

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