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We Ate Milo + Curry Maggi Mee So You Won’t Have To. Here’s What Went Down – Singaporeans Try: Episode 46

Strange food combinations



A recent dish that caught the limelight has forced our hands in this week’s episode of Singaporeans Try: Strange Food Combinations.

(Warning: viewers with weak stomaches, don’t try this at home.) 


We picked 3 of the weirdest food combos you can find online that people actually eat. First up, the appetiser: Banana + Mayonnaise. Sounds strange? That’s just the beginning! 


Next up, the main course: Milo Curry Maggi Mee. Judging by Darren’s (left) wide smile after having tasted this majestic dish, maybe it’s not THAT bad… right?


Then if you thought the worst was over, out comes the dessert: Milk Chocolate + Chili Padi. 


Wondering how these unique fusion foods taste? Watch our reactions in the video below!

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