Partner Tag – and the return of Beanboozled!


It’s crazy to think that Singaporeans Try has been entertaining you once a week for over 8 months now. And over these 8 months, formidable partnerships like #Joynathan and #Chrizi have been forged. But how well do these dynamic duos know each other?

In this episode, we put four pairs through the ultimate test of friendship by making them take part in the Partners Tag. All they have to do is answer a series of questions about each other correctly. If they get a question wrong, they have to face the Beanboozled Challenge as a forfeit. Some of them have done this challenge before and they know what’s at stake. 

We also got special guests and real-life couple, Rachel Kelly Oh and Chong Yu Lun from local YouTube Channel Butterworks be part of the action! Watch the video below to find out if they know each other better than TSL’s onscreen couples.

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