We Took On The Baby Food Challenge!

We Singaporeans love our food. And here at The Smart Local, we do our best to scour the island for the next best café or restaurant you should visit. But in this episode of Singaporeans Try, we tried a type of food that most of us have already tried before, No, not Nasi Lemak or Char Kway Teow. I’m talking about Baby Food.

If you needed any  proof that we read all your comments, this is it. But what could be so bad about Baby Food, right? Well, as innocent as Banana Porridge and Mixed Vegetables sound, they were some of the worst things I have tasted in my life. And that’s an understatement.

Even thinking about having baby food now makes me feel a little queasy. So, watch the video below to see all our unfiltered reactions! At the very least, we’ll know that we didn’t do this for no reason…

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