Spelling Without Spell-Check Is H-A-R-D!

Autocorrect is the best invention in the world. Raise your hand if you rely on your phone’s autocorrect to make that sure your friends and family understand what you’re saying on Whatsapp and Telegram. Is that all of you? Great. And although we can write fancy pants essays in school, the moment our phone/computer batteries go kaput, good luck understanding anything we type.

As my mum was an English teacher, I’ve always been pretty good at spelling. So, I thought I would have no problems filming the new episode of Singaporeans Try! Spelling Bee? Pfft. Those kids on the Scripps National Spelling Bee in America always make it look so easy. Oh, how wrong I was…

Granted, there were words that some of us had never heard of, but we had no excuse for the words we were familiar with. In my defence though, this generation of spell-check has made it too easy for us, so much so that we don’t need to know how many “p’s” there are in Mississippi. Watch the video below to find out how some of us did.

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