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We Ate Canned Dog Food, Barf, and Booger For The Beanboozled Challenge – Singaporeans Try: Episode 11

We Let Chance Decide Our Tastebuds’ Fate 

You asked… We listened. The Beanboozled Challenge is a challenge all of us were trying very hard to avoid. But yet, video after video, you asked for it in the comments on Youtube. So, in this latest episode of Singaporeans Try, we did The Beanboozled Challenge, where we ate innocent looking jellybeans which either tasted really amazing like Chocolate Pudding or terrible like Canned Dog Food.

The Beanboozled Challenge is like playing Russian Roulette – except nobody’s life is at stake. Your social life might die though if you ate a barf-flavoured jellybean and started talking to all your friends while giving them a whiff of your rancid breath.

Watch the video below to see who got lucky and who got flavours that shouldn’t even exist in the first place. And for those of you who are thinking that those innocent-looking jellybeans can’t be that bad, try it yourself!

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