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Set in Stone Gallery – Fossil Collection


Its not everyday you get to see a fossil exhibit right here in Singapore. We recently went down to have a look at the Set in Stone gallery, a fossil gallery that promises to be Asia’s premier exhibition. It was started by Cliff Hartono, a German born fossil enthusiast who actually grew up in Singapore. His idea was to find beautiful fossils from all around the world and make them more accessible to people – becoming something you could collect and keep at home. Just recently he left his career in investment banking in London to pursue this dream of his.


Not having seen such museum quality fossils before, it was an eye opening experience for the both of us. Infront of us were fossils carefully preserved that have existed for over a 100 million years. My favourite was the 180 million year old Ichthyosaur fossil which means “fish lizard” in Greek. This species was regarded as the top predator of the sea in the Jurassic period – yes the time when dinosaurs existed! Check out this video highlight feature we did.


And yes, you can actually take these fossils home! Some have already been sold but for the ones that haven’t, they are available for purchase. Most are priced at under $10,000 SGD and some of the more prime exhibits can go up to $200,000 SGD.

Entrance is free. Do note its location may be quite inaccessible by public transport and its located along the highway near cantonment road. So if you see warehouses and cargo being unloaded all around  – don’t worry you’re probably in the right place. The gallery is located at the left entrance of the building, next to a few other interesting galleries you can check out too.


Official Exhibition Dates: 13th April — 4th May
Opening Hours: Tuesday — Saturday, 12pm — 7pm
Address: 39 Keppel Road, Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065 (Its)

For viewings outside regular hours, please contact them for an appointment here.


Pictures thanks to  Bless Inc. Asia
Music by  Daniel and the Sparrows