Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2022

Ask me for advice on how to look after your personal finances and all I can tell you is to spend within your means. As someone who counts not hitting $0 before the end of the month an achievement, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have the full know-how of handling money.

Managing finances can be a head scratcher when you don’t know where to start. If this sounds like you, you can attend the Seedly Personal Finance Festival. Back for its second iteration, the virtual event will be held from 23rd – 24th April 2022, 10am to 4pm.

You’ll be able to learn more about handling finances, from the very basics like how to budget your salary to more advanced tips like investing in ESG companies. Here are 5 investment tips you can learn at the Personal Finance Festival:

1. Minimise risks by diversifying your portfolio

We all know to not put all our eggs in one basket. It’s sound advice that doesn’t just apply in the kitchen but in investing too. It’s called diversifying your portfolio and involves separating your money into various investment options. This helps to minimise any potential losses tied to a single stock.

diversify portfolio

You may already know that diversifying your portfolio is necessary, but knowing what type of asset to invest in is usually where newbie and even seasoned investors stumble. Learn more about investing themes for the year ahead with Catherine Wood, the CEO of Ark Invest. There will also be a panel discussion on how to optimise your investment portfolio too.

While there won’t be any magic list of stock tips to invest in being handed out, these talks will at least give you a better understanding of how to diversify your portfolio.

Investing Themes In 2022
Date: 23rd April 2022
Time: 10.40am-11.10am

Optimising Your Investment Portfolio for 2022
Date: 23rd April 2022
Time: 12.40pm-1.10pm

2. You can grow your portfolio by being eco-friendly

Props to you if you already use reusable products like metal straws and bring your own containers when dapao-ing meals back home to help reduce your carbon footprint. But being eco-friendly doesn’t just save the earth, it can help grow your portfolio too.

esg investing
Image adapted from: Canva

You can earn green by going green when you invest in ESG companies. These are brands that champion being environmentally conscious, socially responsible and encourage corporate governance in its operations. By buying shares from them, you’ll be contributing to greener practices, plus funding the R&D of better products and services that can help the planet.

Whether or not you’re actively trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, you can find out more on the relevance and impact of investing in ESG companies at a panel discussion at PFF. Apart from learning more about this investment strategy, the talk will also go into ways of identifying ESG companies and how to go about investing in them in Singapore.

ESG & Sustainability Investing
Date: 23rd April 2022
Time: 1.20pm-1.50pm

3. Understanding web3.0 can help prepare you for crypto investments

It’s 2022, so it’s likely that common cryptocurrency terms like memecoin and NFTs are already a part of your daily vernacular. Behind all that is blockchain technology, the building blocks of web3.0. It’s considered the third generation of the internet, and its applications extend far beyond cryptocurrency.

web 3.0 cryptocurrency

As more users of the internet adopt web3.0, you’ll want to pay attention to what this could mean for the future of personal finance. Web3.0 allows for things like more secure transactions and the ability for widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. Knowing this can help you understand which area of crypto would be more suited for your investment portfolio.

Hear it from the Chief Operating Officer of, Eric Anziani, himself on the implications this has for investing in the future. Apart from sharing on web3.0, he’ll touch on how the crypto market will evolve in the next few years too.

The Future Of Money, Crypto And NFTS
Date: 24th April 2022
Time: 10am-10.30am

4. Investing in property doesn’t just mean flipping a house

Whenever there’s news about an HDB flat being sold for an astronomical price, like this $1 million jumbo flat in Yishun, it’s tempting to think that you can easily make a profit just by flipping a house.

property investment

Buying and selling properties, or even making money from renting out rooms and homes is just a small aspect of property investing. There’s also real estate investment trusts (REITs) to contend with. It’s when you put money into property developers who do exactly the same, without needing you to get involved with the nitty gritty of it all.

For a slice of booming property market pie, get some research on the industry first with Property Investing In Singapore. Aside from covering the basics of what property investing is, you’ll also pick up extra tips on how new measures will affect your portfolio in the near future.

Property Investing In Singapore: How To Profit From The Market
Date: 24th April 2022
Time: 2pm-2.30pm

5. Having an investing style helps set expectations on risk & loss

You’ve done your research on what to invest in, now comes the difficult part of choosing how to invest. Do you go with a robo advisor, trade intensely on the stock market or passively invest a portion of your income through a broker? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming for the amateur investor to know which route to take.

investing style

This is why seasoned investors recommend having an investing style. It’s not as simple as taking a magazine quiz that will tell you what style you are based on the number of As you’ve circled. It is an evaluation of your commitment to investing in areas like time and effort, risk appetite, and even psychology.

But once you’ve got your style down pat, you’ll be able to set expectations on risk and loss when making investing decisions. Dawn Fiona, founder of SG Budget Babe, goes through the process of finding out your style in her keynote speech at PFF. She’ll even share on how a single investor can have multiple styles and how to use that to your portfolio advantage.

Choosing Your Investing Style
Date: 24th April 2022
Time: 11.20am-11.50am

Investment tips to learn at Seedly Personal Finance Festival

These 5 tips are just the scratch on the surface of investment lessons you can learn at the Personal Finance Festival. There will be many other topics up for discussion too, like optimising rewards when shopping, and how to get a head start on the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement.

seedly personal finance festival 2021
Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2021.
Image credit: Seedly

It’s a lot of content to be covered over a 2-day period, but ticket holders will have access to all talks for 30 days after the event is over. Feel free to rewatch parts to take down notes, or catch up with ones you’ve missed whenever you can.

If you are able to tune into the festival live, look out for the multiple lucky draws happening throughout both days. There are more than $60,000 worth of prizes to be given out, including 6 staycations at hotels like Ritz Carlton, Andaz and Fullerton Hotel. Plus, you might also be lucky enough to walk away with a gadget like an Apple Watch, Airpods Pro or Kindle Paperwhite too.

Tickets for the Personal Finance Festival start at $10/pax, but there’s good news for TSL readers. If you use the promo code <TSL20>, you’ll get 20% off the single ticket price. Or, you could jio a friend, and you’ll only have to pay $8/pax.

As Warren Buffet said, “the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself,” and a ticket to the Personal Finance Festival is small capital towards getting a better handle on managing your money.

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23 - 24 Apr 2022
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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