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Science Centre Now Has New Light Installations, Farmers’ Market & Later Hours For Post-Dinner Outings

UNTAME at Science Centre

Whether you’re searching for something family-friendly to do or simply looking for an interesting date night idea, Science Centre Singapore has activities for folks of all ages with the return of UNTAME: Rebooting the World.

This year’s festival focuses on building a sustainable future in a post-Covid world, using a combination of both online and offline events. With immersive missions to complete, upcycling tinkering workshops, and an after hours fun fair, UNTAME is set to educate beyond the confines of a classroom.

Running from now till 5th December 2021, here’s what you can look forward to with UNTAME:

Go on a mission to save a digital dystopian world

I’m sure we can all agree that learning new things can get boring and at times, it’s even difficult to focus and absorb new information. 

One way the Science Centre is spicing things up is through the use of their gamified platform – #UNTAMEreboot

This virtual platform features a desecrated dystopian world resulting from mankind’s unsustainable practices. Players will need to complete a series of missions across six habitats to restore these ravaged environments. 

untame onlineThrough a series of mini-games, #UNTAMEreboot aims to instil in users the importance of making conscious decisions that’ll positively impact the planet.
Image credit: Science Centre Singapore

Parents don’t need to worry about their kids spending too much time in front of a screen as one will have to step outdoors in order to complete all the missions. To finish the game, players must tackle a mixture of online and onsite tasks at local landmarks like Gardens by the Bay and Sentosa. 

As you progress through the quests, you’ll earn in-game currency which can be used to redeem attractive prizes such as tickets to attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome and iFly. The top three grand prizes even include a Starsense Telescope, a Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Gaming Chair and a Xbox Series S console and controller

The best part is that basic access to #UNTAMEreboot comes at zilch cost. In other words, it’s completely free. 

diy kits

However, for those who believe you have to go big or go home, you can upgrade your gaming experience by purchasing premium online passes. Apart from additional exclusive missions and habitat access, these passes also entitle you to hands-on DIY kits that’ll complement the virtual learning experience.


For example, science enthusiasts will get the chance to make natural insect repellents, solar night lamps and even get to grow their own mushrooms with the SURVIVE Pass

diy workshop

If you prefer something more extensive, the THRIVE Pass includes hydroponics and cyanotype printing tote bag DIY kits, in addition to the same ones given under the SURVIVE Pass.

Currently, there are promotional prices for the THRIVE and SURVIVE passes starting from $36. However, they’re only limited to the first 150 passes sold so grab yours asap

Date: 20th – 28th November 2021
Price: Access to the portal is free but premium online pass prices start from $36.

UNTAME Online Website

Attend sustainability workshops and support local with farmers’ market

Workshops and activities

If your impression of recycling mainly includes chucking your plastic bottles into recycle bins and being done with it, think again. Sustainability also involves upcycling – otherwise known as the creative reuse and transformation of waste materials into new products of value. 


And with UNTAME Day happening this November, you can bet there’ll be tons of upcycling fun for you to get involved in at the Science Centre. Consisting of various activities and workshops held over a week at the exploratory institution, UNTAME Day is the perfect opportunity for you to turn your trash into treasure. 

frame workshop

Utilising single-use plastics and other junk material, these workshops let you transform empty snack packaging into reusable pouches. You even can upcycle plastic bottles and even make your own memory frame like the one featured above. 

At the same time, there’ll be heaps of activities for you to participate in such as keychain art and eco-friendly ornament making; or leave your mark by helping the Science Centre actualise their ambition of creating a record-breaking bottle cap wall mural they’ve named CAPtivate.

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work so donate some bottle caps at various collection points around Singapore and be part of the record breaking event to make the biggest mural completely out of bottle caps.

Farmers’ Market

There’ll also be a Farmers’ Market happening exclusively on 27th and 28th November 2021 during UNTAME Day. Located within areas typically filled with all things science, guests can expect to find a variety of homegrown produce that they can purchase to #SupportLocal

Event-goers will get the chance to meet some chicks – we’re talking yellow feathered ones – and frogs courtesy of Uncle William and Jurong Frog Farm respectively. There are even workshops on micro-farming, growing pea sprouts and dealing with food waste for those who are keen to go green. 

Date: 20th – 28th November 2021
Price: $35 for Farmers’ Market and $68 for Workshop Day Pass

UNTAME Day website

Explore Science Centre after hours with light installations, food and live performances

Westies looking for post-dinner activities can now jio your friends along to the Science Centre in the evenings. With UNTAME: After Dark, this scientific institution is extending its opening hours till 10.30PM for three nights this December. 

Expect the venue to come to life after dark with four curated zones of fun, live performances and cool exhibits and installations, at this event just for teens and adults.


The exhibits open after hours include fan-favourite ones and a new kid on the block. 

mirror maze center

Navigate through the psychedelic Professor Crackitt’s: Light Fantastic Mirror Maze and watch as numerous copies of yourself and your friends appear all around you. These mirrored copies look so legit that you’ll constantly be wondering whether what you see in front of you is real or just a reflection.

5 clonesRemember to snap those trippy shots.

Just be extra careful not to bump into other people – or yourself – while wandering through the numerous maze twists and turns.  

Likewise, you can also explore Phobia²: The Science of Fear exhibit at night on a journey of self-discovery. 

fear clown

Ignite your fight or flight response in this exhibition where you’ll have to face your fears. The cases and displays highlight different phobias such as acrophobia – the fear of heights, and thanatophobia – the fear of death, among others. 

fear grim reaper

It’s a good thing the seventh lunar month is over, as some of the exhibits will bring on a serious case of the creeps

lightsAnd when the opportunity presents itself, make sure to snap those lit IG-worthy pictures.

On the other hand, if you prefer something a little less heart-stopping, you can check out the new dazzling light installation that’ll be set up during the three days. Prep your best pose, don on your blingest fit and bring your camera along to capture the kaleidoscopic array of lights.

The Zones

Sometimes we just wanna chill out and zone out with fun things to do and there’s no better event for that than UNTAME: After Dark. Emanating a carnival vibe, there’ll be four zones set up for you to have a ball:

Whether you love shopping or just aren’t quite sure on how to kickstart your eco-journey, the Flea Market will have that sorted with its various eco-friendly products for sale.

Shopping can be quite the draining feat, but you can replenish your energy by indulging in a feast at the Food Zone featuring funfair foods that taste just as good as they look.

displayImmerse yourself into an alternate universe or a possible future in ‘What is Left of Reality’
Image credit: Science Centre Singapore

Alternatively, chill out in the Lifestyle Zone as you take in the views of the 360-degree wall projection. The dynamic murals of the digital installation move as you interact with the Kinect sensors, creating patterns unique to you.

performanceImage credit: Science Centre Singapore

Through the night, you’ll also be treated to live performances happening as well – think music bands by NUS and NTU students and a high-tech special effects magic show by local artist Kiki Tay.

And if the plethora of events aren’t enough to wear you out for the evening, you can get your fill of fun and games with an old school arcade within the Activity Zone. Though there are other hands-on activities accessible with premium passes (from $49.90 each).

blaster night

For those in a competitive mood, grab your best pals and load up your foam blasters. There are no rules when it comes to taking out buddies within this neon-lit maze with the BlasterNight Battle Pass.

Though, no worries if a high-adrenaline activity isn’t your thing. Slow things down with a little enchantment by designing your own LED lamp with the Magic in a Bottle Workshop Pass instead.

UNTAME: After Dark
Date: 3rd – 5th December 2021
Price: From $29.90

Experience UNTAME at home or at the Science Centre

Between online games, Insta-worthy photo spots and various sustainability workshops, there’s something for everyone to do at Science Centre Singapore, not just kids. So, if you’re on the prowl for something new and exciting to try out during the upcoming holidays, this is it. 

With a swath of interactive activities, you’ll definitely pick up fun facts and memorable experiences – and might just leave the festival with fewer untamed habits. Early bird ticket prices are still ongoing so get yours while they’re still available. 

Btw, do take note that all ticket holders above the age of 12 are required to be fully vaccinated.

Start saving the world through UNTAME here


UNTAME: Rebooting the World at Science Centre Singapore
Address: 5 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081
Date: Now till 5th December 2021

This post was brought to you by Science Centre Singapore.
Photography by Li Haiyang.