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Know Your Poo Exhibition - cover image

Science Centre Singapore Now Has A Poop-Inspired Exhibition, Tell Your Friends Who Love Toilet Or Fart Jokes 

Know Your Poo exhibition at Science Centre Singapore

Between those who dole out toilet humour on the regular and those who get all flushed in embarrassment when the topic is brought up, poo is rather taboo for most of us. But for a closer look at this important – and healthy – part of our daily routines, Know Your Poo at Science Centre Singapore has heaps of interactive exhibits for a quirky day out with friends and family.

The newest permanent exhibition at the Science Centre, Know Your Poo gives you the lowdown on everything you wanted to know – from shapes and shades of poop to where human waste eventually ends up here in Singapore.    

Get to the bottom of Singapore’s history of poop management

We’re blessed with some of the cleanest and comfiest toilets here, with extra-convenient features like automatic flushes, taps and dispensers. But it hasn’t always been this way, and the Know Your Poo exhibition gives you a peek at the past by letting you try your hand at being a night soil collector. 

Know Your Poo Exhibition - Night Soil Truck

At the Night Soil Truck, you’ll learn how these hardy souls played an important role in our fledgling nation as you load a bucket of “night soil” into the vehicle – a far cry from the simple press of a flush we have to deal with today.

Know Your Poo Exhibition - Night Soil Truck
The exhibit features a replica of the buckets used to scoop poop in bygone days

With the convenience of our modern toilets, most of us flush and forget – but you’ll finally get a peek at the journey your poo embarks on as you follow the sewage pipe trail. From the On-site Sanitation System, you’ll pass the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System – an island-wide poo superhighway that spans from Tuas to Changi, using gravity to transport human waste at breakneck speed. 

Know Your Poo Exhibition - Deep Tunnel Sewerage System
Follow the sewage pipe trail to get the inside poop of where and how waste is disposed 

But apart from Singapore’s intricate sewerage system, the humble toilet bowl itself might be something we all take for granted too. At The Modern Flush Toilet, you’ll see how this seemingly simple contraption is heaping with innovations and features to keep our toilets hygienic and smelling great. 

Know Your Poo Exhibition - modern flush toilet
You’ll get a good look at the inner workings of our modern flush toilets at the interactive display

Crack the secrets behind your poop and farts

Featuring super-realistic mock-ups of human poo, How well do you know your poop? might be the bit of the exhibition that will leave you feeling most squeamish. But besides featuring piles of poo in a range of colours and shapes, it’s also a rare opportunity to get up close for a super-close look – sans odour … and judgement.  

Know Your Poo Exhibition - Bristol Stool Chart
The Bristol Stool Chart decodes what the different shapes and colours of poo indicate about your health and diet

In this exhibit, you’ll be introduced to the Bristol Stool Chart – a useful guide to keep in mind the next time you excuse yourself to the loo. That way, if your stools look a little like rabbit droppings or a little more like a fossilised log, you’ll be able to quickly diagnose your diet and up your hydration game or start consuming a little more fiber.  

As icky as the poop chart may be, it definitely has met its match with The Cheeky Fart Chamber. A fun and interactive exhibit for your little ones, this hall is flush with butt-shaped protrusions that emit a range of fart noises and smells when you push them. 

Know Your Poo Exhibition - cheeky fart chamber

From learning about farting world records to dietary tips, you might also finally get the lowdown on why your gas emissions constantly create chaos and clear out entire rooms.

Know Your Poo Exhibition - cheeky fart chamber
The range of fart facts might just blow you away

Do the royal squat on the “Iron” Throne

Let all your followers know what a poopin’ good time you’ve had by striking a pose atop the toilet-inspired take on the Iron Throne. You’ll ignite your inner Daenerys as you sit regally, surrounded by toilet supplies such as brooms, mops, and plungers. 

Know Your Poo Exhibition - royal throne

Covid-19 has been quite the party pooper to say the least, but fingers crossed the sewage-themed slide at Let’s Get Down And Dirty will be reopened for a fine addition to your IG photo dump. 

Know Your Poo Exhibition - sewage pipe slideImage credit: Science Centre Singapore

Visit the Know Your Poo exhibition at the Science Centre

With World Toilet Day coming right up in November, Know Your Poo at Science Centre Singapore will be a great chance to understand our bodily functions a little better, while appreciating our modern conveniences.

If you’re keen on learning about other yucky but important substances our bodies produce, plan a stop at the That’s Gross Science Show ($5/pax) that’s happening on Saturdays, Sundays, and on school and public holidays at 11AM and 3PM.

With a swath of interactive and fun displays, you’ll definitely be on a roll as you pick up fun facts and memorable experiences – and might just leave the exhibition a poo-fessional. 

Science Centre’s ‘Know Your Poo” exhibition
Admission: Singaporeans and PRs: Free on weekdays, weekends $6 (adult), $4 (children 3-12 years old) | Foreigners: $12 (adult), $8 (children 3-12 years old) daily
Opening hours: Fri – Sun, School & Public Holidays 10AM-1PM & 2AM-5PM
Venue: Science Centre, Hall B

Science Centre Singapore Know Your Poo exhibition website

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Photography by Zhou Jinquan