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Parenthood is a journey full of joy, but we can’t ignore the fact that it’s also one with a fair bit of costs involved. While babies are tiny and do not eat much, formula milk, supplements and other supplies like diapers can rack up quite a bill. And shopping with a little one in tow is never easy. 

To help you save on your baby’s expenses – as well as the trip to the grocery store – Redmart will be having a Baby Fair from 4th – 15th April where you can get up to 50% off plus up to $20 off your purchases.


1. Pediasure baby formula


pediasure milk powder - vanilla

Image credit: @wondercloudservice

Drinking milk = strong bones. But each tin of milk powder can weigh up to almost 2kg, and lugging multiple tins home can be a Herculean task. No matter how much of a supermum or superdad you are, you’re better off getting them delivered. 

So order your tin of Pediasure Triple Sure Vanilla ($46.30) at Redmart. There may even be seasonal discounts, and every bit of savings goes a long way!

Check out other top baby formula brands and products here. 


2. Johnson’s Baby wipes


Johnson's baby gentle cleansing wipes

Image credit: @sandinmytoestk

When it comes to clearing up drips during meal times, wiping your baby’s bottom, or cleaning grubby hands after a playground session, baby wipes are your trusty BFF.  Johnson’s Baby Messy Times Wipes are going for $4.50 on Redmart, with 80 pieces per packet. That works out to about $0.05 per piece! 

Check out other’s Johnson’s baby products on Redmart here.


3. BeBecook Junior’s baby food


Bebecook baby food usn-dried seaweed mix

Bebecook My First Sun-Dried Seaweed Mix 
Image credit: @iriscocoa

Beyond the puree mixtures you’ve seen on YouTube – thanks to the past craze of the baby food challenge –  baby food also takes the form of bite-sized puffs and seaweed flakes. Bebecook My First Sun-Dried Seaweed Mix ($7.90) and Bebecook Baby Melting Puff with Probiotics ($6.90) from South Korea make a tasty, wholesome snack for your young ones, and can’t be found in our local brick-and-mortar stores. 

With a wide variety of snacks and flavours that can be bought from Redmart, there’s bound to be one that will suit the pickiest of child’s taste buds. Check out the other types of baby food sold on Redmart here


4. Huggies platinum pants


baby diapers - Huggies Platinum pants

Image credit: @iamalicetan

For kids learning to dress themselves, or those transitioning from nappies to undies, Huggies Platinum Pants ($20.95/44pcs) are a good pick. They can easily be worn standing up, just like undies or shorts.

There are 45 different types of Huggies diapers on Redmart, and diapers from other top brands such as MamyPoko and Dryers are available too. 


5. Cherub Rubs Baby Safe Hair And Body Wash


Cherub rubs baby safe hair and body wash

Image credit: @familystaysg 

Babies have such soft, delicate skin – that’s why it’s important to choose the right shampoo and shower gel for your child, such as the Cherub Rubs Baby Safe Hair & Body Wash ($27.75). This all-in-one product is mild, all-natural, and safe for newborns, and contains essential oils rich in vitamins A, C and E

australian made baby wash - cherub rubs

Image credit: @my_whale_diary

Afterwards, get your child covered from head to toe by slathering on some Cherub Rubs Scatterscreen ($27.75). Not only does it protect their skin from UV rays, it also keeps them moisturised, and helps repel nasty mozzies.


Get up to $20 off at the Redmart Baby Fair with your DBS/POSB card


Parents, no longer do you have to drag home heavy plastic bags filled with tins of milk powder and bulky packets of diapers. Redmart can deliver them straight to your doorstep – for free even, when you spend above $40 for your first-time order. 

And if you’re a DBS/POSB cardmember, we’ve got an extra bonus for you. Whether you’re new to Redmart or not, here’s an exclusive promo you can enjoy at the Redmart Baby Fair:

New shoppers:
Promo code: “DBSBF18” for $18 off with a $60 purchase*
Existing shoppers:
Promo code: “DBSBF20” for $20 off with a $200 purchase^
*Limited to first 600 redemptions
^Limited to first 500 redemptions

Find out more about DBS’ Redmart’s Baby Fair promotion here!

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