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5 Ways RedMart Helps Singaporeans Save On Groceries – Weekly Promos & Lower Price Guarantee

Save more with RedMart’s promotions & discounts


 RedMart - Cover

Adapted from: @benandjerrys, @lays, @lorecomiendo.nolorecomiendo

I can’t keep track of all the times I’ve wasted navigating supermarket aisles just to find a specific item. Or the times I had to remove half the items in my trolley because my friend guarantees that it’s cheaper elsewhere. Well, those days are over with RedMart’s damn-worth-it discounts. 

RedMart is an online supermarket that sells everything you need for the household. And unlike physical supermarkets, you can buy from them 24/7 and have stuff delivered right to your doorstep – even on Sundays! Here’s how it can add a few extra digits to your bank account: 


1. Different promo deals are held every week – with discounts of up to 90%


If empty trays greet you when you open your fridge, it’s time to restock your groceries at RedMart. Look out for different promos every week – on everything from beverages and fresh fruit, to beauty and household cleaning products. 

 RedMart - Ice-cream eating

Nothing like ice cream after a hard day’s work. Image Credit: GIPHY

For instance, treat yo’ self after a long day with Ben & Jerry‘s ice cream for $9.95 (U.P. $13.90) and Sapporo’s premium draft beer for $15.50 (U.P. $20.55) – that’s cheaper than other major supermarkets by more than 20%! 

And discounts aren’t limited to food. Eyeing that detergent or body wash to keep your clothes or body smelling fresh? Camp it out and you might hit the promo jackpot next week – or the week after. 


2. They guarantee prices equal to or lower than those in major supermarkets


 RedMart - Lower Prices

Find exactly what you’re looking for by sorting by categories, brands or price. Image credit: RedMart

Give your legs a rest from hopping between supermarkets to uncover the elusive lowest price.  Work your fingers instead as you scroll through RedMart’s catalogue, which matches its prices – or goes even lower – by closely monitoring other major supermarkets and online retailers. 

Bonus: With just a few clicks for checkout, shopping at RedMart sure beats the days of internal cursing while counting down the endless groceries of the aunty in front of you. 


3. They’ll refund you twice the difference if you find cheaper prices elsewhere


 RedMart - Refund Price

Image Credit: GIPHY

Don’t you hate it when you’ve bought an item, only to find it sold cheaper somewhere else? Well, RedMart helps you avoid buyer’s remorse by refunding you twice the price difference!*

Here’s the math: if you bought a 1.5L bottle of Coca-Cola at a regular selling price of $1.50 at RedMart and see the exact bottle being sold elsewhere at the regular selling price* of $1.00, snap a picture of the two price tags. 

All you’ve to do is submit your claim online and you’ll get a refund of $((1.50-1.00) x 2) = $1.00

*For full terms and conditions, click here.


4. Members enjoy 5% rebates and exclusive deals


 RedMart - Uber

Score discounts on Uber!

The word “rebate” gets my ears ringing every time. So when I heard about the LiveUp membership where you get a 5% rebate on EVERY RedMart order, I was drawn like bees to honey. 

RedMart - LiveUp

LiveUp membership perks. Image credit: RedMart

It’s only $28.80 a year to sign-up and the rebates you enjoy easily make up for it. And besides, you’ll get other amazing perks. Up your chillin’ game with 6 months of free Netflix and score discounts on Uber rides and UberEats

P.S. If you’re still on the fence, there’s a 60-day free trial period where you’ll get the full slew of benefits!


5. Citibank cardholders can get even MORE discounts and cashbacks 


 RedMart - Citibank

Existing Citibank cardholders get huuuge benefits in August – they can score $20 off* their purchases – and get an additional 8% cash back when they use the Citi Cash Back Card. 

If you’re thinking “Oh well, I can skip this part since I don’t have a Citibank card,” put your thumb away from your phone now.

That just means there’s no better time to start. Add any Citibank card to your card collection and immediately score a $80 RedMart voucher AND $120 cash back. See, this is how you get people to sign up for stuff. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a form to fill up.

*Applicable to first-time RedMart users. One time purchase only with min. spend of $100. 


Get more for less at RedMart


 RedMart - Discounts

Image Credit: RedMart

Singaporeans live for discounts; the cheaper, the better. And with RedMart’s extensive discounts and cashback upon cashback, you’ll nab great savings so that you can buy even more to fill up the black hole that is your fridge. 

 RedMart - Trolley

Instead of a trolley, browse from the comfort of home. Image credit: @hotcheekylace

As everything is done online, you can shop to your heart’s content without having to worry about lugging heavy plastic bags home or racking up huge parking fees either! 

From now till 30 September 2017, TSL readers get to enjoy 15% off* their first RedMart order with the code TSL2017!

*With minimum spending of $40. Limited to one redemption per household. 15% off limited to the first $200 spent. Full T&Cs here.

Stock up your groceries with RedMart! 

This post was brought to you by RedMart.