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race eat play 2018

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Weekends are a glorious time for catching up on all the fun we’re missing out on during the week. This means hitting up the latest happenings around the city to see what lies in store. 

This September, JTC’s RACE.EAT.PLAY @ one-north Festival is back for another run to bring you double the innovation and double the fun.

All the action takes place this 8th September 2018 from 10AM-6PM. From intense Drone Obstacle Course Races to Soapbox races down Fusionopolis Way, here are some event highlights you’ve got to look out for: 


150-metre Soapbox Race with a NEW water obstacle courses and speed bumps


race play eat soapbox race

Image credit: JTC

If you’ve spent many nights binge-watching Red Bull’s wild Soapbox Race Derbys across the world and always wanted to catch one of these wacky races in the flesh – here’s your chance! Watch all 14 teams showcase their ingenious motorless creations and take on the 150-metre race course down Fusionopolis Way for the grand prize of $1,500. 

Look forward to seeing super creative cars inspired by popular video games and show – we won’t be giving away any spoilers!

race eat play

Image credit: JTC

In true Soapbox fashion, the Race will kick off from a steep 3-metre high starting ramp to help the teams’ cars build up momentum to tackle the speed bumps and obstacles they’ll face along the course – including a water obstacle course that’ll cause a big splash and a ramp which will send out a billow of carbon dioxide when cars drive by. 

But before the race even begins, the teams will have to put on a performance and ‘blast off’ with an interesting launch mechanism. 

After the race ends at 2PM as the race course will be open to the public for you to snap some IG-worthy pics. Stick around to catch death-defying bicycle stunts by AirDroz Park! You can even take part in a drift scooter and hoverboard race around a mini figure-8 race course.


Future Food Street with Flaming Unicorn Ice Cream, Prawn Paste Enoki Fries and Edible Helium Balloons


race eat play flaming unicorn ice cream fish schnacks

Rainbow Work’s Flaming Unicorn Ice cream (left), Fish Sh-nacks’ Grilled Beef Donburi (right)

Image credit: @rainbow_works, @foodieming

If you missed out on the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar this year, here’s another opportunity for you to treat your tastebuds to festival favourites like the Edible Helium Balloons by Rainbow Works, caramel-drenched Churros by Churros Republic, Sofnade’s iconic Meatballs in a Bucket, and Fish Sh-nack’s oozing Donburi Bowls. 

edible helium balloons

The raved edible helium balloon

Image credit: @eatbooksg

one-north’s Future Food Street will give you a choice of both wacky inventive treats and healthy options. Head over to Uncle G’s Handmade for a taste of locally grown produce in your pasta and their famed Prawn Paste Enoki Fries.

solustar robotics vegan food

Image credit: Solustar

And if you’re looking for lighter bites, Hello Baby – one of the pioneers in vegan street food – will be serving up novel eats like their Young Jackfruit in Mantou, Cassava Chips, Corn Fritters and more. You may even have your food served to you by Solustar Robotics’ concierge robot, VAL.

P.S. We hear there’ll be $1 food deals happening every hour!


Drone Obstacle Challenge and Singapore’s First-ever Laser Tag Drone Shootout


race eat pray drones

Image credit: JTC

This is an open call to all drone hobbyists and enthusiasts around the island. If you’ve been busy practising your drone piloting skills, put your accuracy to the test at one-north’s Drone Obstacle Challenge. Modelled after the one-north district itself, the challenging obstacle course will sport familiar sights and iconic buildings for you to navigate with your mini drone. 

laser tag drone shootout race eat play

Image credit: 65Drones

And for the ones obsessed with a transformers-style armageddon, their Laser Tag Drone Shootout will let you gun down autonomous drones and compete with friends to dominate the leaderboard. Just register on the actual event day to sign yourself up for the respective drone activities.


Celebrate innovation at RACE.EAT.PLAY @ one-north Festival


race eat play 2018

Image credit: JTC

Whether it’s the drone action or the festival food that’s calling out your name, mark your calendars for RACE.EAT.PLAY @ one-north Festival on the 8th September 2018 from 10AM-6PM. With the perfect ratio of tech, food and play, this is a great opportunity for you to share your love for innovation and technology with your friends and family without boring them to sleep!

Find out more about RACE.EAT.PLAY @ one-north Festival here

RACE.EAT.PLAY @ one-north Festival
Event Date: 8th September 2018
Time: 10AM-6PM
Location: Fusionopolis @ one-north
Nearest MRT: one-north

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