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Watching your little bundle of joy blossom into a toddler brings forth a whirlwind of emotions. Before you know it, he is old enough to attend his first preschool. While you might feel some trepidation in letting junior be away from home, the thought of giving him a head start in life is too enticing to pass up.

Of course, wanting the best for your child’s education means investing in a reputable institution, which is where Josiah Montessori comes in. From a low teacher-to-child ratio to a Musical Arts Programme, here are some personalised services you can expect here.


1. Hassle-free communication with parents through WhatsApp chats and emails


hassle free communication

Thanks to the magic of technology, you can receive updates of your child’s well-being with just a tap. For instance, parents will be glad to know that teachers here provide photos and videos of their child’s day-to-day activities to quell any anxiety they have.

Every class also has their personal Whatsapp group chat which you will be added into. In the chat, you’ll receive important reminders and celebration photos from the teachers.


2. Personalised care-giving for every child


personalised care josiah montessori

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Whether it’s accommodating special requests like using a personal body wash or having a low teacher-to-child ratio, every child in Josiah will receive personalised care.

For instance, in the toddler class, there is 1 teacher to every 6 children which allows the teachers here to be more attentive to your child’s needs and progress.


3. A Musical Arts Programme where your children can explore dance and drama


josiah montessori musical arts programme

Image credit: Josiah Montessori

It’s not enough for your child to be book-smart; he’ll also need a dash of creativity and self-confidence to thrive. Josiah has developed a Musical Arts Programme (MAP), for children aged 3 and above, where they can explore different creative art forms like:

  • Dance (Traditional dance, Hip-hop)
  • Vocals (Vocal training)
  • Music Appreciation (Musicals, Classics)
  • Speech & Drama
  • Art Expression

These lessons are are developed and conducted by specialist teachers. This means that there is no need to sign your child up for other Musical Arts enrichment classes as he or she can learn hip-hop from trained professionals at school – without additional fees.

At the end of each semester, you’ll be invited to enjoy your child’s very own Musical Arts Showcase.


4. Individualised syllabus and progress record


singapore preschool individualised syllabus

Image credit: Josiah Montessori

As every child learns at a different pace, the teachers here work closely with the children daily and document their progress. By doing so, they can come up with a personalised syllabus for each and every child, which allows them to maximise their learning.

You’ll also receive first hand updates of your child’s holistic progress through weekly reports on the E-portal!


5. Healthy meals made from scratch


healthy food singapore preschool

Image credit: Josiah Montessori

Your child will definitely look forward to mealtime here! Every Josiah outlet has an in-house cook who will prepare meals using quality ingredients like halibut and codfish, which are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids that promote mental development. Also, the meals here have attained the “Healthy Preschool certification” from the Health Promotion Board.


Give your child a top-class education at Josiah Montessori


josiah montessori singapore kindergarten

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While preschools build the foundation for the rigours of formal education, we should never forget that it’s also supposed to be fun. To ensure that your child maxes out on these 2, sign them up for Josiah Montessori. Here, they’ll get to enjoy fun activities daily and receives a customised curriculum that caters to their needs at the same time.

You also won’t have to worry about the hygiene standards here as all their centres are extremely clean. After all, they use hospital-grade cleaning solutions and conduct pest control every month!

Find out more about Josiah Montessori here!

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