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A CNY Bazaar Has Popped Up Beside Punggol MRT With Rainbow Food, Carnival Games And Sakura Photo-Ops

Chinese New Year Bazaar in Punggol


punggol pasar malam

As Singaporeans, we can’t resist visiting pasar malams (night markets) whenever a new one pops up in the neighbourhood. With over 100 vendors, ranging from old-school carnival games, to innovative rainbow concoctions, Punggol’s CNY Pasar Malam may be the largest pasar malam in Singapore at the moment. 

Boasting a mini carnival and unique food stalls, here’s what makes this pasar malam different from others: 


– FOOD –


1. Taiwanese Cheese Potato


taiwanese cheese potato

All In One ($8.90)

Drenched in nacho cheese sauce, this potato snack is the epitome of every cheese-lovers’ fantasies. With a whopping range of toppings ranging from bak kwa and taiwan sausage bits for this season, to regular choices like bacon and corn, it’s going to be tough decision when it comes to choosing just 3 of them to garnish your potato. 

taiwanese cheese potato

With bacon, chicken ham and corn ($5.90)

But if you can’t restrain yourself from craving more, a small top-up of $3 will unlock all 13 toppings for your feasting pleasure. Dig down into its deep fried breaded crust, and you’ll be just as surprised as I was to find an additional hard boiled egg hidden beneath the mountain of goodness.  

Price: $5.90 (3 toppings) | $8.90 (All in one)

Stall: Taiwan Cheese Potato


2. Rainbow Tamago


rainbow tamago singapore

Rainbow Tamagoyaki with mentaiko sauce and chicken floss ($6)

If you’re looking for some IG-worthy food, this pastel themed Japanese egg roll will do just the trick. Layers of rainbow coloured egg are poured into the pan one over another, with a slice of ham in the middle.  

Choose from sauces, such as the crowd favourite mentaiko sauce or wasabi mayo, and toppings such as bonito flakes, or the classic chicken floss. Either combination you pick, you’ll be in for a soft and savory treat.

Price: $6.00

Stall: Wa! Tamago


3. Nutella-Cheese Pancake


nutella chocolate pancake cheese peanuts condensed milk

Nutella Falls ($6.50)

Imagine a traditional peanut pancake, but this time with mountainous layers of hand grated cheese, further drizzled with a thick nutella spread and topped off with condensed milk. 

The result: Nutella Falls, which tastes like a densely flavoured cake, balancing both sweet and savoury flavours. Share it with a friend to prevent that overly jelak feeling.

hand grated cheese pancake

For a tamer option, choose a classic Good Ol’ Peanut, which replaces the chocolate with traditional peanut crumbles. Or try their Thai Tea Nic, topped with Thai tea flavoured custard instead of chocolate, for a smoother and sweeter texture.

Price: $6.50

Stall: Markozar


4. Malay Rojak In Tubs


kreyv malay rojak in tub

With Chicha Petis Sauce

Kreyv puts their own contemporary twist on the traditional malay rojak. A generous portion of fruits such as mango, jambu and pineapples is loaded into a plastic tub and doused in a homemade sauce of your choice.

pouring sauce malay rojak

Their Chicha Thai sauce is savoury-based, a combination of shrimp sauce, fish paste and dried shrimps, while their Chicha Petis sauce is more on the tangy side, a mix of shrimp paste, lime, bunga kantan and garnished with peanuts for additional texture. Both sauces have chilli padis in them, giving fans of spicy food an additional kick.

In addition to Malay Rojak, they’ll also be serving Mexican dishes, such as quesadillas and tacos from 21 January onwards.

Price: $6.00

Stall: Kreyv


5. Two-Toned Juices


These cups look just like a chemistry concoction, with two distinct colours carefully balanced on each other. Pick from bestsellers Mangoon, a tangy mango juice blend with blue lagoon syrup to balance it out, or Strapple, a sweet fusion of strawberry and apple juice. 

With just a swirl of your straw, the two flavours blend together to form a what looks to be and tastes like a whole new drink. 

yummers sg mangoon strapple juice

Mangoon (left), Strapple (right)

The stall also offers two-toned An Chan Teas with a lighter consistency, a mix between their signature butterfly pea tea and teas in flavours such as peach, lychee and kiwi. 

Price: $4.00

Stall: Yummers 


6. Soda Slushies


mr moustache pineapple cup slushie

Mr Moustache ($4), Pineapple ($8)

These adorable character cups are yours to keep for just $4 and above with every purchase of a soda slushie. Choose from a range of your favourite soda drinks in their ice-blend form, such as Coca Cola and the various Fanta flavours, for a refreshing drink to tide you through the pasar malam. 

If you’re not into the whole ice-blend thing, pick up their canned drinks instead and stand a chance to win prizes at their lucky draw.

Note: These drinks can be found at either ends of the food stretch.

Price: $1/$2/$3 in normal cups | $4-$8 in character cups | $1.20 for canned drinks

Stall: Pineapple Superman




 carnival games ring toss

Ring toss: $5 for small bucket, $8 for big bucket

The best part of this pasar malam is its huge amusement area. With a variety of rides and carnival games to choose from, there’s something for everyone to play. From $5, try your luck at games such as Goblet Toss and Shooting and stand a chance to win one of these huge stuffed toys. 

carnival basketball

Basketball: $5 for 2 balls

All stalls only accept payment through the use of a J’Kids Amusement card which requires a minimum $15 top up upon first purchase. Simply pick one up from any of the top-up booths in the amusement area and keep them for any other J’Kids Amusement event. 

Psst, with every additional $10 you top up, you’ll get an extra $2 worth of credits for FREE*.

*Applies only to amounts $20 and above

 j kids carnival card

Since it’s the CNY season, there are various shops selling decorations and plants for you to deck your houses with. To add to the celebratory mood, performances will also be held first on the Grand Opening on Sunday, and subsequently on every Saturday at 7pm. The CNY jams are definitely going to get you bobbing and singing along.

chinese new year decorations shop

There’s even a lantern display area to take the perfect festive shot for your IG. With lighted panda lanterns and sakura tree lights, take a selfie or simply embrace their beauty against the night sky.

sakura led lights display singapore

Snap a close-up selfie with the “sakuras” here!


A  bazaar to usher in Chinese New Year 2018


lantern led light display punggol singapore pasar malam

Located right outside Punggol MRT Exit B, you’ll want to head over to Punggol Pasar Malam from 7pm onwards for optimum experience. While it may be on the crowded side, most stalls will be open and the lantern display will look better in photos. 

Their grand opening is this Sunday, 21st January, so do drop by at 7pm to enjoy an exciting lion dance performance and free goodies. But if you can’t make it, you’ll have until 15th February to visit!

Address: Open Field @ Punggol MRT Exit B
Time: 11AM-11PM, Daily
Date: From now till 15th February 2018

This post was brought to you by TLK Trade Fair and Events.