PSB Academy at Marina Square


Braving a 1-hour plus train ride just to attend a 2-hour tutorial can sound like quite a horror story – sadly, one that our local uni students are all too familiar with. If you’re about to commence the next phase of your life, but have yet to select a local University or Poly to further your studies, PSB Academy’s new City Campus in the heart of town might just be the answer to your woes

We explored their new $15 million campus for a taste of what university life would be like:


1. Located in a convenient location


Instead of spending precious hours on your daily commute to school, you’ll be channelling all your energy into packing in those extra study minutes because PSB Academy’s new campus is right smack in the heart of the city at Marina Square – a stone’s throw from amenities, such as Fort Canning Park, National Library, and even National Gallery, National Museum and Singapore Art Museum.

And not only that, the architectural design of the campus with its pops of green and hues of earthy brown is totally #aesthetic #goals.

P.s. No chance getting drenched from the recent downpours here! There’s a fully sheltered, fully air-conditioned walkway which will take you right to campus from City Hall MRT. The campus is also linked to Promenade and Esplanade MRT, so getting to school will be convenient – no matter which MRT line you’re coming from.


2. Conducive environment for learning


An extensive collection of resources and study material to feed your knowledge at the Learning Resource Centre

Spanning over 100,000 square feet across 2 floors, the campus prides itself as an Oasis of Learning with various support systems in place to give you an all-rounded university experience.

Aspiring DJs can look forward to classes at the Radio Studio, specially conducted by professionals

Fully Wi-Fi-enabled, the campus houses a town hall, a student hub, acoustically-treated MBA rooms in which lecturers need not use a microphone, and wide seating auditoriums alongside its very own glass-housed radio and television studio.

Realistic broadcasting at the Television Studio

Their auditoriums can seat more than 300 persons comfortably

The walls of the classrooms are washable, this means students and lecturers can write on the walls from wherever they are seated, helping to facilitate discussions and learning.


3. A seamless, IT-incorporated study experience


No need to brave snaking queues at the admin office for attendance taking when a tap of your thumb and your student card is all you need.

Aside from the face-to-face sessions you have with your lecturers, tutors, and administrative staff, almost every other process at PSB Academy is automated – even down to the nitty gritty of attendance-taking.

With every lecture and tutorial documented online, frantically taking pictures of every lecture slide can finally be a thing of the past. Whether or not you’ve missed a class, or just want some extra revision, you can easily access the downloadable content from the comfort of your home.

And with study material so readily available, this can only mean your bag will be as light as a feather, without all the bulky textbooks!


4. Quality education without breaking the bank


Chasing a international degree need not put you in financial turmoil, PSB Academy offers a diverse selection of diploma, degree and postgraduate courses from partner universities in Australia and the UK like Edinburgh Napier University, Loughborough University, Coventry University, The University of Newcastle and The University of Wollongong.

And even if you’re in a bit of a financial tight hold, the academy offers prospective students a range of loans and scholarship options to relieve their financial burden. Singapore Industrial & Services Employees’ Union (SISEU) also offers students scholarships as part of their partnership with PSB Academy and offers guidance to students choosing to pursue a part-time or full-time course. 

You’ll find other groups such as the Eurasian Association, Yayasan, and Mendaki, amongst others, pulling forces to offer scholarships to deserving students who wish to upgrade themselves.


Get your diploma/university degree at PSB Academy


Don’t just limit yourself to the 6 public universities in Singapore to further your studies. Venture beyond the conventional university route with PSB Academy and the 7 prestigious international partner universities under their belt.  

Their great emphasis on developing industry-relevant skill sets also means that students will be exposed to real-life business scenarios and learn about each industry’s best practice as part of their academic syllabus and research.

PSB Academy also has its very own job portal for industry partners to display job opportunities for both undergraduates and fresh graduate alike. Recruitment and industry talks in conjunction with career fairs are also held to make sure students know what to expect when they finally join the working world. 

And with 9 out of 10 of PSB Academy’s local and international students being able find employment within 6 months of graduation (according to their 2015 Graduate Employment Survey), you know you’re in good hands!

Find out more about PSB Academy’s City campus at Marina Square here.

This post was brought to you by PSB Academy.