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You know it’s legit if it’s famous across Korea. Tell any Korean living in Singapore that Paik’s Coffee is available here and they will start screaming with excitement.

An affiliate of Paik’s Bibim at Bedok Mall, Paik’s Coffee is EVERYWHERE in Korea, known especially because it’s started by Paik Jong Won, a celebrity chef in Korea on the level of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. Paik’s Coffee arrived in Singapore one year ago, and are celebrating their 1st anniversary with an islandwide 1-for-1 for all drinks/coffee/desserts on their menu from 2pm to 6pm daily. 

For those who have no idea what to snag for the 1-for-1, here’s a collated list of their absolute best items to try:


Paik’s Original Coffee (Iced) | $3.50 for 2


paiks original coffee

Nowadays you can’t even get a cuppa coffee for $5, much less a good one. At a ridiculously reasonable price of $3.50, one of the most popular drinks at Paik’s Coffee is hands down the Iced Paik’s Original Coffee

Although leaning towards the sweeter side, Paik’s Original Coffee is blended with the signature Korean coffee mix, making it strong enough to keep caffeine-addicts energised for the day. Think candied coffee beans but in liquid form – shiok on a mercilessly hot day.


Paik’s Vienna (Hot/Iced) | $4 for 2


iced paiks vienna

hot paiks vienna

One of the most unique desserts I’ve ever eaten, Paik’s Vienna ($4) combines piping hot espresso with a cup of perfectly swirled soft yogurt. There’s the option of having it hot or iced, which is great considering how temperamental the June weather has been. 

You can either put the yogurt in the espresso or vice versa. I’d recommend drizzling the espresso on the yogurt, so that you’d get absolute control over the level of bitterness you’d get from the espresso in contrast to the tartness of the yogurt.


Green Grapes Flower Tea (Iced) | $5 for 2


green grape flower tea

As the name suggests, Green Grapes Flower Tea ($5) combines the tang of green grapes and the faint scents of flora all in one cup. Leaning toward the sour side, this drink is ideal for those with a preference for tangy stuff. Refreshing and thirst-quenching nonetheless – perfect for a humid day!


Americano (Hot) | $2.50 for 2



A cafe ain’t a cafe if it doesn’t sell Americano. Paik’s Coffee is known for its strong coffee, so this one’s not for the faint-hearted. Catered to those who cannot function without hardcore caffeine, Paik’s Americano (Iced at $3/ Hot at $2.50) is best enjoyed hot, although it does come served with ice as well. The ice dilutes it slightly, which isn’t ideal for most Americano-lovers, so I’d recommend the hot one.


Chocolate Banana Smoothie with Froyo | $5.50 for 2


choco banana smoothie

This is the classic choco-banana combination, blended up with a swirl of chocolate-chip-topped froyo sitting on top. The Chocolate Banana Smoothie with Froyo ($5.50) feels like dessert in itself, because of the froyo which makes it a lot heavier and richer than it already is. Would recommend if you’re substantially hungry yet don’t feel like eating.


Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Froyo | $5.50 for 2


strawberry banana smoothie

Whoever thought of making strawberry sundae in smoothie form is an absolute genius ‘cause this Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Froyo ($5.50) will send you to heaven and back just with one sip. 

Served with a generous dollop of froyo drizzled with strawberry syrup, make sure you don’t dilly dally while drinking ‘cause if not it’ll sink like the Titanic!


Chunky Walnut Froyo | $5 for 2


chunky walnut froyo

My favourite item on their menu, the Chunky Walnut Froyo ($5) is beautifully malty and nutty at the same time. The best part about this dessert is that the walnuts balance out the sweetness of the froyo, leaving it sweet enough, yet not to the point of diabetes.


Red Bean Snowflake Bingsu | $5.50 for 2


red bean bingsu

Serving froyo and smoothies at a Korean cafe without bingsu would be utter blasphemy. Their Red Bean Snowflake ($5.50) is a must-try, even for those who aren’t big fans of red bean. I’m not keen on red bean myself, but the mochi on top makes everything worth it.

This dessert is an explosion of textures – the stickiness of mochi, crunch of cornflakes, mushiness of red beans, and finally the melting ice shavings. They complement each other amazingly, making every bite super satisfying.


Paik’s Coffee’s 1-for-1 deals throughout June 


1 for 1 promo

Whether it’s a post-lunch coffee fix or a tea time break, head over with a friend to get some authentic Korean caffeine into your system, or perhaps a dessert to suit your sweet tooth. 

Visit any of their 3 outlets in Singapore, to enjoy this 1-for1 lobang this June: 

Mapletree Business City 

40 Pasir Panjang Road, #02-39, Mapletree Business City S117383

Tiong Bahru Plaza

302 Tiong Bahru Road, #02-111, S168732

CityLink Mall

1 Raffles Link, #B1-19, S039393

TSL Fans get an additional 5% off on top of the 1-for-1 promotion! All you have to do is tell them you’re a TSL fan, and like & follow their Facebook and Instagram page at the cashier. 


Paik's Coffee: 1-For-1 Promotion On Korean Drinks & Desserts
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Paik's Coffee: 1-For-1 Promotion On Korean Drinks & Desserts


This post was brought to you by Paik’s Coffee.