A walk down memory lane



Excited for the #PrettySmartSearch? So are we! While you’re counting down to 10th February when the first episode premieres, we know you’re secretly binge watching old PrettySmart episodes, reliving the moments where you laughed during the Clown Contouring Challenge, or cried during Christabel’s Letter to her 16 year old self.


To give you one more reason to smile, the PrettySmart crew got together to film the last episode of this season of PrettySmart. Joined by her lovely intern Sheryl, the two look back on their favourite episodes, reminiscing the good ol’ days.


But before you furiously comment, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DON’T GO BEL!!!!!!”, don’t fret! You can still catch Christabel in the TSL Travel Like A Local series, as well as on her social media @bellywellyjelly!


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