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We Take On The Clown Contouring Challenge – PrettySmart: Episode 30

Laugh It Off, Put Some Clown Makeup On

To me, make-up is a chore – troublesome AND boring. But having discovered Clown Contouring by Youtube Beauty Guru BellaDeLune, I am convinced that applying make-up can actually be fun!

As I watched the video on how she achieved her flawlessly contoured face, I could not figure out the unfamiliar looking products that were used. Which led to the question – can we achieve the same look with everyday make up products?

We put the PrettySmart’s very own Bellywellyjelly to the test and see if she can achieve a contoured look by using the make up products that she already has lying around in her make up stash – no cheating allowed! Watch how she did in the video below:

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