PM Lee magic cup lookalikes

Besides the Covid-19 announcements that we await with bated breath, there’s something else that enthralls us about PM Lee Hsien Loong’s speeches. Yes, it is the iconic “magic” cup, which supposedly has language-changing properties. (Maybe not for the latest announcement).

It has become a meme, and even sparked sales as Singaporeans island-wide sought to get a piece of this classy cup. Here’s where you can buy one of your own. Mother tongue improvement, not guaranteed.

1. The deadringer

supermama store pm lee magic cup language changing
Image credit: Supermama Store

For 100/100 in your Mother Tongue classes, opt for this cup that looks 100% like the one PM Lee caresses. 

The artist painstakingly went through Instagram to do up a replica and her efforts to paint this national icon are well appreciated. Just look at that gorgeous Tembusu flower and leaves – a symbol of resilience and purpose – that we Singaporeans direly need a cuppa of in this pandemic.

Get it at the Supermama Store.

2. The one with the watercolour scales

 PM Lee, like the fashionista he is, changes up cups from time to time. And we’ve spotted him using a white one with a tasteful blue scale-like pattern. 

singapore pm lee Hsien loong drinks from tea cup Image credit: Prime Minister’s Office

We pronounce ourselves #influenced. And so, we hunted down these surprisingly affordable porcelain cups that start from *gasp* $5.04. Looks like you can be an icon too without spending too much of your CPF. 

Get these on Shopee

3. Tea sets for you and bae to sip together

Japanese tea cup set umi tea
Image credit: Umi Tea Sets

Just like the current friend group size, good things come in twos. 

So, get a pair of these lovely hand-printed tea cups from Umi Tea Sets for you and your partner to class up dabao sushi dinners. These will make you feel like you’re off in a Zen garden in Tokyo, when really the closest option is to bluff friends you’re in Japan in SG.

Get these from Umi Tea Sets.

4. Wide range of floral motifs

Shopee Japanese tea cup floral
Image credit: Shopee

We’ve narrowed down the reason why PM Lee’s cup has captured so many hearts. 1) Its deep blue colour evokes a sense of calm, and 2) the floral motifs echo our Garden City beauty. 

So, if you want something a tad more creative without losing the magical formula, pick from these floral cups that range from quirky to classy. 

P.S. Our personal favourite is this: cup model A7. 

Get these from Shopee

5. Support local and make PM proud

how twang pottery jungle tea sets
Image credit: Pottery Jungle 

The teacups sold here allows you to #supportlocal, something we’re sure the PM would approve of. These are made at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, a local three-gen owned pottery business since 1965. The place also possesses the oldest surviving dragon kiln in Singapore, plus conducts pottery workshops, too. 

Get it at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle.

Sipping on the tea with PM Lee’s magic cup

Whatever “magic cup”-style you rock in the end, we’re glad you did your Singaporean duty in making it our next national icon. Till then, you can check out PM Lee’s shirt collection while we await the next tea-spilling announcement. Happy sipping!

Cover image adapted from: Supermama Store, Prime Minister’s Office, Shopee

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