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10 Prettiest MRT Stations In Singapore When Photographed Without Crowds

Gorgeous MRT stations you’ve never noticed

A lot of us take our daily commutes without really noticing what’s around – and who can blame us? Between getting squished like sardines and trying not to fall while scrolling through FB, it’s hard to focus on anything else during MRT rides.

But if you open your eyes, you’ll realise that our train stations can be pretty cool – photo-worthy, even. If you find yourself taking #OOTDs in front of the same ol’ backgrounds over and over again, it’s time for an MRT station-hopping adventure to these 10 chio locations:

Colourful and quirky

1. Esplanade

Colourful lighting from a swanky club event? No, just the Wall of Colours at Esplanade Xchange’s IExperience centre, a permanent exhibition showing how infocomm has helped Singapore progress. Now you can get the hapz vibes of neon lighting without jostling for space among sweaty bodies at a rave.

If those fluorescent lights are a tad too much for you, opt for softer shades from the Youth Olympic Games 2010 tile mural at the station’s platform. To keep the legacy of youth athletes, the tiles have been personalised by them according to a theme of friendship.

2. Tan Kah Kee

It’s all about the colours at Tan Kah Kee Station! Carrying retro-esque psychedelia near the lift area are bright wall panels in a spectrum from vermillion to yellow. If you’re not a fan of warm colours, the overhead bridge right outside offers a pop of green with tessellating hexagons.

3. Dhoby Ghaut


Now this is one elaborate work of art – spanning across the linkway between the North-South and North-East lines of Dhoby Ghaut station is a giant mosaic wall. Go closer and you’ll realise that some of the tiles are 3D in places!

The blue and white ones towards the far right give a touch of nostalgia as they’re reminiscent of the traditional porcelain bowls ah mah and ah gong used to have.

There’s also a “hidden gem” of an exit from Plaza Singapura leading to Dhoby Ghaut MRT.

Pastel pop art

4. Redhill

Not sure if it’s pure coincidence, but Redhill MRT Station’s paint job matches its name – closely enough, at least. Full-on RED walls would look pretty scary after all. Time to #thinkpink and unleash your inner Barbie (or Ken) here with these pretty bubblegum walls!

5. Queenstown

Feelin’ the blues? Head one stop from Redhill over to Queenstown for a cool backdrop of azure. Simple and mellow, the constant of the blue hue throughout the station is calming on the eyes, and will give a gentle splash of colour to your Instagram feed.

6. Commonwealth

Close to 30 years old, Commonwealth MRT Station is just a lil’ chipped around the edges. But its coat of yellow still holds a cheeriness that hasn’t faded, while little imperfections provide a certain charming quality.

If you haven’t already noticed, the “primary color stations” Redhill (Red), Queenstown (Blue), and Commonwealth (Yellow) are all located in succession along the East-West MRT line. Right after Commonwealth is Buona Vista Station, which – surprise – is painted Green. Take a snap at all 4 to create your very own pop art collage without having to use a special filter!

Sleek sophistication

7. Rochor

Uber-futuristic feels right here! A little bit artsy, and a whole lotta classy, Rochor MRT Station’s ceiling features strong lines against a minimalistic white background. The best way to get your snaps here is to take them as you go down the escalator or stairs, as you’ll have optimum inclusion of the design.

Fun fact: this lined patterning was inspired by computer circuit boards.

8. Stadium

So, you wanna be on top? Channel your inner Tyra and strike a pose at Stadium MRT’s escalator area, where jewel-toned blue accents form a “runway” of sorts. Don’t forget to smize!

Don’t despair if crazy crowds mar your escalator shot – there’s still the outside of the station, which is equally ideal for picture-perfection. Sleek grey walls provide a polished setting that won’t steal attention away from you – perfect for when you’re donning more colours or layers.

9. Bras Basah

Structured and elegant, Bras Basah MRT Station is perfect for those who value simplicity. Thanks to a wide glass ceiling, there’s a good dose of natural lighting here to help you look your best. Pale walls reflect the sunlight nicely, further contributing to a clean and bright composition that’ll allow you to boast #noedits on the ‘gram.

10. Marina Bay

Located at the “ulu” part of the CBD, many only go to Marina Bay Station to “bounce back” on the red line – a trick we’ve all played when we die die want a seat. Unbeknownst to many, the outside of the station has a translucent geometric canopy that provides shelter, so camwhores can have fun here rain or shine.

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