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Calling all pet lovers island-wide! Singapore’s largest pet fair, the Pet Expo 2017, is back and bigger than ever.

If your Facebook and Instagram ‘explore’ feed is chock-full of random fluffy animals, and you temporarily lose all self-control every time you see an animal within a 20m radius, here’s why being nestled in the company of animals at Pet Expo 2017 is the way to spend your Good Friday weekend:


1. Meet Singapore’s most Instafamous pets


Meet Singapore’s most Instafamous

Coby (@cobythecorgi) completely won me over with his playful scampers and even stood still for a picture with me – I’m officially #teamcoby!

You’ve seen them in action – big watery eyes and playful antics, flooding your Instagram feed. Now, it’s time to meet the stars in real life! Get up close and personal with your favourite furkids of Instagram like the adorable bunny duo Eskimo and Kiwi, the handsome SG Frenchie, Plato, Corgi superstars Coby the Corgi and Smallie, Muffincan the Shih Tzu, and possibly the fattest cat around – KingKing in a special meet-and-greet session.

Meet Singapore’s most Instafamous pets

Pet Instagrammers Meet & Greet
Date: 15th April 2017
Time: 4PM-5PM
Location: Stage Area


2. Witness jaw-dropping feats by the most gifted pets in Singapore



Catch dogs from all walks of life in the ‘Dog Breed Race’ as they make a mad dash for fame and glory to win prizes of up to $100. A total of 20 dogs from 3 breeds – the Mongrel a.k.a Singapore Special, Corgi, and Jack Russell Terrier – will be battling it out so prepare yourself – and your cameras – for an onslaught of little furballs racing at full speeds to get to their owners on the other end.

If you’re a proud owner of any of these breeds, and you think your pooch has what it takes – sign up here! There’ll also be an obedience show, a Championship Dog Show, and even a contest searching for the cutest doggie snore that will melt the hearts of dozens.

Don’t let your docile feline miss out on the party. Flaunt her silky, auburn fur or her good manners at the 2nd Easter Eggstravaganza CFA Cat Show, in hopes of being crowned ‘Best Cat in Show’.


And that’s not all. Our furry friends won’t be stealing all the limelight, serenading songbirds with croons that rival Nathan Hartono’s vocal prowess will be singing their way to a chance at victory in the ‘Best Song Bird Contest’.

Dog Breed Race
Date: 15th April 2017
Time: 6PM-7PM
Location: Stage Area

Cutest Dog Snore & Best Song Bird Contest
Date: 15th April 2017
Time: 5-5.30PM
Location: Stage Area

2nd Easter Eggstravaganza CFA Cat Show
Date: 14-15th April 2017
Time: 11AM-7PM
Location: Training Ground

Find out more about the other animal contests being held here!


3. Admire over 600 world class fishes at the Interactive Aqua Zone


Admire over 600 world class fishes at the Interactive Aqua Zone


You won’t have to fork out money for an entry to the S.E.A. Aquarium just to get a look and feel of aquatic creatures, just head over to the Interactive Aqua Zone. And for the very first time, the Pet Expo will be featuring a Tetra-Fish Competition, so you’ll be able to feast your eyes on over 600 world class Bettas, Flowerhorns and Guppies on display, you might just fall in love with them and pick up a new aquatic hobby.

Interactive Aqua Zone
Date: 14th-16th April 2017
Time: 11AM-8PM
Location: Aqua Zone


4. Free health checkups for your furry friend


Free health checkups for your furry friend


Haven’t got the time to bring your furkid down for a routine vet check? Don’t worry, licensed veterinarians will be onsite at the fair offering all pet owners a free checkup to ensure your little one is in the pink of health.

Limited slots are available, so sign up here to avoid disappointment. There are time slots reserved for walk-in appointments so you might be able to secure a slot on the day itself.

Note: The Free Pet Health Check is not applicable to birds and marine animals.

Free Pet Health Check
Date: 14-16th April 2017
Time: 1-6PM (Pre-registered Pets), 11AM-12.30PM & 6.30-8PM (Walk-in appointments)
Location: Area in front of Aqua Zone


5. Dress your pet up with personalised accessories


Dress your pet up with personalised accessories


For owners who love keeping their dogs looking as dapper as they do, you’ll be able to get your best furry friend’s name embossed on a bandana from Loyal.D. Bandanas go at $20 each if you pre-register with them at, or $25 if you get them on-site.

They also stock a wide range of accessories from handmade collars, leashes, and bowties, to harnesses bowls and bags – just all the things you’ll need to keep you and your little one strutting around in style.

Bling Your Bandana with Loyal.D
Date: 15th April 2017
Time: 11.30AM – 12.30PM
Location: Stage Area


6. Find your one true love at the Pet Adoption Drive



You know what they say, “people will come and go but a dog will never break your heart”. If you’re a single-pringle looking for a furry life partner to fill the void in your heart, your one true love might be waiting for you over at the Pet Adoption Drive.


There’ll be puppies and adult dogs of all shapes and sizes from 8 different animal welfare organisations looking for their forever homes, so you’re bound to find the paw-fect match. And even if you can’t open your home to one of these dogs, you can still show your support by patronising their booth and donating to help their efforts to save and rehome these strays!

The Pawfect Match: Season 3 by AVA
Date: 14th-16th April 2017
Time: 11am to 8pm
Location: AVA Booth F1


7. Check out bunnies and cats with RBF


Check out bunnies and cats with RBF

Look out grumpy cat, you’ve got competition. Source: @teti.and.neo

If you thought your RBF was strong, wait till you catch sight of the bunnies over at the Grumpiest Bunny Contest. Witness the most offstandish bunny showdown of the century, or better – sign your very own bunny up for the competition if it qualifies.

Check out bunnies and cats with RBF


And RBF aside, you might have a real-life grumpy cat on hand, but does your kitty have the fiercest walk? Confirm your suspicions that you’ve been raising Feline’s Next Top Model at the ‘Fiercest Catwalk’ competition.

Watch the sassy cats strut their stuff or sign your own furball up for the challenge here.

Grumpiest Bunny Contest
Date: 15th April 2017
Time: 4.30-5PM
Location: Stage Area

Fiercest Catwalk competition
Date: 15th April 2017
Time: 6.30-7PM
Location: Stage Area


Bonus: Cater to ALL your pet needs with POCCA


Cater to ALL your pet needs with POCCA

Source: POCCA

More than just forums and Facebook groups, don’t you just wish that sometimes there was just a one-stop online shop for all things pet-related? From browsing and making appointments for pet services like grooming and boarding, to sharing and posting pictures and ideas with like-minded, pet-loving individuals – the POCCA is a social media platform in the form of an app created exclusively for pet owners and their furkids.

The app allows animal lovers to register and keep track of their pet’s growth and progress, and even purchase the best discounted animal products online. POCCA also facilitates the purchasing of tickets to animal-related events and gives you the option to create your own.

Tip: Purchase your tickets through the POCCA app during its soft launch enjoy $1 off ticket purchase, don’t say bojio! Refer here for more updates about POCCA.

Enjoy a pawsome day at Pet Expo 2017


Pet expo 2017


With over 80 participating brands at show grounds and pet performances and exhibitions to keep you occupied for hours. Mark your calendars this April for a pawsome day you won’t want to miss! Like their Facebook page and hop over to their website to find out more about Pet Expo 2017!

Find out more about Pet Expo 2017 here!

Pet Expo 2017
Date: 14th-16th April 2017
Time: 11AM – 8PM
Location: Singapore Expo Hall 7
Admission: $5 per day, $12 for 3-day pass (Only for online purchases)
Tickets will be going at $5 per day on the event days itself, so do bring along cash if you’re going to make an impromptu visit!


This post was brought to you by Pet Expo Singapore.

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