No more awkward FB/IG scrolling


Being at a house party is a pretty fun experience – save for the awkward silences when conversation dies down and everyone starts scrolling through their various social media accounts in RAPID succession to act busy.

If you’ve been in such situations, we’ve rounded up 5 offline games that will save them. Best of all, we’ve classified these games according to the kind of friend group it’s for, so no matter if you and your friends are wannabe Olympic gymnasts or hardcore gamers, there’s something for you.


1. For the eloquent friends who are full of bullshit: Toilet Trouble


If you and your friends are full of bullshit, y’all are probably super eloquent speakers and can talk your way out of – or into – anything. But if you’re guilty of using your talents to smoke a little bit too much, then maybe it’s time for you guys to flush that excess bs down the toilet, literally.

To play, spin the toilet paper roll to find out the number of times you need to flush the toilet. Good luck if you get a bigger number, because that means a higher chance of being sprayed by water – from the toilet bowl no less.

P.S. To up the stakes a little, add alcohol into the toilet bowl for an ultra fun party game!


2. For the wannabe Olympic gymnast: Fantastic Gymnastics


If you’ve always dreamed of being the gymnastics MVP, but can never fathom how they execute their cool tricks, then you’ll love the satisfaction that comes from helping this gymnast figure achieve his perfect gymnastics landing. Because sadly, it’s as close to being Nadia Comaneci, the 14 year old Olympic gymnast with a 10/10 score, as you can get.

All you’ve got to do is spin the figure 360° around the high bar, then hit the release button just as he swings backward so he lands on his feet. Warning: make sure you’ve got lots of time on your hands, cos this is one addictive game.

Check out Guava Juice’s epic fails – and successes – in this game here:

play button


3. For the clique whose memory game zai: Simon Air


There are those who can recite the textbook from front to back with 100% accuracy, or are practically a playback voice recorder of whatever your teacher says in class. If your gang’s got someone with on point memory like that, then this is a twist on Simon Says that you’ll love..

Players need to memorise the colour sequence that plays on the Simon Air game unit and follow it with their hands. There’s no need to actually touch the unit though – it will sense your motions using touch-free technology!


4. For the friends who are noisy 24/7: Speak Out


This game will be pretty fun torturous for the more talkative groups of friends. You’ve got to say a bunch of phrases while wearing a mouthpiece that makes it impossible for you to shut your mouth – so everything you say just sounds like gibberish. It’s like those ‘torture’ devices you wear at the dentist as he checks your teeth.

You’re forced to really speak OUT – and even so, your friends probably still won’t understand anything you’re saying. *sad face* Watch us playing the game with lots of shouting, frustration, and unglam drooling moments!

Singaporeans Try: The Mouthguard Challenge (Speak Out)
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Singaporeans Try: The Mouthguard Challenge (Speak Out)


5. For the fast fingers: Pie Face Showdown


This is for the friend groups who bond over video games – all those hours of training your finger muscles to jab the buttons at lightning speed haven’t been in vain. You’ll be thankful for your fast fingers once you start owning everyone – hopefully – at Pie Face Showdown.

All smiles before getting whipped cream in our faces…

A 1v1 version of the regular Pie Face, you’ll have to tap the button quickly to move the arm away from you and closer to your opponent to cream him/her. If your competitive side hasn’t already emerged during all your video game seshs, it definitely will here.

Catch Night Owl Cinematics playing this game!

NOC Plays Super Smash Bros! (Pie Face Showdown)
play button
NOC Plays Super Smash Bros! (Pie Face Showdown)


Hasbro’s games – the best way to bond with your squad


With these games to occupy your time, you’re guaranteed an ultra fun house party that’ll come with much fewer awkward silences. As an awkward turtle myself, I’m thankful.

So if you’re the host of a party cracking your head for games that aren’t rabak Truth or Dares, or just a guest looking for something to do, give some of these games a go! You’ll be investing in some quality bonding time in the most traditional way possible – without any phones or digital devices – and we all know that way’s #successguaranteed.

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This post was brought to you by Hasbro.

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