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You might’ve walked past this colonial-style building on your way to the Children’s Museum or Fort Canning Park. After 4 years of renovations, the Peranakan Museum has re-opened its gates to the public, with tonnes of new exhibitions and galleries that represent all things Peranakan. 

Spanning 3 floors, the museum has a total of 9 galleries to check out. And PSA to all Singaporeans and PRs – entry is free for y’all. Read on to find out more: 

Learn about the origin & history of Peranakans

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After admiring the beautiful exterior, step inside the museum and you’ll find that there are lots more to view. The new permanent galleries have been split into 3 themes: Origins, Home, and Style – no, not Harry Styles, but just as fab

These themes represent different aspects of the Peranakan heritage and history, and you’ll find over 800 vintage artefacts that have been donated or obtained by the museum. These pieces will also be coupled with unique backstories and explanations so visitors will walk away with newfound knowledge about the culture. 

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The first floor is where visitors can explore Origins. As the name suggests, you’ll learn about the history of the Peranakan identity, and what makes this culture so unique. The galleries have been decorated with old relics including sepia photographs of past communities and hand-painted photographs of iconic Peranakan figures.

Browse home decor & vintage kebayas

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After exploring level 1, move up to the second-floor galleries that fall under the Home theme. The museum has collected an array of well-loved home and living pieces, including porcelain and nyonya crockery and an antique radiogram from the olden days. If you’re looking to revamp your living room, consider taking inspo from these exhibitions. 

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Mosey on up to the final floor and you’ll get a glimpse of what the Peranakan fashion world is like. The museum has designed the gallery to feel like a walk-in wardrobe, almost as though you’re shopping in a boutique store. 

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Pieces with batik textiles.
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Expect to see footwear, accessories, and of course outfits in rich colours. Check out the traditional clothes like the sarong kebaya on display, and get up close to appreciate the intricate beading details. You’ll even see modern pieces including an embroidered face mask that features Peranakan beadwork. Prada, who? More like Peranakan-da.

peranakan museum singapore
An example of the SUNS Singapore collection for the Peranakan Museum.
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If any of these jewels caught your eye, head over to the retail space to see if they sell similar pieces. The museum has kickstarted its first collaboration with local lifestyle brand SUNS Singapore, where one-of-a-kind items including porcelain decoration and jewellery can be purchased. 

Check out the revamped Peranakan Museum

peranakan museum singapore
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Plan an outing with the fam and visit the Peranakan Museum. With lots to see and learn, we recommend setting aside half a day or more to cover all 3 floors. Entry is free for all Singaporeans and PRs, just remember to bring your NRIC for identification. Come with a charged camera, too, ‘cause you’ll want to document these gorgeous galleries. 

Peranakan Museum
Free for Singaporeans and PRs
39 Armenian St, Singapore 179941
Opening Hours: Sunday 10:00 a.m - 07:00 p.m  Show More Timings 


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