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Rest.In.Peace Centre Horror Experience Cover Image

Peace Centre Now Has A Horror House With Photo Ops & A Wine Bar For Liquid Courage 

Rest.In.Peace Centre Horror Experience at Peace Centre

Whenever October rolls around, you just know that your agenda for the coming weeks will be packed with scare after scare. Halloween-themed events are aplenty; you’ve got a wax museum themed horror maze at Tampines 1, and of course the annual cult favourite Halloween Horror Nights that’s back with spooks fueled by the undead.

Joining the motley crew of harrowing attractions this year is the Rest.In.Peace Centre Horror Experience. It’s aptly housed on the 4th floor of the archaic Peace Centre, which is said to already play host to ghosts. From now till 29th October, you’ll want to drop by to send the building off, before it closes for good next February. 

Multiple scare zones from $23/pax

Scare ZonesThe sets and props are designed by students from the neighbouring art schools, and boy do the severed limbs strewn about look convincingly creepy.
Image credit: via Instagram

From $23/pax, you’ll take up the role of a “wandering spirit” and be led right up to the 4th level of Peace Centre which is where multiple scare zones are located. Here, you’ll be at the mercy of several apparitions that fall in line with the ghastly rumours that plague the decrepit walls.

Between the blood-curdling screams and eerie effigies, a phantom butcher awaits those who dare disturb him, chopper poised to strike.

Image credit: via Instagram

These include the Weeping Mother, a despondent KTV hostess who went a step too far in her quest for eternal beauty, and the God Father, a menacing tailor who roams the hallways, measuring tape in hand.

If that’s not enough to send you packing, you can explore these interactive zones to uncover QR codes to guide you. There are even hidden codes that you can scan for a chance to win $888 worth of real gold.

Load up on snacks, wine & pics before you go

Rest.In.Peace Centre Horror Experience Photo Ops At Sets
Don’t forget to bust out your Halloween costumes for cute photo ops with the sets; this one was taken at the event’s “Chinese murder restaurant”.

Image credit: @thejumpingmaiden via Instagram

For the peckish, there’ll be Halloween-themed goodies for you to munch on. These include blood-coloured jellies laced with gummy worms, as well as several eyeball-looking treats. 

There’s even a wine pop-up on site by PengWine where you can buy bottles of liquid courage, or have refined sips if you need just a kick of alcohol before you stumble about in the dark.

Swing by the Rest.In.Peace Centre Horror Experience

Peace Centre ExteriorThere always has been shouts of paranormal activity all around Peace Centre, from vengeful spirits of beggars to a foreboding sense of dread.
Image credit: Peace Centre via Facebook

Peace Centre is one of those old malls in Singapore that has been part of Singapore’s heritage for literal decades, and its rustic interior undoubtedly gives the Rest.In.Peace Centre Horror Experience an authentic vibe. 

So, take this chance and visit this historic building before it closes its shutters in the near future. Who knows, perhaps you’ll bump into an extra scareactor who might not be accounted for?

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Cover image adapted from: & @thejumpingmaiden via Instagram

1 Sophia Road,
Peace Centre,
Singapore 228161
13 - 29 Oct 2023
3:00 pm - 9:00 pm