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Singapore’s Most Luxurious KTV Outlet Accommodates 60 (!!!) People. We Took A Trip Down To See It For Ourselves

About Party World KTV



One of the largest karaoke chains in Singapore, Party World KTV is pretty much synonymous with having a good time. They offer so much more than just singing, though! From rooms that fit as few as 5 people for a cosy experience to party rooms that fit up to sixty (60!!) people, Party World KTV is one of the few places in Singapore that can truly accommodate a party of any size.

The TSL gang headed down to the biggest room in their outlet at NEX, and as you’ll soon see for yourself, we had an absolute blast.


Party Time!


Our room was designed to fit up to a whopping 60 people, making it ideal for big gatherings like school or corporate get-togethers.



Special Effects Galore


Unlike other KTV places where the room is completely dark save a weak spotlight or two, our suite was dimmed the perfect amount, with bright lights of every colour strobing through.

One feature that really piqued my interest was the special sound effects button on their remote. They have a whole range of backing tracks from whistling and applause to a man enthusiastically cheering you on as you belt out your favourite songs!


Swanky Tri-Display Screens


Okay, not THIS many screens…Source

Unlike other KTV spots, Party World won’t have everyone in the room squeezing together just to catch a glimpse of the tiny TV monitor. Here, we’ve got spanking tri-display screens – that means 3 screens! – that guarantee comfortable viewing from any angle. So even if you’ve dashed off to the other end of this huge room to pinch some snacks from your friend’s table, rest assured that you won’t miss a second of Britney Spear’s slightly cringey but oh-so-good music videos straight from the 90s.


Good Ol’ Pool Table Fun



No need to fret about moping around and wasting your precious youth while waiting for your next turn at the mic. Even if you just want to take a break from belting your hearts out, there’s a pool table for you and your mates to keep the party going.


Pampering Massage Chair



My personal favourite part of the room was a rather unexpected treasure find. Tucked away at a corner was a gorgeous massage chair, with fully customisable controls that my aching back and shoulders were VERY grateful for. I could sink into the recliner and cheer my crooning friends on as all the stress in my body – physical or otherwise, simply melted away.


Bountiful Bites



Party World KTV also has a pretty impressive menu of tasty bites in case you’re feeling peckish. From age-old favourites like nuggets and fishballs to exotic rice crackers and crispy samosas, there’s something to satisfy every craving.


Tantalising Refreshments



You won’t need to fret about getting thirsty, either – their drink choices will ensure that those vocal chords stay adequately lubricated. And if you’re looking to loosen up just a little, they also have spiked versions of your favourite beverages. Give their vodka ribena or bourbon coke a try!


Sing Your Heart Out!



Last but not least, Party World’s range of songs was extraordinary. They had songs of pretty much every language and genre! Whether you’re going to belt out the latest hits fresh off the charts or your go-to karaoke classics, their extensive and frequently updated tracklist will not disappoint.

There’s no such thing as waiting around for your turn with nothing to do, or having to squeeze into a tiny cramped space. If you’re planning on throwing a party for all your friends, Party World KTV at NEX has all that you’re looking for!


Getting There



Party World NEX
Address: NEX Serangoon Central, 23 Serangoon Ave 2 #04-63 S(556083)
Reachable by Serangoon MRT Station
Opening hours: 2:00pm – 2:00am daily
Contact: 6634 3434

Click here for a full list of outlets and contact information.

Don’t forget to check out their website for a slew of special promotions!

This post was brought to you by Party World KTV.