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5 Uncharted Party Islands In SEA That Aren’t Featured In Tourist Guidebooks

Islands in Asia made just for partying


party island near singapore

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An island paradise to most people sounds like white-sand beaches and pastel blue waters – but to others, it’s fire stunts by the sea and thumping EDM beats. For all the party animals that find the streets of Clarke Quay too tame, this one’s for you:


1. Koh Phangan (Thailand)


full moon party koh phangan

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An island where casually skipping flaming ropes is a regular activity, I guess you could say that this place is pretty lit indeed.

full moon party fire stunts

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Koh Phangan is an island located in southern Thailand, famous for its boisterous night-long parties. At the tip of every party-loving backpacker’s tongue, is the Full Moon Party which takes place at Haad Rin Beach every month throughout the year.

koh phangan full moon party 1

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Allegedly the most rabak party across Southeast Asia, it is going to be near impossible for you to stay sober throughout the night. Expect loads of people covered in neon paint, and endless rows of shops selling alcohol buckets at ridiculously cheap prices!

full moon party alcohol buckets

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Getting there:
1. 2-hr Flight from Singapore (SIN) to Koh Samui (USM) 
2. 20-min Ferry from Koh Samui (USM) to Koh Phangan 


2. Koh Phi Phi Don (Thailand)


koh phi phi don

The more commonly tourist-known sight of Phi Phi Island. Image credit

Now that Bangkok has become Singapore 2.0, it’s time to explore the lesser-known regions of Thailand. Located within the Krabi Province, Koh Phi Phi Don is famous for its turquoise seas and…pulsating rhythms.

koh phi phi party nightlife

Wild party nights at Koh Phi Phi Don. Image credit 

Apart from the usual night parties, Koh Phi Phi Don has something even for those that can still party in the light of day. Also known as the “only and best pool party across Phi Phi islands”, Princess Pool Party, organised by PP Princess Beach Resort, happens every Friday without fail.

princess pool party

Image credit

At only 200 baht for entry, you can chill out to trap remixes as you float on a giant inflatable pizza, sipping on cocktails. Water guns, Nerf guns, beer pong, and barbecues are also some highlights of this pool party!

Getting there:
1. 2-hr Flight from Singapore (SIN) to Phuket (HKT)
2. 2-hr Ferry from Phuket (HKT) to Koh Phi Phi 


3. Gili Trawangan (Indonesia)


gili trawangan streets

These seemingly tame streets are transformed into raving moshpits by night. Image credit

At the Northwest coast of Lombok, lies a super low-key island, 1/50 the size of Singapore. Don’t mistake this deceivingly unhappening 15 km² island for just another beach resort, though.

At Gili Trawangan, there is no such thing as TGIF or Ladies Night Wednesdays because literally every single day is a party day. This hedonistic paradise arranges parties 24/7 every Monday to Sunday – the party never ends at Gili.

gili trawangan nightlife party

Just another night at Gili Trawangan. Image credit

Daily Party Venues: 

Mon: Blue Marlin

Tue: Trawangan Cottages

Wed: Tir Na Nog Irish Bar

Thu: Sama Sama

Fri: Surf Bar

Sat: Sama Sama

Sun: Evolution

tir na nog irish bar

Weekly parties every Wednesday at Tir Na Nog Irish Bar. Image credit

Getting there:
1. 3-hr flight from Singapore (SIN) to Lombok (LOP)
2. 15-min speedboat from Lombok (LOP) to Gili Trawangan 


4. Koh Rong (Cambodia)


koh rong beach

Image credit: @carolafontaine6

Unpolluted by development and excessive tourists, Koh Rong boasts 43km of golden sandy beaches. Being the second largest island in Cambodia, there is ample space on one side of the island for wildness while the other remains chill and breezy. 

The parties here are pretty hardcore – they will last as long as you do, and the beats won’t stop till the last man standing tohs

koh rong nightlife party schedule

Image credit: @rosa420 

For those not a fan of EDM remixes, head over to Police Beach on Wednesday or Saturday – you’ll find it packed with raving backpackers dancing to techno and deep house music.

koh rong police beach nightlife

Image credit

Getting there:
1. 2-hr flight from Singapore (SIN) to Siem Reap (REP)
2. 1-hr flight from Siem Reap (REP) to Sihanoukville (KOS)
3. 1-hr ferry from Sihanoukville (KOS) to Koh Rong 


5. Castaway Island (Vietnam)


Located within Halong Bay, Vietnam, Castaway Island is not for the faint hearted livered. With drunk tubing – the piling of 3-4 people onto a giant tube dragging them through a river via speedboat – and booze cruises being default on the to-do list, you know you ain’t gonna be sober here. 

castaway island tubing

Tubing at Castaway Island. Image credit

castaway island booze cruise

Booze Cruise Party. Image credit

Although Castaway Island has it’s no-chill-alcoholic side, the good news is, it’s not merely a land full of drunk vomiting foreigners. Halong Bay is also UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautiful sites to visit.

If you ever pay Castaway Island a visit, don’t waste it by just partying and getting drunk – make sure you kayak through Halong Bay’s limestone caves too!

halong bay limestone kayaking

Kayaking through limestone caves at Halong Bay. Image credit

Getting there:
1. 3.5-hr flight from Singapore (SIN) to Hanoi (HAN)
2. 3-4 hr bus ride from Hanoi (HAN) to Halong Bay 


Travel to party 


Now that you know of these 5 party islands, time to ditch pre-drinking by Clarke Quay river and upgrade to more next-level partying. Just a word of caution though – while embracing the eh wah life is fun, remember to always drink responsibly, especially when you’re far from home!