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one farrer hotel spa food street

We Singaporeans take our food very seriously – sometimes even hopping on plane rides to suss out authentic food gems from all over the world. 

So when we got wind of One Farrer Hotel & Spa’s pop-up Food & Craft Street that brings our favourite overseas delicacies from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and more directly to our shores, we had to check it out. 

You don’t even need flight tickets for this foodie adventure. Here are the dishes to look out for once the pop-up street sets up home outside One Farrer Hotel & Spa on 23rd (Fri) and 24th June (Sat) 2017




1. Duck/prawn som tam crepe ($4)

duck prawn crepe

Crepes once took our little red dot by storm – but this French-Thai fusion duck/prawn som tam crepe won’t easily be found in many crepe shops around town. It’s so hipster, even a foodie trip to Bangkok won’t guarantee you a find.

Although a little on the salty side, the refreshing crunch of the raw papaya balanced out the pillowy crepe and juicy meat chunks nicely.

duck prawn crepe

Dip it into the sweet-sour sauce for added tanginess. Warning: have some tissues on hand, ‘cause eating this can get messy!



2. Mango Sticky Rice ($4)


mango sticky rice  

If you’d prefer something that’s iconically Thai, the mango sticky rice won’t disappoint. Each bite of rice and mango is a just-right combination of sweetness and coconut fragrance, without the off-putting gelak taste.

Go for the jackfruit sticky rice ($4) if you’re feeling especially adventurous!





3. KL tai lok mee ($6) & crayfish crispy noodles ($8)

kl tai lok mee  

If you’re a small eater who’s only got enough stomach space for one dish here, let this KL tai lok mee (black hokkien mee) be it. Lots of trial-and-error went into this unassuming serving of noodles – the chef experimented with 16 different soya sauces and about a million permutations of that, before deciding on the eventual blend of 3 soya sauces for the final product. 

kkl tai lok

The springy, fragrant noodles aren’t lacking either – we hear pork lard’s the secret ingredient that makes them so pleasing to the mouth. One bite, and you’ll understand why this was a smash hit at the previous installment of Food Street.

crayfish crispy noodles

Also hailing from Malaysia are these crayfish crispy noodles, which pack noodles fried till crisp and two HUGE crayfish bursting with juiciness, then doused all over with a thick, eggy broth. 


Hong Kong



4. Curry fish balls ($4) and curry noodles ($4)  

hongkong curry fishball

If you’re always complaining that your chilli isn’t potent enough for your spice-fuelled palate, challenge your tastebuds with these Hong Kong curry fishballs.

A mashup of fresh chilli, lime, lemongrass, blue ginger and other ingredients, the curry’s painstakingly brewed for 3-4 hours with more than 5 spices till thick and flavourful. 

I’d describe the gravy as leaving a slow burning aftertaste in your mouth – it lingers long enough to bring your mouth to a mild fire, but is nothing that experienced spice eaters can’t handle.

hongkong curry noodles

Go for the curry noodles if you’re looking for something more filling. The broth’s the same as the one used for curry fishballs, but beneath it lies yellow noodles and thin beehoon that soak up the gravy. Max flavour in every bite, guaranteed. 





5.  Buta syongaya don ($6)

buta syongaya don

Eating Jap doesn’t mean forking out an arm and a leg, because you’ll find restaurant-quality Japanese food from Jinzakaya here – only without the hefty price tag. It’s truly a steal – a generous serving of fried pork drizzled with teriyaki sauce, atop a bed of sticky Japanese rice goes for only a single digit!

buta syongaya don

Jinzakaya’s buta syongaya don packs on the meat and greens alike

6. Yakitori ($2)


Source: @xuannykelly

And if you’re cutting down on the carbs, go for the yakitori (meat skewers) instead. We hear the hot favourite’s the tori momo (chicken thigh), which will be going for 30% cheaper than the original Jinzakaya price!





Singapore Represent: Ice cream bread ($2) and drinks ($2+)


ice cream bread  


What’s an Asian food street without some uniquely Singaporean food? Reppin’ Singapore is our iconic ice cream cart, which will also sell local drinks like lemongrass ginger ($2) to end off your meal on a sweet note.


One Farrer Hotel & Spa’s food street – a culinary journey around Asia 


one farrer hotel spa food street

So mark your calendars for 23 and 24 June 2017, and make a beeline for a foodie adventure around Asia – without even setting foot out of Farrer Park. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Craft Street (23 to 25 June 2017) too! Pinterest-worthy handmade leather goods and hand-drawn floral cards, among others, await you. 

And TSL readers, you’re in luck. You’ll get a 10% discount on the Farrer Dollars booklet used to pay for all food items at the street! All you have to do is:

1) Follow @onefarrerhotelandspa on Instagram or like One Farrer Hotel & Spa on Facebook

2) Quote TSL18 to get the Farrer Dollars booklet for only $18! (U.P $20)

food street


Keep a lookout for the hotel’s upcoming food streets – Oktoberfest (22 to 23 September 2017) and Festive Food Street (8 to 9 December 2017) for more gastronomic delights that’ll be worth every single calorie!

Address: One Farrer Hotel & Spa, 1 Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore 217562

Telephone (for enquiries): 67057825

Email (for enquiries): 


Food Street runs from 23 June (Fri) to 24 June 2017 (Sat)

23 June (Fri): 5pm – 10pm, 24 June (Sat): 11am – 10pm 


Craft Street runs from 23 June (Fri) to 25 June 2017 (Sun)

23 June (Fri): 5pm – 10pm, 24 June (Sat): 11am – 10pm, 25 June (Sun): 11am – 6pm

Find out more about One Farrer Hotel & Spa’s Food & Craft Street!


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