DIY Chinese New Year Decor

Picture this: Chinese New Year rolls around. You head to the storeroom to dig out the old and dusty decorations you bought aeons ago, and place them at the same spot you do every year. And while your old lanterns and fake firecrackers might do a passable job making the place look festive, nothing spells effort like making your own CNY decor.

If you want to bring something fresh to your visitors this lunar new year, spruce up your home with these 7 simple and fun DIYs.

1. Mini Cai Sheng Ye(s)

Images adapted from: Slow Chomp

It’s the big day and the iconic “Cai Sheng Dao” is song playing in the background. While the actual God of Wealth (Cai Sheng Ye) isn’t just about to come prancing in, this little mini-money-bearing version might make an adorable substitute. Plus, the fact that you can draw a face on it makes it a hundred times better than the traditional red packet.

Origami Little Chinese Mammon by Jacky Chan
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Origami Little Chinese Mammon by Jacky Chan

Difficulty: 2/5
What you’ll need:
2 x Red packets
1 x Marker (Optional)
1 x Coin

2. Origami Pigs

Not all of us are born in the year of the pig. But tbh, during every CNY, most of us call it our spirit animal.

Image credit: @moniasouayah 

This year, impress your relatives and friends with this intricate, but very much doable origami pig. Display these around the house, or attach them to a string and turn them into little ornaments for your pussy willow, kumquat or bamboo plants.

Origami Pig (Eduardo Clemente)
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Origami Pig (Eduardo Clemente)

Difficulty: 3/5
What you’ll need:
1 x Square paper
Instructions: Get a coloured paper of choice and cut it into a square. Follow the video below to complete the origami pig.

3. MILO dragon mask

If you’re looking for a low-effort, high-reward DIY project, check out MILO’s newest Dragon Head carton box you can repurpose into a nifty mask or CNY decorative prop you can create in a jiffy.

This limited edition Dragon Head “mask” comes with every 48-packet carton of MILO purchased this season. The pack comes looking like this, but the horns and sides of the dragon are perforated, letting you easily “pop” them out into place.

Simply follow the guidelines on the carton to “assemble” your dragon. Milo is even holding a #MILODragonDanceChallenge to reward the most creative photo or video entry with a whole lot of attractive prizes.

Read on to find out how to participate!

Difficulty: 1/5
What you’ll need
1 x Limited edition MILO dragon carton
1 x Cloth
Instructions: Follow the guidelines on the carton to set up the dragon head. To create a dragon dance mascot, attach a cloth to the base of the mask.

4. Paper peonies

To add the zest of Spring to your home, dot a few of these gorgeous paper peonies around your living area.

Image credit: Bride and Breakfast

Versatile and tasteful in design, these flowers don’t scream “CNY!!” and can also be used year-round as props for other occasions such as weddings and birthdays. Use them as table-top decor, attach them to plants, or stick them on walls… whatever you choose, your home is guaranteed to look as pretty as a flower.

Difficulty: 4/5
What you’ll need:
2 x A4 red coloured paper
1 x A4 peach coloured paper
Instructions here.

5. Crepe flowers

For an easy 5-minute DIY project, try crepe flowers. You’ll need little to no art and craft skills for it, yet they come out looking like something you can buy in a store.

Image credit: @tissuepaperflowers

Why spend money on fake flowers when you can easily make them? Simply attach them to wire stalks, string them up to make a garland or scatter them around the house for your hoard of aunties and uncles to appreciate them.

Difficulty: 1/5
What you’ll need:
Crepe paper
String (Optional)
Wire stalks (Optional)

DIY crafts : How to make crepe paper flowers Very easy !! - Ana | DIY Crafts
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DIY crafts : How to make crepe paper flowers Very easy !! - Ana | DIY Crafts

6. Zhnged-up koi fishes

At any other time of the year, “koi” means bubble tea. But as CNY rolls around, the OG koi fish demands for its name back.

Image credit: Riccardo Foschi Origami

Fishes bring good luck according to traditional chinese saying of “年年有余/魚” (prosperity every year). When you can’t afford a in-home pond with 20 koi fish, just make your own out of paper. Don’t forget to fold a black one to absorb any negative energy, if you believe in feng shui.

Difficulty: 3.5/5
What you’ll need:
1 x Paper measuring 30x30cm with a 50/90 gsm
Instructions here.

7 . Fairy lights lanterns

If you’re looking to illuminate your home with a little sparkle, try creating this festive fairy light lantern garland to line your walls with.

Image credit: Les P’tits Mwana

They’re uber easy to create, and fool-proof even if failed art.

Difficulty: 1/5
What you’ll need:
1 x String of fairy lights
Red coloured paper
Instructions: Fold the red coloured paper into half along the breadth. Cut slits into the folded side 2 cm apart. Roll up the lantern such that the two shorter sides meet, and tape those two ends together. Attach this to your fairy light. Repeat until you have enough lanterns.

Get creative this Chinese New Year with MILO

Part of the fun of Chinese New Year comes of going all out and making your home look as festive as possible. If you’re not in the mood to splurge on a whole new set of decoration this year, rope in the fam for an afternoon of purposeful DIY.

Plus, it’s always good to have a couple of handy milo drinks for thirsty guests on hand!

If you’re set on attempting every single DIY on this list, don’t forget to capture and document your limited edition Milo Dragon Head pack success on social media between now till 30th Jan 2019 for a chance to win a lion dance performance in your home!

Image credit: @heytheredreamer

All you need to do is post a creative photo or video with your MILO dragon mask on social media and hashtag #MILODragonDanceChallenge to participate!

Grab the limited edition MILO Dragon Head Pack here

This post was brought to you by Milo.