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Those who’ve faced the brunt of planning overseas trips will understand the convenience of tour packages. They offer the freedom for you to OTOT while not having to worry about missing out certain landmarks – you’re sure to get the full holiday experience.

With Jetabout Holidays’ convenient tour packages all around New Zealand, you’ll be armed with detailed guides and day-to-day itineraries. All you’ve got to do is sit back and enjoy the thrill of the open road and stunning scenery.

1. Northern Splendour Tour – Maori dinner, wine tour, and farm show

Feast on a traditional Maori dinner

Jetabout holidays - traditional Maori dinnerWhen bonding with new friends, you’ll be feasting on a spread of poultry, fish, and “kumara” – a New Zealand root veggie that tastes like yam.
Image credit: 100% Pure New Zealand

If you enjoy the smoky flavour of otah or satay then you might just fall in love with this Maori dining experience. This lets you dine like a local Maori – all food is prepped using the traditional method of Hangi, where raw meats are cooked by using natural earth ovens.

The food is wrapped in either flax leaves or wire baskets and cooked in a large pit underground for 3 to 4 hours, creating a unique flavour and texture.

Unleash your inner wine connoisseur

Jetabout holidays - mission estate wineryWine tasting at Mission Estate Winery
Image credit: @cellarv

If sipping on some wine is how you choose to indulge, then the Napier Half-Day wine tour will be your cup of tea, or rather – your glass of wine. You’ll be exploring 3 local wineries in wine region Hawke’s Bay, all known for their award-winning wines. Each type of wine will be accompanied by a bite-sized food offering, giving you insight about wine and food pairing.

Jetabout holidays - church road winery hawkes bayThe Prestige Tasting Menu, Church Road Winery Hawkes Bay
Image credit: @jetaboutholidays

Hand-milk a cow at the Agrodome Farm Show

Jetabout holidays - Agrodome farm showImage credit: @agrodome

At the Agrodome Farm Show, you’ll be treated with live demonstrations of sheep shearing. The show’s agenda also includes farm dogs responding to commands. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll get the chance to hand-milk a cow – that can be your new fun fact!

Jetabout holidays - Agrodome farm showCuddle up to baby lambs, ducklings and pups
Image credit: @agrodome

While there, visit Farmyard Nursery for its cute baby animals. This is an experience you won’t want to miss especially if you‘re the type to spend hours swooning over videos of bleating goats or little pups.

8D6N Northern Splendour Coach Tour
Travel Dates: 1st April to 30th September 2019
Price: From $1,740 per person
Includes: Hotel Stay, Transfers, Sightseeing as per itinerary & 8 Day Tours

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2. South Island Adventure Drive – glacier cruise, jet boat ride, and Southern Lights experience

Cruise through New Zealand’s largest glacier

Jetabout holidays - Tasman lake cruise with glacier explorersTasman Lake Cruise with Glacier Explorers
Image credit: Jensen Chua Photography

At the Tasman Glacier, you’ll course through icy glaciers – so close, you can reach out to them.  With the picturesque mountain peaks and massive icebergs, it’s almost as if you’ve been transported to an Ice Age movie!

Take a jet boat ride through a river canyon

Jetabout holidays - shotover jet boat rideImage credit: @lizanne40

New Zealand is filled with beautiful mountainscapes and clear waters, but for adventure seekers looking for a thrill, this Shotover jet boat ride through the scenic Shotover Canyons will give you the best of both worlds. With a combination of beautiful landscapes and the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster, this boat ride is one to strike off your bucket list.

We’re talking about speeding through a tricky river course at 85km/hour – there’ll even be 360-degree turns.

Admire the vibrant display of Southern Lights

Aurora Australis (Southern Lights), Lake Tekapo.
Image credit: Jensen Chua Photography 

Many of us have heard of the Northern Lights before – a kaleidoscopic showcase of lights. Similar to this natural phenomenon that leaves many wonderstruck is the Southern Lights.

This stunning display can be viewed from New Zealand at Lake Tekapo’s Church of the Good Shepherd. Since its surroundings are dark with minimal light pollution, you’ll be able to gaze at the star-studded sky in its entirety.

9D8N Gems of South Island Adventure Road Trip
Travel Dates: 1st April to 30th September 2019
Price: From $2,470 per person
Includes: Car Rental, Hotel Stay, Jetboat Ride, Skyline Gondola Ride, Penguin Tour & Day to Day Drive Itinerary

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3. Enjoyable New Zealand Touring – Mount Cook, farmers market, and glowworm caves

Explore New Zealand’s tallest mountain

Jetabout holidays - mount cookImage credit: @alice.adventuring

Standing over 3,700 metres, Aoraki/Mount Cook is New Zealand’s highest mountain. These steep peaks are fit for all things outdoorsy, from scaling mountain climbs to lakeside camping – you’ll get to play-pretend being Dora the Explorer for a day. If you’re tired, there are also 17 huts scattered around for a brief respite.

Cop fresh produce at the farmers market

Jetabout holidays - christchurch farmers marketChristchurch farmers market houses more than 80 stores
Image credit:

Christchurch City boasts a bustling Akaroa Farmers Market where you can get pastries fresh out of the oven as well as buy freshly-caught fish. For those who want to sweat it out while exploring the city, the flat grounds also make it easy to get around by bike.

Go for a boat ride through a glowworm cave

Jetabout holidays - Glowworm cave tourImage credit: @goexplorenz

On the Glowworm Caves Tour, you’ll set off on a boat ride through a cave illuminated by glowworms – they all radiate luminescent light. The glow-in-the-dark setting looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.

12D10N Enjoyable New Zealand Coach Touring
Travel Dates: 1st April to 30th September 2019
Price: From $2,810 per person
Includes: Hotel Stay, Transfers, Sightseeing as per itinerary & 8 Day Tours

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4. Southern Delights Drive – scenic fjord, glacier hot pools, and wildlife parks

Admire the picture-perfect Milford Sound

Jetabout holidays - milford sound tourImage credit: @master_of_nature_

The Milford Sound Tour is all about mountain ranges and clean blue waters – everything you need for a nature retreat. You’ll be embarking on a cruise through crystal-clear waters that are surrounded by towering cliffs.

Relax in glacier hot pools

Jetabout holidays - glacier hot poolsImage credit: @lucyparrispiper

Located in the midst of the Franz Josef rainforest, the glacier hot pools are a great place to relax. You’ll be soaking in water that’s a comforting 36-40°C and surrounded by luscious greenery.

Meet wildlife at Rainbow Springs

Jetabout holidays - rainbow springsLook out for native birds like the Kiwi, New Zealand’s national animal – they’ve got plenty of fish and reptiles too!
Image credit: @rainbowspringsnz

While Rainbow Springs is a wildlife sanctuary, it’s also a child-friendly place that makes for a fun family day out. There’s plenty for kids to do, from guided wildlife tours to a 9-minute boat ride through the waters – you’ll be spotting all types of fish. Play areas are scattered around the park too, with spinning capsules, rope tunnels, and interactive water pump systems.

10D9N Southern Delights Drive
Travel Dates: 1st April to 30th September 2019
Price: From $2,840 per person
Includes: Car Rental, Hotel Stay, Tranz Alpine Train, Glacier Hot Pools Franz Josef, Glacier Valley Walk, Mt Nicholas Farm Experience, Milford Sound Tour, Otago Peninsula Tour and Day to Day Drive Itinerary

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Explore New Zealand with Jetabout Holidays’ tour packages

Jetabout holidays - New Zealand packagesLake Wanaka
Image credit: Jensen Chua Photography

New Zealand is a melting pot of different cultures and when paired with stunning natural scenery, there’s an endless list of holiday activities. But no one likes the holiday planning stage – all those tedious hours wasted on researching and budgeting.

That’s why we turn to Jetabout Holidays for their reliable New Zealand tour packages. These come with fully-planned itineraries, booked accommodation, and even self-drive guides if you’re hitting the road. From a speedy jet boat ride to the breathtaking Southern Lights, these unique experiences make visiting New Zealand worth it. 

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