Singapore International Festival of Arts 2019


SIFA 2019Images adapted from: Pascal van de Vendel, SIFA 

There’s no denying that there’s a little art junkie and museum lover in all of us, and there really is nothing better than visiting art festivals to quell these creative cravings. 

From 16th May-2nd June 2019, the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) is making a comeback with more innovative activities that will leave you in awe. From flexing your dance skills in free dance booths to participating in VR mysteries, you can look forward to a wide variety of unique artistic showcases at the event.   


1. Solve a mystery case through VR


Frogman - VR underwater mystery caseBe virtually transported underwater while on a mission to solve the mystery of the missing girl
Image credit: SIFA

Instead of venturing into a digital world for a thrilling game, Frogman takes advantage of VR technology to make you feel like you are part of a captivating plot circling the mystery of a missing girl. 

You’ll join a room full of fellow participants and work together in this interactive mission. If you’re a CSI fanatic, this is your chance to put your inner detective to the test and crack the case. 

Date: 21st – 26 May 2019
Time: Tue-Fri: 8PM-9PM | Sat: 2PM-3PM, 8PM-9PM | Sun: 1PM-2PM
Venue: SOTA Studio Theatre
Price: $40*

*Limited concessions available for students, NSFs and seniors
Limited student front row tickets at $10


2. Play choreographed dance games for free


SIFA 2019 - We Can danceWatch a video of yourself dancing on National Library’s facade
Image credit: SIFA

We all know that feeling of getting the urge to dance when our favourite jam comes on. Whether it is the jazz fingers, flossing or whip and nae nae, the We Can Dance installation welcomes you to showcase your best moves a la Just Dance video game style. 

And don’t worry if you don’t have hips like Shakira’s, the interactive recording booth streams previous dance recordings to bring you up to speed with the choreography. 

Once you’re done with putting your own little spin on the dance, forget about being paiseh and film it at the recording booth. This will allow you to see it screened on the walls of The Plaza at the National Library Building.

Date: 10th May-2nd June 2019
Venue: 100 Victoria Street, National Library Board (Level 1 – The Plaza), Singapore 188064
Price: Free


3. Travel back in time with a spy


SIFA 2019 - The Mysterious Lai TeckDecide between fact and fiction in this cryptic performance this animated puppetry show. 
Image credit: SIFA

Those who appreciate Shane Dawson’s hour long videos on conspiracy theories and religiously watch Buzzfeed Unsolved will love The Mysterious Lai Teck. Put together by a Singaporean filmmaker and visual artist, Ho Tzu Nyen fuses different staging arrangements with animated puppetry to reflect his creative vision.

You’ll be brought through the life of Lai Teck – the leader of the Malayan Communist Party from 1939-1949, who also had a facade of being an agent for the French, British and Japanese secret police. Triple agent? Sounds like Asia’s version of Mission Impossible to me.  

Date: 17th -19th May 2019
Time: Fri-Sat: 8PM-9PM | Sun: 5PM-6PM, 8PM-9PM
Venue: SOTA Drama Theatre
Price: $40*

*Limited concessions available for students, NSFs and seniors. 
Limited student front row tickets at $10


4. Learn Greek history through an Asian performance


SIFA 2019 - DionysusImage credit: Dian P. Susilaradeya / Puranti Indonesia (2018)

Dionysus is a melting pot of cultures. The colourful performance is based on the infamous Greek tragedy, The Bacchae, an ancient story about the punishment King Pentheus faced from his cousin, the god Dionysus. Not only is it directed by a Japanese, but the play also features Indonesian and Chinese actors in costumes that show off an Asian take on the age-old tale.

The chalk-white faces of the characters might look scary at first, but once you’ve overcome your fear, you’ll realise that they are key to making the heart-racing plot pack a greater punch. 

Date: 17th-18th May 2019
Time: Fri: 8PM-9.15PM | Sat: 3PM-4.15PM, 8PM-9.15PM
Venue: Victoria Theatre
Price: $40*, $60

*Limited concessions available for students, NSFs and seniors
Limited student front row tickets at $10


5. Enjoy a family-friendly puppet performance


SIFA 2019 - Peter and the wolfImage credit: Andi Crown 

You might think that Peter and the Wolf is just another rendition of the age-old tale “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, but you’re wrong. This theatre performance instead tells about Peter’s heroic journey to capture a wolf that escaped from the local zoo. 

SIFA 2019 - Peter and the wolfImage credit: Andi Crown

The show will feature character puppets, on-screen animation as well as accompanying music performed live by a six-piece band. With so many entertaining elements to amp up the storyline, it’ll be something that both the little ones and parents can enjoy. 

Date: 18th – 20th May 2019
Time: 10AM-10.45AM, 3PM-3.45PM
Venue: KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT
Price: $30, $40*

*Family package of 4 available at $120


6. Join a techno dance party


SIFA 2019 - CrowdImage credit: Barbara Braun/ MuTphoto

Most of us would be familiar with iconic theatre pieces like Wicked and The Lion King, but Crowd offers a lesser-explored take on theatre by weaving in topics like emotions and intimacy into an unconventional dance with techno music.

Every aspect from the movement of the dancers to the stage effects challenges the audience to read between the lines to dig out ideas laid forth in the performance – perfect for those who appreciate thought-provoking works of art. 

Date: 1st – 2nd June 2019
Time: 8PM-9.30PMZ
Venue: Victoria Theatre
Price: $40*, $60

*Limited concessions available for students, NSFs and seniors
Limited student tickets at $10


Discover creative art at SIFA 2019


SIFA 2019Image credit: @sifa_sg

Sometimes all we need is some inspiration to recharge our minds, and a visit to SIFA 2019 will definitely do that through the discovery of different forms of art. There are even more programmes to not miss out on either, like the visually arresting ST/LL that plays on light, shadow and shapes, and a free concert in a picnic setting to cap off the celebrations. 

Whether you’re an art fan or not, you’ll surely appreciate the various programmes at the festival, happening from 16th May to 2nd June 2019. Besides it being an ideal way to spend some time bonding with your friends and family, who knows – it might even give you a new personal perspective on life altogether.

Find out more about SIFA 2019 here

Singapore International Festival of Arts 2019
Date: 16th May – 2nd June 2019
Time: 10AM-10PM
Location: Various venues, including the Festival House (1 Old Parliament Lane, The Arts House, Singapore 179429)
Price: Free*

*Selected activities are chargeable. 

This post was brought to you by Singapore International Festival of Arts.