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The New Funan Features Robots That Carry Your Shopping Bags And Carpark Reservations

Smart features at the new Funan


We all remember the ol’ Funan Digitalife Mall as the go-to hub for gadgets, games and, for some, maid cafes. But come 2019, you’ll also think of the new Funan as a crystal ball into the future of shopping malls.

Besides amazing facilities like an indoor cycling track and laser-projected basketball courts, the new Funan will be equipped with an array of smart-tech features like facial-recognition gantries, and robots that’ll have you believing you’ve entered the Jetsons-era. We picked out 5 futuristic features of Funan you’ll see once it opens its doors in 2019.


1. Smart car-parking lets you reserve a lot in advance


Funan smart car-parking system

Fellow drivers will be more than familiar with the sian feeling of circling around multiple levels of parking lots just to find that coveted empty slot. Besides being a gas guzzler, it also wastes a lot of time, which can be stressful if you need to be in the mall pronto.

With Funan’s smart car-parking system, you can use your phone to reserve a parking lot before leaving your house and once you’re here, the system will guide you its exact location – saving you tons of time! You can even pay for your parking fees with loyalty points.


2. Facial recognition lets you pass gantries without a card


Funan - facial recognition technology

Besides the usual shopping tenants, Funan will also house 2 offices with facial recognition technology into their gantries. So no more fumbling around, finding your access card cause you can now enter simply by glancing in the general direction of the camera – even while walking!


3. There’s a 24/7 drive-through service


Funan - 24/7 drive-through service

For a more convenient way to pick up your shopping, Funan will also have a 24/7 drive-through service where you can collect your purchases from the comfort of your car as you exit the mall – making it useful for those with busy schedules.

Boyfriends all around Singapore can also rejoice cause of the Click & Collect lounge. The lounge is equipped with lockers, fitting rooms and benches so you can rest while waiting for your significant other to try out their products.


4. Enjoy hands-free shopping with a robot that picks up your shopping bags


Funan in-mall robot for hands-free shopping

Shopping? Yay. Sales? Yay. Lugging around loads of shopping bags as you hop from one store to another? Boo.

Thankfully, you can now get Funan’s in-mall robot to pick up your bags from the stores and deposit them into a locker at the Click & Collect lounge – thus, freeing up both hands to pick out more items to purchase.


5. Access amazing facilities with just an app


CapitaStar App - Funan

The mall will be home to a bevy of cool facilities such as:

  • Open studios in the Tree of Life experiential section where you can sign up for craft workshops with friends
  • A theatre by W!ld Rice where you can catch performances
  • Co-working spaces

To get in on this, book using the CapitaStar app and you’ll be able to access them anytime with just your phone!


Smart shopping at Funan


Funan shopping mall

Image credit: CapitaLand

The past is history and the future’s a mystery. Once 2019 hits, however, you can glimpse into tomorrow-land at the new Funan mall. From a car-parking system that lets you reserve a lot to robots that carry your shopping for you, the smart-features here will bring your shopping game to whole new levels.

Find out more about the new Funan here!

This post was brought to you by Funan.