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9 Perks Neo Garden Give Their Customers To Become The #1 Caterer In Singapore

Deals and freebies from Neo Garden


They say “good food is good mood”, and I couldn’t agree more. That’s why if you want everyone at your 21st birthday bash or office gathering to be happy, finding a caterer that whips up the most belly-pleasing food is of utmost importance. 

Easier said than done, though. 

That’s why when we heard of Neo Garden’s extra perks, we knew they deserved a mention. Beyond their delicious food and signature curry chicken, they do some special things that get them regularly on “best Singapore caterers” lists. This is how they’ve become #1:

1. You get 20% discounts 5 out of 7 days of the week


Image credit: Teachlovecraft

Being typical cheapo thrifty Singaporeans, our ears perk up when we hear the word “discounts”. And we kid you not – Neo Garden’s being extra generous with its promotions this 25th anniversary. Get up to 20% off buffet orders placed from Sunday to Thursday! 

Just be sure to make your orders at least 5 days in advance. Full terms and conditions here!

2. Discounted birthday parties till your child turns 6


Image credit: Neo Garden

Parents, there are a slew of parties following your little one’s birth – first month, birthdays, and everything in between. But, it doesn’t mean you have to blow a bomb on party food.

Celebrate juniors’ full-month birthday with Neo Garden, and you’ll enjoy a discount on subsequent birthday bashes till they turn 6! Special baby celebration packages that include the staple red eggs and ang ku kueh are also available from August 2017. 


Neo Kong Bak reppin’ #TeamKongBak. Image credit: Neo Garden 

P.S. Keep the kids entertained all afternoon-long by renting one of Neo Garden’s lovable mascots ($120/mascot/hour)! Each of the 3 mascots represent one of their signature dishes, so take your pick from kong bak, curry chicken, and ebi characters. 

3. Have your prawns deshelled and chicken skin removed for you

Image credit: wikiHow

Calling everyone who has been exploited by lazy friends to deshell their prawns for them. At your next buffet, top up a small fee for Neo Garden’s guys to do the hard work for you.

From deshelling prawns, deboning meat, and removing chicken skin, they’ll do it all with skill. You’ll just need to worry about stuffing yourself with food before it runs out!

4. You can trust them with last minute buffets with 3 hours notice


Thankfully, it’ll really only take a minute if you order with Neo Garden. Image credit: Quickmeme 

So you’ve been procrastinating on planning that year-end company dinner. The night before, you realise disaster’s impending ‘cause the food hasn’t been booked.

Well, lucky for all you last-minute planners, Neo Garden’s here to save your souls. Give them an SOS buffet call 3 hours before your gathering – they’ve got you covered, even if you’re working in a huge 500-strong company.

5. Earn extra cash by being a part-time driver during festive occasions*


Unfortunately for us, money doesn’t drop from the sky. If these low-commitment ways to earn extra moolah aren’t enough to support your ever-growing shopping list, why not be a part-time Neo Garden buffet driver during peak periods?

All you’ll need is a car to turn from belly-happy customer to a part-time buffet deliveryman!   

*Please note that this is currently available for Chinese New Year.

6. Buffet spreads customised for small groups of 10 pax and more


Image credit: Brenwho 

Small gatherings don’t mean yet another pizza/fried chicken dinner. Neo Garden’s made a catered buffet possible for y’all – check out their mini buffet sets for 10 or more people! 

Go tea party-style with finger food such as handmade chocolate eclairs and creative sotong youtiaos. Or opt for a Thai or Japanese-style spread instead to crank up the overseas vibes.

Note: Neo Garden also provides food warmer bags, scoops, containers and utensils as part of this service – so that means no washing up after tucking into piping hot food! 

7. Score freebies when you order from Neo Garden

Image credit: @sushiartisan

We know umisushi as that eatery serving up grab-and-go sushis to quell our hunger pangs. Guess what – they’re part of the Neo Group too, and that means more discounts!  

As part of Neo Garden’s 25th anniversary celebrations, on the 9th, 16th and 23rd of August, visit selected umisushi outlets*, flash this image and say “Happy Birthday Neo Garden!” and you’ll get a FREE handroll.

*Only available at: umisushi at Ang Mo Kio Hub, Waterway Point, Tampines MRT, Holland Village (Limited to 100 pieces each day, per outlet)

8. Interview with them and enjoy subsidies and vouchers – regardless of whether you get the job

Yes, you heard that right. This is one interview you’ll definitely arrive in style for – claim up to $20 in taxi fare so you don’t have to brave Singapore’s temperamental public transport. Another plus: a $10 umisushi voucher so you can stuff your face with yet more handrolls.

The best part is that there’s no obligation to join the company whatsoever – although that’s starting to look like a pretty alluring prospect. 

9. Get complimentary lifetime membership for even more discounts

If you’re the “standard” caterer booker for all your clique gatherings, you’ll want to sign up for a Neo Garden lifetime membership. You’ll get to enjoy special offers from all the Neo Group caterers (Neo Garden, Orange Clove, Deli Hub, Best Catering) and retail outlets such as umisushi and issho. 

And if Lady Luck’s shining on you, you might just be one of the 25 winners of a free curry bomb. Sign up for membership now

P.S.A: Membership is FREE from now till 31 August 2017, to celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday! 


The newly-launched Curry Bomb: Neo Garden’s signature curry chicken encased within a soft, pillowy bun. Image credit: @neogardencatering

Cater to your tastebuds with Neo Garden!


Catered food can sometimes be a letdown; tasting more like microwaved instant meals and subpar NS food than anything remotely edible. 

Thankfully for our palates, Neo Garden doesn’t fall into that category. 80% of their dishes are handmade, and have passed intense QCs to win over the tastebuds of customers! 


This includes their highly raved-about eclairs! Image credit: @viczww 

And they have a proven track history too. 25 years ago, Neo Garden was just a humble shared kitchen space in Joo Chiat. It has since grown to new heights, and is now popular among customers for its high-quality food and signature curry chicken. 

So if you’ve been living under a rock never tried it, it’s high time to change that. Ditch your standard office caterer for these guys. We’ll let the food do the talking – all we promise is that you won’t be disappointed. 

Cater your next buffet with Neo Garden Catering!


Telephone: 68967757

Opening Hours:  9am – 7pm, Mon to Sun

This post was brought to you by Neo Garden Catering. 

Stella Soon

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