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10 Most “Haps” Clubs In Singapore For Every Type Of Clubber In 2017

Best clubs in Singapore sorted out and rated

Singapore’s party scene is booming and we’re getting new clubs popping up every year – but each club offers a different experience for party goers. If you aren’t looking to pay $30 cover charges just to “check a place out”, this list is for you – with info about 10 of the best clubs in Singapore and the best that each has to offer.

1. Fleek

Image credit: Fleek

Relatively new to the club enclave in Clarke Quay, Fleek opened as a “hip hop shrine” for fans of sick rap. Though It’s a pretty small club, it’s been attracting crowds of people for its reasonably priced drinks and attentive service.

Psst…there are $10 jagerbombs all night during #OnFleek Fridays!

Image credit: Fleek

Size: XS | Music: Hip-Hop
Good for: Small groups of 4-5
Rating: 3 disco balls out of 5 – the space is really, really small

Address: 3C River Valley Road, #01-10, Singapore 179024
Opening Hours: Wed-Sat, 10PM-4AM
Telephone: 8808 0854

2. Refuge

Image credit: Refuge

Hidden within the quaint grounds of CHIJMES is Refuge, a club filled with graffiti walls and underground street vibes. It’s the only club that offers Emo Night in Singapore – a nostalgic tribute to fans of plaid skirts, fishnet stockings, and jet black eyeliner a la Avril Lavigne which was all the rage in the early 2000s.

Image credit: Refuge

Size: S | Music: R&B, Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock
Good for: Fans of alternative music (Emo Night is on the 1st Thursday of every month)
Rating: 3 disco balls out of 5 – mixed reviews about the management

Address: 30 Victoria St, Singapore 187996
Opening Hours: Wed-Sat, 10PM-4AM
Telephone: 9932 4578

3. Canvas

Image credit: Canvas

Canvas is an art gallery by day, lounge by evening, and club by night. This is the place you’re looking for if you want a chill, drama-free clubbing night with a group of friends. No sweaty dancers, no crazy crowds packed like sardines. Just good vibes, with great ventilation.

Image credit: Canvas

Size: S | Music: Tech House, Deep House
Good for: Big group hangouts; you won’t ever have to worry about losing a friend in the sea of people
Rating: 4 disco balls out of 5 – not for clubbers who want raving nights out

Address: 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-01 The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
Opening Hours: Tue, 5PM-1AM | Wed-Fri, 5PM-3AM | Sat, 6PM-4AM
Telephone: 6538 2928

4. Cherry Discotheque

Image credit: Cherry Discotheque

We love Cherry Discotheque’s game when it comes to its aesthetics. Be it the retro arcade machines or neon wall decor, it’s irresistibly attractive to young hipsters these days. Feeling a little rebellious? Cherry will feel like home to that attitude. Whip out momma’s best party clothes to blend in with its old-school vibes!

Image credit: Female

Size: S | Music: Hip-Hop
Good for: Photo spots, Ladies’ night out (it’s free for ladies all week!)
Rating: 4.5 disco balls out of 5 – it can get a little warm inside because of the lack of ventilation

Address: 21 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228516
Opening Hours: Wed, Fri-Sat, 10PM-3AM
Telephone: 9760 3031

5. Bang Bang

Image credit: Bang Bang

Bang Bang’s for the big spenders, but rightfully so. Parties here are wild and happenin’, with occasional themed parties adding even more vibrancy. Dress to the nines because you’ll want to blend into the very well-dressed crowd and get everybody watching you on the raised dance platforms.

Image credit: Bang Bang

Size: M | Music: EDM, Hip-Hop
Good for: Themed parties, All-night partying (club closes at 6am), Well-dressed crowd
Rating: 4.5 disco balls out of 5 – big dance floor, crazy good dancers

Address: 7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039595
Opening Hours: Wed, Fri-Sat, 10PM-6AM
Telephone: 8127 2808

6. Altimate

Image credit: 1 Altitude

Altimate’s a club where you can expect to get high, literally. Perched on the 61st story of One Raffles Place, the club offers a killer night view of Singapore from Marina Bay Sands to Clarke Quay. I’d recommend splurging on its tables; they’re well cordoned off to ensure no random drunkard will crash your exclusive party.

Image credit: 1 Altitude

*Bonus: Go up all the way to the roof for 1 Altitude bar for an open-air view.

Size: M | Music: EDM
Good for: Clubbing with a view – amazing view from one of Singapore’s highest skyscrapers
Rating: 4 disco balls out of 5 – getting in and out of the club takes time because of lift constraints

Address: Level 61, 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Opening Hours: Fri-Sat, 10PM-4AM
Telephone: 6438 0410

7. f.Club

Image credit: f.Club

Plush velvet seats, scarlet red walls and a bar lit by a chandelier; f.Club’s Ruby Room is for glitzy young ladies and well groomed men. After all, it’s Singapore’s only fashion-themed club. When you get tired of chart toppers in this room, hop over to its Diamond Hall for more booming bass drops and house music.

Image credit: f.Club

Size: L | Music: EDM, Chart Toppers, Progressive House Music
Good for: Clubbing first-timers
Rating: 4 disco balls out of 5 – music can feel repetitive for regular customers

Address: 3B River Valley Road, #01-08, Singapore 179021
Opening Hours: Wed, 9PM-4AM | Thurs-Sat, 10PM-4AM
Telephone: 6338 3158

8. Attica

Image credit: Attica

Attica has 2 storeys for dancing and 1 storey for an al-fresco bar, so climb your way up this building as your night raves on. Ladies, you’ll get the best outta this club – besides free drinks, you can even get complimentary gel manicures and free doll-up sessions with their in-house makeup artists and hairstylists.*

*only on Ladies’ Night on Wednesdays

Click here for our article on other girls-only perks at bars and clubs in Singapore!

Image credit: Attica

Size: L | Music: R&B, Hip-Hop, EDM
Good for: Unique clubbing experience spanning over 3 storeys
Rating: 4 disco balls out of 5

Address: 3A River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay, #01-03, Singapore 179020
Opening Hours: Wed-Thurs, 10.30PM-3AM | Fri-Sat, 10.30PM-4AM
Telephone: 6333 9973

9. Baliza

Image credit: Baliza

From the management behind Attica is Baliza, an 8000-square feet dancing ground for all-night long partying. The entry for Baliza is cheaper than most clubs, starting at $28 compared with the usual $30+ for clubs at Clarke Quay. Check out the events on their Facebook page and click “going” to get complimentary entry!

Even Selena Gomez partied at Baliza. Image credit: Vanilla Luxury

Size: L | Music: Open Format, Hip-Hop
Good for: All-night partying (the club closes at 6am)
Rating: 3.5 disco balls out of 5 – regulars seem to love the club more than first-timers

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-04,05, Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: Wed-Sat, 10PM-6AM
Telephone: 6883 1155

10. Zouk

Image credit: Zouk

It’d be borderline criminal not to include Zouk in this list. The big OG of local clubs, Zouk is practically on every tour guide book about Singapore and it’s where most local youngsters pop their clubbing cherry at 18 years old. For a finer experience, you can enter Capital on the second floor where the atmosphere is more lounge-like and exquisite.

Here’s how you can get 1-for-1 drinks and free entry at the mega club.

Image credit: Zouk

Size: XL | Music: All kinds from EDM to chart toppers to Hip-Hop
Good for: Big crowds, clubbing first timers
Rating: 4 disco balls out of 5 – queues to go in are insanely long

Address: 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery #01-05, Singapore 179022
Opening Hours: Wed, 9PM-3AM | Thurs, 9PM-2AM | Fri, 9PM-3AM | Sat, 9PM-4AM
Telephone: 6738 2988

Time to go club-hopping

Take advantage of your stamina while you’re still young – these clubs are ready to reel you in for sleepless and unforgettable nights of fun and confetti.

Note: All clubs on this list have a dress code. Leave your shorts and flip-flops for the beach, or you won’t get to step inside.

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