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You Can Now Play An Army-Themed Murder Mystery Online & Find Out Who’s The Most “Sus” Among The Crew

Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens

2020 saw the cancellation of many iconic events like the annual Halloween Horror Nights that many looked forward to, but also brought about novel experiences we’ve never seen before. Murder at Mandai Camp is an out-of-the-norm theatrical play that combines haunted house with escape room. It doesn’t just make you scream, but also makes you think. 

Happening from 22nd December 20202nd January 2020, this immersive online theatrical experience by Sight Lines Entertainment lets you channel your inner Sherlock alongside Benjamin Kheng, who plays the CID officer who reopens the case of a murder of a white horse army recruit.

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Choose your own adventure at the virtual escape room

Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens
Image credit: Sight Lines Entertainment

Like Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, this virtual play gives you the freedom to choose your own adventure, so each participant’s experience with the play will be unique. Not just that, you’ll be playing an integral role of the investigator, with important tasks like collating clues and pieces of evidence with the goal of arresting the right suspect. 

Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens - a scene
It’s like playing Among Us in real life, with an added horror element.
Image credit: Sight Lines Entertainment

Although you’ll be solving the mystery through a screen, the whole experience will be elevated with 360° views and surround sound to make you feel like you’re in the film. 

You’re given 90 minutes to solve the crime, and only one chance to get it right. The play will be available on demand daily from 22nd December 2020 – 2nd January 2021 from 8PM-4AM. Tickets are priced at $20 each, but get your thrill-seeking friends to participate together and you can enjoy a discounted price of $88/group of five ($17.60 each).

Complete the experience with themed cocktails by Ah Sam Drink Stall

Themed cocktails from Ah Sam Drink Store
Image credit: Sight Lines Entertainment

A little booze may help keep your brain juices flowing. For that, Sight Line Entertainment has collaborated with local cocktail bar Ah Sam Drink Stall to complete the immersive experience with bottled cocktails inspired by the play. This includes the Scent of Plumeria with floral notes and Pisang Noir, a dark tropical drink infused with bananas and chocolate.

The drinks are available for preorder on the Ah Sam Drink Stall webstore, priced at $75 per bundle of two or $130 per bundle of four with free islandwide delivery. To get your drinks by 20th – 22nd December, place your orders a week in advance by 15th December 2020

Stand a chance to win the $1000 bounty

For all the more motivation to identify the true culprit, all successful detectives get to participate in the Mystery Draw of $1,000 where you stand to win a $1,000 bounty offered by the deceased soldier’s parents. 

You have to collect all the necessary evidence in order to be counted as successful, and there will be an achievement system to track this – so don’t try to play the guessing game!

Enjoy the thrill at Murder Mystery at Mandai Camp

Benjamin Kheng in Murder at Mandai Camp scene
Image credit: Sight Lines Entertainment

If you’re all about mind-twisting horror movies or love the thrill of sieving out the suspects in Among Us, the Murder Mystery at Mandai Camp might just be right up your alley. It’ll even pit you against all other participants in solving the crime, so competitive spirits will get a challenge.

Date:  22nd December 2020 – 2nd January 2021
Time: 8PM-4AM, Daily
Price: $20/pax | $88/five pax

Get tickets to Murder Mystery at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens

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Cover image adapted from: Sight Lines Entertainment