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Movies Watched This Week!

Two movies opened recently, here are my reviews of them which may come in handy if you’re thinking of watching any of them.

Snow White and the Huntsman


Before watching: A superb trailer which got me anxiously awaiting this movie for months. The premise is excellent, an alternative take of the snow white story. And yes, it features The Mirror, An Evil but Sexy Queen who literally sucks the youth out of women, Poison Apples, Seven Dwarfs and Thor.

After Watching: Dialog throughout the movie was bad and felt forced culminating in Bella doing a battle speech that will leave all hairs on your arm standing awkwardly. It appears in every movie she manages to get the two male leads fighting over her. Story starts out promising but soon goes all over the place. Landscapes were beautiful and enchanting, and so were the special effects. I felt this movie had so much potential but alas was left feeling very disappointed.

Final Verdict: Do not Watch! 4/10

Men in Black III

Before watching: Loved Men in Black 1. Disliked Men in Black 2. Wasn’t interested in this at all. Furthermore I read a review in 8 days saying it was just a mediocre rehash of a tired formula. Then Marcus watched it and said it was great. So off to the cinemas we went! Chloe who wanted to watch it, was also really mad I did not want to watch it until Marcus said it was good lol.

After Watching: Same same but different!

I found the movie enjoyable. Not an original story, a stereotypical villain and a show that will not win any awards ever, but it provided 2 hours of really good cinema pop corn entertainment. I especially liked the touching ending and Josh Brolin is a perfect younger K.

Final Verdict: Recommended! 7/10