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My spiderman review!


So Spiderman came out in Singapore last week! Here is my short blog on it 🙂

Warning: Spoilers below!



  • Emma Stone, Love her in Easy A and all her other movies!
  • Andrew Garfield! Loved him in the social network. At first it was
  • The Lizard (Rhys Ifrans). He is nothing like the comic books, he is now 3x the size and an absolutely terrifying monster.
  • Loved the fresh take of the story as spider man being an immature college kid who kinda bullys flash at the start
  • Loved how he appears so vulnerable at times instead of the invincible heroes *cough* Thor that we are used to seeing.


  • Some part had awkward dialogue, don’t know if it was intentional to capture spiderman being a bumbling teen.
  • Dialogue / Jokes were average and at some times cringe worthy. It was sorely missing the humorous wisecracks / one liners and it needed the Joss Whedon (buffy/avengers) magic treatment! The car knife scene was so akward!
  • Direction felt bad. Director was more used to filming stuff like 500 days and not action movies and it  certainly showed.
  • Script could have been way better.


Favourite Scenes:

  • The swinging around the construction
  • The Gwen kiss scene, that was  super cool
  • The part where the cranes to the tower all lined up to the tower
  • The last swinging around scene from his POV!


Overall Rating: 7/10 

Not great but still an enjoyable watch. I was not anticipating it much because the first trailers I saw were really bad, but they have since improved it and I ended up pleasant surprised after seeing the show.

How did you guys find the movie?