Korean thread lifting for an instant facelift


CNY is coming and all of us want to look our best as we go about house visiting. That gives us enough reason to start booking our facial appointments, and Mirage Aesthetic is one place to drop by if we want to make it a pampering sesh.

You will love Mirage Aesthetic’s No Entry PDO Thread Lift Treatment, which combats gravity’s toll on ageing skin and restores complexion to its youthful glory – all without needles, painful jabs or dodgy chemicals, or even any downtime. Think of it an instant facelift for a brighter, V-shaped face which even younger folks can try too!

Besides, first-time customers can also score an additional free Signature Express BB Glow facial if they book the thread lift treatment before 1st February 2019. Perfect for you and your mum/BFF to get that pre-CNY glo-up! Read till the end to find out more. 


No Entry PDO Thread Lift Treatment


“PDO” refers to polydioxanone, a very cheem name for super fine and absorbable threads similar to those used in medical suturing. Encapsulated PDO threads are massaged all over the face during the treatment, seeping inward and tightening the skin from inside out.


Step 1: Cleansing and exfoliation


The treatment starts with a relaxing double cleansing and exfoliation session. Not only does this strip your face of dirt and impurities, it also opens up tiny “tunnels” in your skin in preparation for the PDO threads to be absorbed. 


Step 2: Application of PDO threads


These threads will be dissolved with an enzyme activator to form a “paste” that’s applied to your face!

As the aesthetician skillfully massages your face, the PDO threads start to flow down the open tunnels in your facial dermis, otherwise known as the outer layer of your skin. These nano-sized threads naturally settle into target areas that require tightening, leading to a lifting effect.


Step 3: Gel mask and hydro booster massage


Here’s the relaxing part where all your stress melts away while waiting for the treatment effect to kick in. A hydro booster is massaged into your face and neck area to deliver a generous dose of moisture to your skin, just so you can achieve that glowing and youthful complexion.

This is applied and left on for a relaxing 20 minutes.

And it even includes a massage to boot!


Step 4 & 5: Lifting gel and high-tension ampoules to maximise penetration


Application of the lifting gel.

The treatment is capped off with a potent lifting gel. Ampoules are also applied to the skin using ultrasonic technology which aids deeper penetration into the inner skin layer, hence tightening the entire skin surface as a whole. 


Benefits of No Entry PDO Thread Lift


Other than instant face lifting effects which slash years off your age, the treatment also tightens pores, hydrates the skin, increases skin elasticity and gives your complexion a natural glow from within. This means you’ll be wasting way less time and money on makeup and facial products just to look radiant!

You can also be assured that the procedure is safe, with absolutely no downtime and no invasive machines used, either. So you can simply pop by and have your face look younger and sharper in just a few hours.

The treatment is available at a special price of $280 before GST, exclusively for first-time customers. Mirage Aesthetic is also throwing in an additional Signature Express BB Glow Facial (U.P. $280) absolutely free for customers trying the No Entry PDO Thread Lift any time before 1st February 2019*.

*Note: redeem this by the end of February.

 Video credit: Mirage Aesthetic Singapore

The BB Glow facial gives your complexion a naturally flawless finish, as if you’re wearing a sheer layer of BB cream but with zero cosmetics involved. Your skin will be instantly brightened, pores will be minimised and it will improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. That means you’ll be stepping out for Chinese New Year festivities this year without requiring a single drop of makeup on your face. New year, new glowing complexion! 

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