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minimalist bathroom tips

8 Tips For A Minimalist Bathroom Look, Plus Avoid Bottle Clutter And Towels Everywhere

Minimalist bathroom design

Few things beat getting ready in the morning in a clean, tidy, and clutter-free bathroom. The minimalist bathroom aesthetic has been making a resurgence recently, but some of you might find it hard to realise that Pinterest-worthy dream.

Whether you’re in the midst of renovating your home or just want a small accessory to spruce up your toilet, here are eight tips for you to maximise the impact of your minimalist bathroom.

1. Use light colours and reflective finishes for a cleaner space

light colours in bathroom
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Unless you’re living in a good class bungalow, chances are your bathroom is a small space, especially if it’s in a new BTO. While you can’t expand it like a Tardis from Doctor Who, you can use light, neutral colours like white and beige to make your toilet feel bigger. You can’t go wrong with these colours associated with minimalism.

Your walls will also benefit from a satin or semi-gloss finish as it’s more moisture-resistant and durable compared to an eggshell or matte finish.

2. Pour soap and shampoo refills into sleek bottles for consistency

refillable bottles
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Think of all the plastic wasted from all the soap and shampoo bottles you’ve bought over the years. And now that you have a well-designed bathroom, you don’t want the designs and colours to clash as well. To make your home look eco-friendly and Pinterest-worthy, it’s time to start using soap and shampoo refills with a bottle for a consistent look across the board.

shiseido professional sublimic
Shampoo refill packs use less plastic compared to bottles

A 450ML shampoo refill pack can cut plastic waste down by 75% when compared to a plastic bottle with the same amount of shampoo. It might not seem like much at first, but every effort into conserving material use for our environment will help the world

3. Have a walk-in shower to not break up the space

walk in shower
Image credit: Steven Ungermann

A bathtub can be very inviting, but you’d want a walk-in shower instead to embrace the minimalist’s aesthetic. Not only does it make your bathroom look bigger and cohesive, showers also kill two birds with one stone as it uses a lot less water, saving your bills and the environment at the same time.

We also recommend against using a shower curtain as it has no place in a minimal space. Go with glass panels as a divider if you’re worried about water getting everywhere.

4. Include low-maintenance plants for a pop of life

plants in bathroom
Image credit: 99.films

You can easily counter the stark minimalism of bathrooms and spruce up your toilet with low-maintenance plants for a pop of colour and life. If you want more out of your greens, you can get these indoor plants like the Xerophyte that will naturally absorb the humidity of your bathroom’s air.

5. Install wall-mounted shelves sparingly

wall-mounted shelves
Image credit: Nando García

Shelves are an easy way to help you keep organised, especially in smaller bathrooms. Rather than putting decor like your plant and candle next to your sink, free up that space and place it on a wall-mounted shelf above your toilet bowl instead.

Just a word of caution: You’d want to install them sparingly and in places where it won’t pose a hazard.

6. Choose bathroom fixtures in the same tone

minimalist bathroom taps and fixtures

Accessorising your minimal bathroom with ornate fixtures is a no-no that will throw off your entire aesthetic. Rather, opt for taps that have smooth geometric shapes, a low profile, and are easy to use. All the fixtures should also be of the same tone for a cohesive look. So if you have a black chrome tap by your sink, stick to the same colour for your shower.

You also want to stay away from exposed piping as that leans more towards an industrial style rather than a minimal one.

7. Have storage space beneath your sink to hide clutter

drawers below sink in a minimalist bathroom
Image credit: Sanibell BV

Clutter will inevitably find its way into our bathroom, and that’s something that we can’t help.

Having cabinets or drawers beneath the sink will let you hide away any mess to be dealt with later. Anything from toilet paper rolls to spare toothbrushes and soap refills can all be thrown in. Bonus points if you have chic acrylic trays to keep your storage organised.

8. Get a ladder towel rack to hang your linens neatly

ladder in a minimalist bathroom
Image credit: Sanibell BV

One affordable way to recreate the minimalist vibe that atas hotels and resorts use is by resting a ladder on the wall. Not only does it add more dimension, it’s also a handy place to neatly hang your towels and other linens.

Design tips for a minimalist bathroom

You don’t have to drop a few thousand dollars on another reno project just to achieve a minimalist look in your bathroom. A little accessorising and keeping your fixtures simple and sleek can go a long way to making the most important room of your home a pleasure to step into.

Refill your shampoo bottles with Shiseido Professional SUBLIMIC

shiseido professional sublimic
Image credit: Shiseido Professional

If you want your hair to stay luscious while being eco-friendly, Shiseido Professional’s SUBLIMIC line of shampoos is one to keep on your radar. While you might be familiar with the bottled collection, you can now get the Luminoforce, Aqua Intensive, Fuente Forte, Airy Flow, and Adenovital shampoo and treatments in a refillable pack.

For the uninitiated, Shiseido Professional’s Luminoforce is good for those with coloured hair; the Aqua Intensive is for those with dry and damaged hair; Fuente Forte is for better scalp care; Airy Flow is for unruly hair; and Adenovital is for those concerned about hair loss and thinning.

shiseido professional sublimic
You can easily transfer the Luminoforce shampoo and treatment into a refillable bottle of your choice
Image credit: Shiseido Professional

Each of the SUBLIMIC refill packs come in at 450ML for their home care shampoo and treatment products. This initiative to reduce the plastic used by 75% is an effort from Shiseido Professional to protect our oceans from the excessive plastic pollution from the waste.

This is a part of Shiseido Professional’s Wave of Change campaign to protect our oceans by reducing the plastic waste that pollutes the waters.

Find out more about Shiseido Professional SUBLIMIC here


Note: Shiseido Professional SUBLIMIC is only available at select SUBLIMIC partner salons in Singapore.

This post was brought to you by Shiseido Professional.
Photography by Pepita Wauran.
Cover image adapted from (L-R): R Architecture, Kyndle