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Timezone Expands Flagship At VivoCity & Opens Parkway Parade Branch With Over 80 Games & Social Bowling

Timezone at Parkway Parade and VivoCity

When news hit of Timezone closing in Parkway Parade in 2020, it felt like a part of our childhood was about to disappear. Speeding on 32-bit racing tracks and racking up high scores on DDR are just some of the fond memories we have. But we don’t have to be too melancholic about it just yet.

Timezone has returned to Parkway Parade with an even bigger space than before. And, for those nearer the south of Singapore, they’ve also expanded their flagship outlet at VivoCity to include a second location called Timezone Flagship Plus+. Here’s what you can find at these two locations:

Redeem prizes with nostalgic paper tickets

There’s nothing quite like hitting a jackpot and watching the whole machine light up to announce your grand prize. It’s even more satisfying to watch your prize redemption tickets fluttering out of the machine.

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While other Timezone venues have switched to e-tickets, the Timezone Flagship Plus+ store at VivoCity is bringing back the nostalgia with paper tickets.

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The paper tickets would make a cute keepsake from a fun day out, but you’d get more out of them if you exchanged them for prizes. You’ll be able to redeem all sorts of trinkets and toys with your tickets at the Prize Shop.

If you’re a master at delayed gratification, however, aim to rack up a fat stack of tickets over multiple visits to redeem big ticket prizes. There are Nintendo Switches, Airpods, and even massage chairs up for grabs.

Go old school with upgraded arcade classics like thematic claw machines

Paper tickets are not the only nostalgia to be found at the second Timezone venue at VivoCity. Flagship Plus+ features all your favourite arcade classics that’ve been upgraded to be more engaging.

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These include racing games like MT6 and Asphalt 9 that feature souped up sports cars for you to challenge other speed demons on race tracks filled with exhilarating bends and twists.

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No arcade experience would be complete without music and dance games as well. While watching seasoned players beat out fantastic drum solos in Taiko can be mesmerising, it’ll be even more gratifying getting a string of ‘PERFECT’s on your own.

timezone singapore (5)

Put your rhythm to the test and follow the beat in MaiMai and Chunithm too. Or if you’re game, take up the challenge of dancing with Pump It Up. Even with two left feet, it should be simple enough to move as the arrows point – you just need accuracy.

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If you’d rather prove your accuracy skills in other means, there’s no greater test than with claw machines. Prizes here include genuine Disney, Winnie the Pooh and other Japanese plush toys up for literal grabs.

Hit a strike with social bowling and play more than 80+ games

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Big space means big fun over at Timezone Parkway Parade. With an area of more than 10,000sqft, there’s room for more than 80 games, including some exclusive ones only found at this venue.

Color Match is one such game you’ll only find here. The premise is simple enough – hit a button to match the same colours on a wheel to win a prize. If you had no trouble naming colours in art class, this game will be a cinch for you to win.

timezone singapore (8)

There are other games too to stoke your competitive side. No longer do these arcade machines require smashing just a button to win. Interactive games like Demolition King require your aim and agility to smash a wrecking ball into a screen to knock down buildings.

timezone singapore (9)

Don’t worry about little ones not being able to join in the fun. There are plenty of attractions within Timezone for kids. Younglings can immerse themselves into new worlds with VR games like Virtual Rabbids. They’ll be able to strap on goggles for a 360˚ animated experience, and join silly rabbits on their bumpy adventures.

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The whole family will also be able to play a round of bowling with the social bowling lanes right within the arcade. Even with standard bowling balls, kids will have no trouble bowling their first strike with the help of Kevin the Dragon. All little ones have to do is roll bowling balls right down his back onto the lane.

Play old school arcade games at Timezone

It’s time we headed back to arcades like Timezone for wholesome family fun. It’ll be even more rewarding when you have extra game credits with their Double Deal promotions.

Starting with Superboost, the mainstay promo gets you twice the amount of game credits when you top up $50 or $100 into your Timezone card. And, the deals get better the more you spend.

Spend $100 for the Ultraboost, which would get you $200 in game credits and 500 e-tickets to be redeemed. Or go large and top up with the Hyperboost deal ($200) to get $400 in game credits and 1,200 e-tickets for prize redemptions.

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With its new games and fun prizes to be won, Timezone will soon be your next must go hang out spot. Grab the gang or the whole family to head down this weekend.

Find out more about Timezone here

Timezone Flagship Plus+ Vivocity

Address: Harbourfront Walk #02-205, Vivocity, Singapore 098585
Telephone: 6251 0798
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 11AM-10PM | Sat – Sun, 10AM-10PM

Timezone Flagship Vivocity
Address: Harbourfront Walk #02-43, Vivocity, Singapore 098585
Telephone: 6251 0798
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 11AM-10PM | Sat – Sun, 10AM-10PM

Timezone Parkway Parade
Address: 80 Marine Parade Road #03-27, Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269
Telephone: 6241 1640
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 11AM-10PM | Sat – Sun, 10AM-10PM

This post was brought to you by Timezone Singapore.
Photography by Milim Tay.