Mijyi – $2 snacks and quirky items galore

It’s difficult to find a shop that can one-up the $2 wonderland of snacks and quirky items that is Daiso. But we found a strong contender – and it comes in the form of a store that sells tidbits and lifestyle products from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, AND Thailand for a single dollar and up.

Meet Mijyi. Just like Daiso, most items here go for $2. But the true auntie money-saving Singaporean will delight in knowing that some things can be yours with just a single $1 coin! So with high expectations price and range-wise, we checked out Mijyi’s newest outlet at City Square Mall – and didn’t leave disappointed. Here are some of the store’s best finds:

Update: Mijyi at City Square Mall has since closed down. Visit their other outlet at Kallang Wave Mall.


2 fridges full of Taiwanese packet drinks!

Tompang-ing friends to buy snacks from their overseas travels will soon be a thing of the past. Mijyi’s arsenal of products from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and the likes mean only an MRT ride and a single purple note stand between you and the snacks you’ve been craving!


Hailing from Taiwan, these 500ml Calpis yoghurt drinks are my Yakult-in-a-bottle dreams come true. The original flavour packs the much-loved sweet/tangy Yakult combination, while the grape flavour tastes oddly reminiscent of a liquefied grape Hi-Chew.

If drinks aren’t your thing, sink your teeth into a layer of chocolate/strawberry filling encased between two fish-shaped pancakes. Japanese taiyaki goodness at its best!

Hi-Chew’s exclusive 15th-anniversary honey champagne flavour – the budget alternative to shelling out cash on actual alcohol

Those who belong in the savoury snacks camp won’t be disappointed either. Look out for these spicy shrimp, pad cha seafood, and tom yum flavoured Pocky, flown directly from the land of smiles.

And if slaving away in front of the computer or your books just isn’t complete without cup noodles, Mijyi’s got you covered too.

Marrying cheesy goodness and the convenience of instant noodles, these Cheese Bokki cup noodles serve up the best of both worlds. Springy noodles coated with rich, gooey cheese sauce – even my non-cheese loving self is tempted.

Just look at that glorious cheese! Source

Household items

Besides snacks, Mijyi also boasts a wide range of household items to make your life easier. Think space-saving bamboo charcoal shoe stand, all-in-1 toothpaste/toothbrush combo, and squiggly potato cutter.


This Kururin cutter – the secret behind the Insta-worthy tornado potatoes you’ve seen on the streets of Korea

Your friend who’s always making a mess during meals will appreciate this ingenious bib/table mat combo – zoom in on the old lady to see how it works!

Onigiri chowing isn’t limited to your Japan Family Mart excursions. Get these onigiri makers cum lunchboxes, and DIY your own onigiris anytime in sunny Singapore

If not coating every square millimetre of your food with sauce gets you #triggered, Mijyi’s got the answer – and it comes in the form of a pocket-sized sauce spray bottle. Spray your favourite sauce all over your food for guaranteed full-out flavour in every bite.

Home & Living

This one’s for the shopaholics whose wardrobes are always bursting at the seams. A nifty way to organise all that clutter and create the illusion of a lean wardrobe is this hanger connector hook.

It ‘stacks’ your clothes on top of one another to free up wardrobe space. And as all shopaholics know, an emptier wardrobe’s the perfect excuse for another Orchard Road shopping spree…

And self-professed and closeted shoeaholics alike will love this space-saving, odour-wicking bamboo charcoal shoe stand!

How to live the tai tai life on a budget 101: buy this $2 aluminium sauna sheet, fill your bathtub with 38°C water, then cover bathtub with said aluminium sheet. Voila, a makeshift sauna for cheap.

And this instant toothbrush is ideal for the budget traveller who’s always on flights without dental amenities. LAG restrictions mean bringing toothpaste on board is a no-no, but this toothbrush comes with dry toothpaste already on its bristles.

Just wet the bristles to activate it, and you’ll be brushing away in no time.


Makeup’s often a hefty investment, but $2 makeup is admittedly quite the steal. Lay your hands on Mijyi’s selection of makeup brushes, falsies, and other items you never knew you needed!

Ladies, if your shaky hands mean transferring makeup from one tiny container to another always end in lots of spillage (and heartache), you’ll want to grab this spuit. Use it like a syringe to suck up your makeup of choice, and deposit it into whatever bottle you want. Shaky hands and small-mouthed bottles ain’t got nothin’ on you!

And this all-in-1 hexagonal nail polish promises to smoothen, polish your nails, and remove unsightly scratches for just $2

Other interesting items

“$2 birthday number balloons” screams to my inner auntie, especially when blowing $20++ on bags of air isn’t exactly the most pocket-friendly thing to do

Skip the overpriced Instagram party supplies stores – you’ll find all your party essentials at just $2 here. Take your pick from photo props, colourful tinsel, and balloons of varying sizes!

Find everything you need at Mijyi

Mijyi - $2 Japanese Superstore In City Square
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Mijyi - $2 Japanese Superstore In City Square

If $2 offerings from the land of the rising sun aren’t enough to satisfy you, Mijyi’s novel lifestyle products and bagfuls of snacks from all over the world just might.

We uncovered these steals at their brand new City Square Mall outlet, but if travelling all the way there doesn’t cut it, don’t fret. Head over to Mijyi’s stores at Leisure Park Kallang and 51@AMK for a shopping spree – minus the pinch.

So bring some cash, fuel up your energy, and get your auntie shopping game on! The store of snacks and items as cheap as $1 calls to you.

Find out more about Mijyi here!

Mijyi – 51@AMK
Address: Big Mac Centre, 51 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #02-01, Singapore 569922
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
Telephone: 6452 0720

Mijyi – City Square Mall
Address: City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, #B2-51/52, Singapore 208539
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Mijyi – Leisure Park Kallang
Address: Leisure Park Kallang, 5 Stadium Walk #01-02 and #02-02, Singapore 397693
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

This post was brought to you by Mijyi.

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