Mario Kart Tour 2022

Most of us are no strangers to the iconic characters of Mario and Luigi, who have been gracing our gaming screens for as long as we can remember. As part of ushering in the new year, the Mario Kart Tour 2022 is now letting players race in courses resembling cityscapes in real life. 

It wraps up in a glamorous finale taking place none other than in our home soil – virtually, of course. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a Mario fan craving that bit of childhood nostalgia, be sure to download the game to take part in this limited-time-only event.

 Zoom across landmarks like Marina Bay 

'Roaring Racer' Merlion
Zooming past Chinatown with Roaring Racer
Image credit: Nintendo Mobile

This signature tour series recreates real-life locations and cityscapes into the video game world, and each city rotates along a 2-week cycle. Be it racing in reverse mode, with ramps, or both, the Singapore Speedway course features cultural hotspots such as Chinatown and the Fullerton skyline.

Drive past Singaporean landmarks like the Esplanade
Image credit: Nintendo Mobile

Other unique features include Luigi decked out in different outfits such as a tourist blouse, and the signature Roaring Racer kart resembling the Merlion; all for that Singapore flavour.

Luigi (tourist)
Luigi donning a Toad printed vacay shirt – that’s MBS in the background.
Image Credit: Nintendo Mobile

Happening from now till 25th January 2022

With slightly more than a week left to go, the local leg of the tour lasts till 1.59AM on 25th January 2022. What’s good is that getting into gear need not take a fancy gaming laptop, but can be done on our phones. 

With multiplayer options too, triple up the fun by getting your friends to download simply the Mario Kart app (iOS | Android) with you. Remember to create a Nintendo account and off you go.

Cover images adapted from: Super Mario Wiki, Nintendo Mobile

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