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Ask any Singaporean what they miss most about weekend trips across the causeway, and a rejuvenating massage would probably be up there in the top three along with good food and cheap shopping. While JB getaways are still on hold, getting massage guns in Singapore could very well alleviate your muscle woes and general soreness.

They’ve been all the rage in the fitness and wellness scene, but here are some things to take note of before you make your first purchase. This includes the low-down on whether it makes a difference to buy cheap models over high-end brands, and potential benefits like preventing exercise injuries and relieving insomnia.

1. It’s a godsend for office workers

Lister Massage Gun Singapore - Office Workers

Office hustlers who are stuck behind a desk all day would be all too familiar with the resulting aches in areas such as the back and legs. Our constant usage of phones and computers also means that we spend a great deal of time slumped over a screen, leading to chronic neck and shoulder soreness even if you’re working from home.

As much as we’d love to have bi-weekly massages at the spa, a massage gun is an affordable and practical way to get relief from aching muscles, right when you need it. The compact nature also means you can stow it in a bag and bring it along for work.

2. You need to invest in a good one

Although there are dirt cheap options on the market, there’s a reason why many athletes – and those with active lifestyles in general – swear by reputable brands. Lower-priced massage guns from unestablished brands may seem like a good deal, but they lose their motor strength within a short time span. This means you’ll start to notice increasingly weaker vibrations over time.

Before long, you’ll be wasting time and effort holding a weak massage gun to your body and not getting the relief you’re seeking. Rather than shell out regularly for cheap replacements each time an old one spoils, it’s better to invest in a solid model from the get-go. 

Plus, trusted brands usually have a warranty of at least one year. If your cheapo model from a random online marketplace spoils, you’re pretty much on your own. Cheap massage guns are also frequently given out as freebies when you purchase a high value item, so they’re not built for daily use, and will break down in a matter of months if used often.

3. Use as a warm-up before exercising

Lister Massage Gun Singapore - Exercise Warm Up

We’re all familiar with the post-exercise soreness if we were lazy and skipped our pre-workout stretch. Massage guns can help to reduce chances of next-day aches by loosening up your tense muscles and increasing blood flow, before you kick things off in your cardio routine or ball game.

You can also use a massage gun during the workout, if and when you feel tightness in particular areas which you might not be able to loosen up with just regular stretches. The rumbling motion helps to suppress the build-up of lactic acid, which in turn helps to prevent muscle fatigue.

4. Always start with the slowest setting

Strong vibrations don’t necessarily equate to higher efficacy. Some models may be so high-powered that if you don’t ease into it, you could inflict injury like damaged tissue and blood vessels.

Especially for cases where you’ve already sustained an injury and are trying to get relief without knowing the proper diagnosis, you could exacerbate your injury with a massage gun model that’s too strong. For instance, intense thumping on a swell could make it even worse.

5. It can help to improve sleep quality

Lister Massage Gun Singapore for Insomnia Sleep Quality

If you find yourself tossing and turning every night because you can’t find the perfectly comfortable position where you can nod off to dreamland, investing in a massage gun might help to alleviate muscle stress and tension accumulated throughout the day. This deep relaxation causes the same effect as how a spa massage always helps you to doze off.

The vibration and percussion effects of a massage gun effectively loosen up pesky muscle knots, which are the culprit behind underlying discomfort no matter how cosy your bed and blankie are. Incorporating a quick massage gun session to your night-time routine could lead to quicker dozing off rates, and a deeper and more restful sleep.

Lister massage guns – quality investments for on-the-go relief

Some things you just can’t afford to scrimp on, and that includes health and wellness tools. You wouldn’t trust dodgy vitamins or a flimsy mask to keep you safe and nourished, so it doesn’t make sense to pick up a cheap massage gun and expect it to deliver actual benefits.

Lister T-Mini Massage Gun - Swarovski Crystals

Lister is a homegrown brand supplying premium fitness and wellness products to not only athletes and regular folk in need of muscle relief, but our very own military as well. If it’s good enough to keep Singapore’s army in tip-top shape, it’s good enough for us!

Their massage guns come in a variety of models to suit specific needs, priced from $135 for a T-Basic Massage Gun. Each model is also backed with five years extended warranty, so you can have ultimate peace of mind.

Take your pick from 10 different models which are catered for all users and lifestyles, from general usage to professional grade, and designs suited for males and females alike. For instance, the T-Lightweight Massage Gun ($165) is perfect for ladies.

A quick comparison between Lister massage guns and a run-of-the-mill budget model would show that if it’s long-lasting quality you’re after, a Lister piece would make a solid investment.

Cheap Massage Guns Comparison
Image credit: Lister

Just browse through any product review on their online catalogue or take a gander at the Lister Facebook page for unbiased ratings and positive experiences, coming from users across all ages and lifestyles.

Lister T-Mini Massage Gun - Swarovski Crystal Limited Edition

For something that not only works well but looks stunning, grab the special edition Lister T-Mini Massage Gun ($265). Sporting a gorgeous blue and pink gradient, it’ll look fab sitting on your bedside table or packed in your bag for quick massage relief when you’re out and about.

Lister also has an exclusive bedazzled version ($850) where the body is studded with over 1,500 pieces of crystals from Swarovski, sure to glam up your pampering sessions. It’s a highly exclusive design with only five pieces available, and would make a great collector’s item.

You can find Lister massage guns available for purchase on online platforms including Shopee, Qoo10 and Lazada.

Find out more about Lister massage guns here

This post was brought to you by Lister.
Photography by Tan Wen Lin.


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