Lipstick hacks for a perfect pout


Perfect lips with Bourjois Paris lipstick

Lipstick is something that can make or break your look. When the rest of your face is bare, that little pop of colour gives others an illusion that you’ve put effort into your appearance. But everyone is so focused on having the most trendy lip colours that the right application methods are often neglected.

To save you from looking like a kid playing with her mom’s makeup, here are some nifty tips for a pretty Insta-ready pucker:


1. Exfoliation is key


Exfoliation of lipsSource

When you’ve got parched lips piled high with dead skin cells, lipstick application is going to be far from smooth. Attempting to cover up the unevenness, many make the mistake of coating their lips over and over, inadvertently participating in the 100 layer makeup challenge. If you haven’t watched any of those vids yet, spoiler: it’s not a good look for anyone.

Create a smooth base for your lipstick to glide onto by exfoliating with a sugar scrub once or twice a week. Try making your own by mixing brown sugar with honey or olive oil!


2. Prevent smudges with a fingertip


Prevent lipstick smudges

I can’t count the number of cringe-worthy moments where I flashed what I thought was a megawatt smile, only to be told that I had lipstick on my teeth. Yikes! Save yourself the embarrassment by putting the tip of your finger in your mouth and drawing it out – the excess lip product will be deposited onto your finger instead of your pearly whites. It’s a one-time trick that’s more effective than repeatedly blotting with a tissue, confirm plus chop.

Just remember to clean your finger afterwards! You don’t want bright pink streaks staining your stuff.


3. X method for cupid’s bow


Draw an X on your cupid's bow to define it

The cupid’s bow – that’s the “M” shaped edge of your upper lip – can prove to be rather tricky terrain. Draw an “X” there to define your lip shape for easier application. The upper tips of the “X” should coincide with the upper tips of the “M”, while the intersecting point of the “X” should lie on the “valley” of the “M”.

If you still don’t trust yourself, outline the rest of your lip as well before filling the middle in – it’s like painting freehand versus drawing an outline before painting. Doesn’t matter which you choose so long as the end result is beautiful.

Tip: Lipsticks with wand applicators make this step way easier!


4. Clean up with concealer


Bourjois Paris Velvet Rouge Edition lipstick

As much as we feel like goddesses when our makeup is on point, we’re all still human and our unsteady hands do betray us from time to time. So the next time your hand spasms while applying your lipstick, hold your horses before rubbing it away – that’ll just smear it around à la The Joker. Instead, use a tissue to gently blot away what you can, then dab concealer over the remaining botched bits to recreate a clean definition.


5. Mattify with powder blush 


Powdered lipsYou do not want your lips to end up like this! Source

Some lipstick formulas can be pretty sticky, which makes them easy to smudge by accident. Minimise the mess by lightly dusting your lips with a powder blush. This will mattify your pout without affecting colour intensity, unlike face powder.

Bourjois Paris Velvet Rouge Edition lipstick

If that’s a step too many for you, simply switch over to matte lipstick instead! Matte lipsticks like the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet ($25) dry in a matter of seconds after application, all while giving a bold splash of colour that’s true to what’s shown on the tube.


Kissable lips with Bourjois


Bourjois Paris Velvet Rouge Edition lipstick

Made in France with only the best ingredients, Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks have a lightweight velvety texture. Unlike a majority of matte lipsticks, these are rich in moisture and won’t dry out your lips despite being super budge-proof.

Bourjois Paris Velvet Rouge Edition lipstick

Bourjois Paris Velvet Rouge Edition lipstick

And matte lippie doesn’t always have to be a bright in-your-face affair. If you fancy softer shades, you’ll love the Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet ($25), which has a noticeably different opaque-ness from the Rouge Edition Velvet range. It possesses the semi-sheerness of a lipgloss, but with a smooth matte finish. Perfect for a sweet no-makeup makeup look!

Bourjois Paris Velvet Rouge Edition lipstick swatches

From left to right: Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet in “Orangélique”, Cherry Leaders”, and “Ravie en Rose”, and Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in “Pink Pong”, “Plum Plum Girl”, and “Grand Cru”. 

Knowing that you won’t have to worry about your lip colour smearing while you’re out and about, you’ll exude the sophistication and confidence of a model strutting down the runway at Paris Fashion Week. C’est magnifique!

With Bourjois’ Rouge Edition matte lipsticks in 25 different shades, your pucker will have a coat of colour that’ll last the day – be it through foodventures, multiple rounds of drinks, or even smooches. *wink* It’s moisturising matte formula will ensure that your lips are kept in check, with no unsightly smears cramping your style! #makeuponpoint

Bourjois’ Rouge Edition is available at selected Watsons, Sasa, and departmental stores.

This post was brought to you by Bourjois Paris.