La Vie Aesthetics’s Fat Freeze Slimming Treatment Review


The surge of Instagram has given rise to a new breed of humans – The #Fitspo. Characterised by mind-boggling yoga poses and muscled bodies allergic to shirts, fitspos serve to drive the rest of us mere mortals towards a healthier lifestyle. 

The road to achieving fitspo status, however, is no walk in the park. With a sedentary 9-to-6 job coupled with an unhealthy penchant for hawker food, I’ve become pregnant with a 5-month old food baby bigger than DJ Jade Rasif’s real baby belly. I’ve given various diets a shot. But anyone who has ever put themselves through a diet will know it’s always the last few pounds that are the hardest to shed.

Maybe it’s a guy thing. But I must confess that fat freezing was never something I actually considered in my fitness program. I’ve always subscribed to the old school motto of ‘No pain no gain’.

So when the opportunity for a fat freezing slimming treatment by La Vie Aesthetics popped up, I had my reservations. I wasn’t sure of its effectiveness. But as any fitspo would say, ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’  


Step 1: Consultation & Explanation


la vie aesthetics

Conveniently located at Orchard Gateway,  La Vie Aesthetics boasts an elegant interior furnished with European inspired furniture. 

Upon arrival, I was served with hot tea from an exquisite French looking tea set. After filling up a short questionnaire, I was greeted by my aesthetician who went on to explain the Fat Freezing Treatment to me with much gusto.

la vie aesthetics consultation

Cheekily named BYEfats, La Vie Aesthetics’s Fat Freeze Slimming Treatment utilises a type of technology called Cryolipolysis to target fats in specific areas. The technology works by cooling the fat cells to a temperature beyond freezing, in effect killing the fat cells. The fat cells are then eliminated via natural means such as sweat. 

Capable of ridding fats in various areas, I opted to target my belly fat as well as my love handles.


Step 2: Getting Ready


I was led into one of their treatment rooms, where I proceeded to have my “Before” photo taken. That’s the photo on the left of the image on top! Having strangers scrutinise your fats with their camera was a tad awkward. Thankfully, they made fast work of it. 

Once I was comfortably rested on the treatment bed, a cold gel pad was placed on my belly. The sensation was unnerving, but this was a safety measure to prevent frostburns from the fat freezing treatment. 

fat freezing singapore


Step 3: The Actual Fat Freezing Treatment


fat freezing singapore la vie aesthetics

The fat freezing apparatus was then placed on my body, where it proceeded to mercilessly suck as much belly fat as it possibly could.

The discomfort, surprisingly, came not from the freezing but from the clamping of my fats. It felt exactly like how you would imagine your fats being squeezed would feel like. The pain was slight, but the discomfort was real.

Thankfully, my body got used to the feeling after about 10 minutes and I spent the remaining 30 minutes in relative ease. Once the treatment on my abdominal area was finished, the entire process was then repeated on my love handles. 

la vie aesthetics fat freezing

By the end of the treatment, my body was covered with bright red patches. But there’s no reason to fret over them as they faded away after a few days. 

My stomach was also numb in the days following the treatment, but I took it as a positive sign that my fat cells were indeed dead and waiting to be flushed out of my body.


La Vie Aesthetics’s Fat Freeze Slimming Treatment: The Verdict


fat freezing review singapore

Left: before, right: after

It has been 3 months since my fat freezing treatment at La Vie Aesthetics. As evidenced in the progress photo above, there has been a considerable reduction in the size of my stomach. While I don’t exactly possess Men’s Health worthy abs, the flattening of my belly is still a welcome change.

fat freezing singapore la vie

Granted, the results would have been more significant had I stuck to their advice of drinking 2 to 3 litres of water daily. Or if I hadn’t taken that gluttony-fueled trip to Krabi. But the transformation of my physique over the course of the past 3 months has been positive, and I’m more than satisfied with the final results.


New Year New You: Experience La Vie Aesthetics’s Fat Freeze Slimming Treatment For Yourself


weight loss consultation

With the time for New Year resolutions fast approaching, I recommend La Vie Aesthetics’s Fat Freeze Slimming Treatment for those of you looking to shed some pounds. Quick, safe and non-invasive, it’s an effective way of targeting stubborn fat in hard to lose places.

Capable of eliminating up to 25% of fat cells in specific areas, you’ll be glad to learn that La Vie Aesthetics is offering massive discounts for its fat slimming treatments exclusively for new customers:

  • 1 Session at $98 (U.P: $888)*
  • 2 Sessions at $188 (U.P: $1,776)*        

*Offer only valid for first time customers above the age of 21 with an appointment. Not valid with other promotions or discounts.

la vie aesthetics orchard gateway

La Vie Aesthetics

Address: 277 Orchard Road, #04-08 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858 (Near Somerset MRT)

Phone: +65 6581 4417 / 6581 4470



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