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Kinship Is A Viral Tear-Jerking Hari Raya Video That Highlights The Meaning Of Family

Kinship – Hari Raya video by PUB


Image adapted from PUB

Anyone who’s chanced upon viral ads online know that Thailand has a knack for producing tear-jerking commercials for things as mundane as insurance. In an unexpected twist of events, Singapore is about to be placed on the map for Best Emotional Ads, courtesy of none other than PUB.

Launching its first ever festive short film in line with the Hari Raya festivities, PUB demonstrates how kinship is as precious as water itself. By the end of the 6-and-a-half-minute long video, I was bawling like a baby and reaching for the phone to tell my sister I love her.


PUB Hari Raya 2019 short film


Image adapted from PUB

The short film tells the tale of 2 young orphaned brothers, finding joy in what little they have and enjoying kampung life in olden Singapore.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead]

Image adapted from PUB

A little over a minute into the video, the story’s already pulling at our heart strings with the announcement that the older boy, Din, has been accepted into a foster family. What was originally a cause for celebration leads to a rift between the 2 brothers.

Image adapted from PUB

Their tearful farewell is sure to activate the waterworks, so make sure you’ve got tissues on hand!

The video then cuts to 50 years later, where Din’s adult son happens to have discovered young Din and Zul’s old kampung hangout spot through his job at PUB.

We shan’t spoil the rest of the story for you, but be warned that uncontrollable sobbing might ensue when the audience is presented with the line “air dicincang tidak akan putus”, a Malay proverb meaning “water does not break apart when you chop it”.


Hidden details in PUB Kinship video


If you’re a sucker for film analyses and post-screening discussions, these hidden details within PUB’s Hari Raya short film will be a delight for you to unearth.

Image adapted from PUB

1. Features one of PUB’s W.A.T.E.R Tips: Ensure tap is off when brushing teeth – use a mug instead, one cup of water is more than enough.

Image adapted from PUB

2. Orphanage Director’s name tag reads ‘Musa’. In Islam, Musa was the prophet who parted the sea. In the film, Musa the orphanage Director delivers the news that will separate the 2 brothers.

Image adapted from PUB

3. Drawings of Water Wally, PUB’s adorable mascot, can be seen on the walls in the orphanage.

Image adapted from PUB

4. Another one of PUB’s W.A.T.E.R tips: Rinse plates in a container – which saves more water than washing them under a running tap.

Image adapted from PUB

5. There’s a significance to the hands in prayer by Young Din (in the car) and Encik Din (at the reservoir). Young Din is praying that he would one day reconcile with his brother. Encik Din is expressing gratitude for the opportunity to receive his brother’s message on the plank in the hut.

Image adapted from PUB

6. The PUB “Water’s Odyssey” TV commercial plays in the background of Encik Din’s home.

Image adapted from PUB

7. A cute Water Wally plushie can be seen in Encik Din’s home.

Image adapted from PUB

8. Din and Zul’s secret handshake spells out “A-I-R” in Singapore Sign Language. “Air” in Malay means water.

Once you’ve finished gathering your emotions, play the video back for subsequent watches and see how many of these details you can spot!


Hari Raya Kinship video


Hats off to PUB for throwing the entire nation a curveball and producing a jaw-droppingly sentimental short film. While it made for an excellent watch to really get our floodgates going, the video also reminds us of the value behind kinship and family ties.

It just so happens that the same can be said for water itself, equally precious and irreplaceable. Hence, we need to make every drop count.

Watch and share the Kinship short film by PUB here

This post was brought to you by PUB.