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New Cafes And Restaurants In July 2018 – Hokkaido Soup Curry, L’occitane Cafe, & Michelin Ramen

New restaurants to try in Singapore in July 2018


New restaurants and cafes - July 2018

Image credit: @lefuse_cafe

We’re officially halfway through the year and before the mid-year blues hit hard, head down to a few of these new food joints for some added excitement. There’s no need to rely on your regular Sunday cafe, when you’ve got the likes of gourmet sandwiches, a new Keisuke ramen concept, and fine-dining halal food. Here are 20 new cafes and restaurants to try in July 2018:


– Cafes – 


1. Two Hana


Two Hana - new Korean cafe

Image credit: @shanluvtravel

As a Korean-Western joint, Two Hana might not be your usual KBBQ restaurant but it does serve up a range of mouthwatering dishes including fried chicken – try their Drumlets ($9) which come infused with flavours like Spicy Tang Nyeom and Honey Butter.

Two Hana

Image credit: Eatbook

Most of their dishes are made to share, like their Bulgogi Sidewinders ($9) and Korean Cauliflower Fritters ($8), but they also offer mains like Braised Gochujang Lamb Shank ($24) and a selection of BibimWraps (from $12).

Address: 2 Tampines Central 5, #01-21 Century Square, Singapore 529509
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 8AM – 10PM
Telephone: 6260 4321 



2. Riz Labo Kitchen


Riz Labo Kitchen

Image credit: @aoxjun

You’ll have to wait the later part of July for Riz Labo Kitchen, but these Japanese pancakes are worth your patience. Apart from being super fluffy, these are gluten-free and made with pesticide-free rice flour. No matter what flavour you get – psst, there’s matcha – it’ll come with a load of cream slathered on top.

Riz Labo Kitchen is set to open on 21 July 2018 in Wisma Atria.


3. Benjamin Barker Cafe


Benjamin Barker Cafe

Image credit: @khriscalantoc

Benjamin Barker isn’t just a place to stock up on your suits any longer – they’ve also got a fully-fledged Benjamin Barker Cafe. It’s in the middle of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, with the entire store spanning 3 levels, so drop by when you need a shopping break.  

Benjamin Barker Cafe

Image credit: @benjaminbarkercafe

There’s a huge range of dishes here, everything from fusion fare like Laksa Pizza ($22) to hearty bowls of pasta like Truffle Carbonara ($18). End your meal with Waffles and Ice Cream ($13) – the ice cream flavour changes monthly.

For drinks, they offer beer like Little Creatures and Pure Blonde as well as a solid range of coffee.

Address: 8 Range Road, #01-01/02 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 239695
Opening hours: Mon to Thu: 11AM – 10PM, Fri: 11AM – 1AM, Sat: 11AM – 1AM, Sun: 10AM – 10PM
Telephone: 6732 2123 



4. Honeymill

Honeymill bubble tea

Image credit: @honeymillsg

Those with a sweet tooth will lap up the drinks at Honeymill, which are made with honey from all around the world. All drinks are mixed entirely by a robot, with a robotic arm stirring in the honey and other ingredients.

Try their Rawsome Blossom ($6.80) for a dash of raw honey mixed with wolfberry and honey jelly, or Manuka Mystic ($6.80) for manuka honey with basil seeds, aloe vera, and calamansi. If you prefer designing your own drinks, you can choose between 3 bases: floral, nutty, or fruity, and also add their own toppings like coffee jelly or passionfruit.

Address: 5 Straits View, Marina One The Heart #B2-22, Singapore 018935
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 9AM – 6PM (Closed on Saturdays and Sundays)
Telephone: 8181 9722 



5. L’occitane Pop-Up Cafe



Image credit: L’OCCITANE en Provence

Janice Wong’s a well-known name – if not for 2am: dessert bar then for her foray as a guest judge in MasterChef Australia. But now there’s another place where you can try her desserts and handmade chocolates: the L’occitane Pop-Up Cafe at ION. It’ll be running from 3 to 16 July featuring L’occitane flavours like Cherry Blossom and Verbena.


Artist’s impression of the pop-up
Image credit: L’OCCITANE en Provence

There’ll also be a skin and body care bar, so you can test different L’OCCITANE products – all with a 10% discount.

Address: ION Orchard Level 1 Atrium, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM – 10PM 



6. Potato Corner


Potato Corner

Image credit: @bubsfoodie

We’ve had an influx of new french fry joints lately, and we’re certainly not complaining. Shoestring, wedges, waffles – we like them all. Potato Corner is serving up buckets of fries in flavours like barbecue, sour cream, wasabi mayo, and even truffle.

Since there are 6 different sizes, you can either have a Regular ($2.90) all to yourself or share a Terra ($10.90) with a larger group.

Address: 313 Orchard Road, #B3-45 313 Somerset, Singapore 238895
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 10AM – 10PM 



7. Löwe’f Artisanal


Löwe'f Artisanal

Image credit: @thatlittledoll

Sandwiches at Löwe’f Artisanal come looking picture-perfect, nothing at all like the grab-and-go variety. Start your early hours with their Good Morning Burger ($7.50), which comes with scrambled eggs, cheddar slices, and coffee mayo.

Löwe'f Artisanal

Image credit: @kohpi_o

Other sandwiches that caught our eye include their Citrus Salmon Sandwich ($15), Salted Beef Brisket Sandwich ($16), and Queen Street Chicken Burger ($14) – which tastes like a deconstructed hainanese chicken rice with chilli mayo and ginger shallot dressing.  

Address: 1 Queen Street, Singapore 188534
Opening hours: Mon to Sat: 8AM – 6PM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 8767 4859 



8. Maxi Coffee Bar


Maxi Coffee Bar

Image credit: @caffeinedaily

Maxi Coffee Bar is a hole-in-the-wall coffee joint, covered with old-school mosaic tiles and leafy fronds. The entire establishment looks fitting for cover shots of Kinfolk and Frankie, but you can’t linger too long as there are just 2 counter seats.

Maxi Coffee Bar

Image credit: @maxi.coffeebar

The menu’s simple enough, with Black ($4) and White (starting from $4). They also serve up interesting variations, like Coconut Cold Brew ($7.50) and Iced Cereal Milk Latte ($7.50). Whatever your choice, this will be your new CBD haunt for a takeaway cup of Joe. If you’re peckish, they also do up toasts like Miso PB Honey Toast ($6).

Address: 31 Club Street, #01-02 Emerald Garden, Singapore 049468
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 8AM – 4:30PM (Closed on Saturdays and Sundays)
Telephone: 9831 5760 



9. LIANG Sandwich Bar


LIANG Sandwich Bar

Image credit: @fatappetiteforlife

Mandopop fans, here’s a food joint that comes fully Jay Chou-endorsed. LIANG Sandwich Bar doesn’t serve up a sandwich in the traditional sense, but instead, a Taiwanese-style scallion pancake that’s stuffed with all sorts of savoury fillings like marinated chicken and ham.

LIANG Sandwich Bar

Image credit: @rjy_001

Plenty of these sandwiches are priced under $5, such as their Chicken Bolognese Sandwich and Mushroom & Egg Sandwich.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity #B2-K22, Singapore 098585
Opening hours: TBC (To open 7 July)



10. Le Fuse


Le Fuse Cafe

Image credit: @cliffton_jt

If you have Muslim friends wanting to try a halal pot of mala xiang guo (Spicy Dry Pot, $12.80), take them to Le Fuse Cafe, where you can expect a fusion of Malay and Sichuan spices. You won’t get to pick your own ingredients but there’ll still be typical ones in the mix like black fungus, sliced lotus, and mushrooms.

Le Fuse Cafe

Image credit: Eatbook

Other halal dishes to try include their Rice Cake Soto Sichuan ($8.80) which has homemade rice cakes cooked in a mee soto broth, and Salted Egg Smoked Duck Laksa ($10.80).

Address: 22 Lim Tua Tow Road, Singapore 547772
Opening hours: Tue to Sun: 4PM – 10PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 9820 6260 



– Restaurants-


1. Konjiki Hototogisu


Konjiki Hototogisu

Image credit: @shanmaine

Yep, it’s another Michelin Bib Gourmand ramen restaurant in Singapore. But what differs at Konjiki Hototogisu is that their broth is seeping with Hamaguri clams. Their signature ramen, the Shoyu Hamaguri Soup ($14.90), comes with porcini mushrooms and black truffle.

Those who want a lighter soup should opt for the Shio Hamaguri Soup ($14.90) with a base of salt.

Address: 30 Victoria Street, #01-17/K5a/K5B CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
Opening hours: Mon to Sat: 11:30AM – 9:30PM, Sun: 11:30AM – 9PM
Telephone: 6256 3155 



3. Little Creatures


Little Creatures brewery

Image credits: @littlecreatures_sg

You might’ve tried Little Creatures’ pale ale – they can be found in Cold Storage and selected shelves of craft beer stores – but if you’ve been wanting to try their full range of brews, then head down to the brewery itself. Try their Orchard Crush Cider ($12/half pint) for a sweeter alternative, or their Little Creatures IPA ($14/half pint) for a full-bodied maltiness.

Little Creatures brewery

Image credits: @littlecreatures_sg

If you’re feeling peckish, there’s also a decent food menu to order off from noon onwards: their Chicken Risotto ($26), Pork Belly ($27), and Margarita Pizza ($23) are all substantially-sized mains that go great with a pint or two.

Address: 36 Club Street, Singapore 069469
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 8AM – 12AM
Telephone: 6239 0350 



3. Suage Hokkaido Soup Curry


Suage Hokkaido Soup Curry

Image credit: @ayap0o0

It’s not often that we can have the best of both worlds, but with Suage Hokkaido Soup Curry – you can. Soup curry is perfect for the rainy days we’ve been getting, since it comes in a piping hot bowl of broth that has a texture between clear soup and thick curry.

You won’t go wrong with either the Beef Shabu Shabu ($14.50), Pork Kakuni ($13.80), or Prawn & Avocado ($14.50). Each soup curry comes with a plate of rice for you to soak up the gravy with.

Address: 13 Stamford Road, #B2-53 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 11:30AM – 3PM, 5:30PM – 10PM
Telephone: 6242 4722



4. The MeatHouse


The MeatHouse

Image credit: @thesuperostrich

If you’ve been craving a good chunk of meat, the folks at The MeatHouse do it just right – so it’s tender and juicy inside but with a lightly charred sear on the outside. Their OP Ribs ($10/100g) or Tomahawk Angus ($12/100g) are both excellent choices for a large group feast.  

The MeatHouse

Image credit: @travellati

For a lighter meal that’s just as delish, their Beef Burger ($14) comes with a thick patty and fried egg, all between a multigrain bun.

Address: 2 Tampines Central 5, #05-04 Century Square, Singapore 529509
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 11AM – 10:30PM
Telephone: 6260 1752 



5. Un-Yang-Kor-Dai



Image credit: @piitakky

Instead of just pad thais and tom yum soups, Un-Yang-Kor-Dai specialises in Isarn (Northeastern Thai) cuisine for you to gradually ease into less conventional Thai dishes. Try their Signature Grilled Chicken ($21/whole, $11/half) paired with sticky rice or the Papaya Salad ($13.50) for a spicy kick.


Image credit: @pearlzeng

Their Stir-fried Lobster ($78) is another highlight, with lobster chunks soaked in a generous spilling of salted egg sauce. They also have a retail space where you can buy handicrafts made by locals back in Khao Yai.

Address: 57 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058688
Opening hours: Tue to Sun: 11AM – 10PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 6787 8575 



6. Keisuke Champon King

Keisuke Champon King

Image credit: Champon King

If other Keisuke outlets are anything to go by, Keisuke Champon King is already on the fast track to success. This time, you’ve only got three variations of their Champon Ramen: Yama Champon ($13.90), Umi Champon ($14.90), and King Champon ($15.90).

Keisuke Champon King

Image credit: @jol33nchong

The word “champon” means to mix a bunch of different things together, and that’s exactly how the ramen is served. All bowls come with a heap of toppings, including pork belly, fish cake, cabbage, sliced carrots, and plenty more. Add on $2 for a ramen egg, which comes with an oozy centre.

Address: 10 Anson Road, #01-02 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 11AM – 2:30PM, 5PM – 10PM
Telephone: 6224 2234 



7. Yellow Pot


Yellow Pot

Image credit: @go_mangopr

As part of newly-launched hotel Six Senses, Yellow Pot offers up modern Chinese cuisine in a classy space that’s decked out in yellow and black. And yes, the dishes are presented as tastefully as the decor.

Yellow Pot

Image credit: @I_apple

One standout dish is their Stir-fried Mee Sua ($18) which comes with Hokkaido scallops and tiger prawns. Thanks to a generous drizzle of soy sauce, it’s been praised for its wafting aroma and wok hei flavour.

Address: 83 Duxton Road, Six Senses, Singapore 089540
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 6:30AM – 10:30AM, 11:30AM – 2:30PM, 5:30PM – 10:30PM 
Telephone: 6914 1420



8. Ebi Tori Menzo


Ebi Tori Menzo

Image credit: @ebitorimenzosg

We all love our ramens, but try tsukemen for a change. Ebi Tori Menzo offers up a rich prawn dipping sauce to pair with dry noodles. You get a choice between Original Ebi, Curry Ebi, or Spicy Ebi – feel free to add on toppings like leeks, spinach, and lotus root for $1 each.

Ebi Tori Menzo

Image credit: @ebitorimenzosg

Once you’ve slurped up every last noodle, you’ll get a bowl of rice and milk to soak in your leftover broth – so you’ll be ending it off with a creamy prawn porridge.

If you’re not keen on tsukemen, there’s also a choice of ramens like Shio Chicken Ramen ($15.90) and dons like Chashao Don ($7).

Address: 26 Beach Road, #B1-18 South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768
Opening hours: Mon to Sat: 11AM – 3PM, 5PM – 10PM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 9880 0519 



9. Backyard Kitchen


Backyard Kitchen

Image credit:

With two chefs in the kitchen – one Michelin-starred and the other from restaurant Le Steak – Backyard Kitchen shows off the fine dining potential of halal food. Order their 3-course set menu ($58) and you’ll be feasting on entrees like Yellow Fin Tuna, mains like Australian Lamb Rack, and desserts like Gula Melaka.

Backyard Kitchen

Image credit: Backyard Kitchen

But if you’re not up for a full course meal, sample a few dishes from their a la carte menu. There’s plenty to choose from, with grilled meats like Great Omaha US Ribeye ($48) or pasta dishes like Whole Sea Crab Spaghetti ($38).

Address: 248 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799472
Opening hours: Tue to Sun: 6PM – 12AM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 6481 1083 



10. IL DEN



Braised octopus in red wine on mash
Image credit: @ezrajean_eats

At IL DEN, everything’s run by the same bloke – he owns the restaurant and handles all the cooking too. It’s a tiny bistro, so small that it seats just 8 to 10 guests. Our advice? Make a reservation, especially since the food seems comparable to dishes you’ll find in a fine-dining restaurant.

IL DEN pasta prawn broth

Pasta in prawn broth and dashi, topped with prawns and ebiko
Image credit: @irisg

There’s no a la carte menu, so you’ll be sticking to the set lunch and dinner menus. At $25, the lunch menu offers up starters like Pate and Foie Gras Terrine, a choice between Carbonara or Chorizo Pasta, and a Yuzu, Lime & Ginger Sorbet. Dinner’s more elaborate at $75, where you’ll get to pick between French Poulet, Iberico Pork Jowl, or Beef Short Ribs.

Those wanting to splurge can opt for the $120 tasting menu, where the chef will be deciding the menu based on fresh produce. All pastas are handmade daily.

Address: 150 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza #04-21, Singapore 238841
Opening hours: Tue to Thu: 12PM – 3PM, 6PM – 9:30PM, Fri: 12 – 3PM, 6PM – 3AM, Sat: 6PM – 12AM (Closed on Mondays and Sundays)
Telephone: 9117 1791 



New eateries to try in Singapore


Months are flying by so quickly that we’re already right smack-bang in the middle of the year. Save some time in your schedule to try a few of these new restaurants and cafes in July 2018. From a L’OCCITANE Pop-Up Cafe with Janice Wong chocolates to halal mala xiang guo, there’s plenty to feast on this month.